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Watching ‘Life’ at Its Fullest

Written by PETA | April 2, 2010

Have you tuned in to Life yet? Not to be confused with the delicious cereal of the same name or the painfully long bored game, Life is actually a 10-part documentary series that premiered on the Discovery Channel on March 21 and chronicles the complex lives of different species—from komodo dragons to cuttlefish, damselflies to pebble toads. Every episode is narrated by Oprah (could she get any cooler?), and each one has opened my eyes to so many fascinating facts about animals. Last Sunday’s installment featured some aerially and aquatically nimble flying fish and resourceful anchovies. The highlight, though, was this unforgettable sequence of mud-wrestling mudskippers:




The two segments airing this Sunday are “Birds” and “Creatures of the Deep.” I’m willing to bet that after you watch this preview about bowerbirds, you too will be tuning in to see which male’s interior decorating skills are going to win him a mate. I know I will.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • will says:

    To hell with this. SPIDERPIG FTW XD no seriously documentarys about this bore me.

  • Andreia says:

    Life is by far the best wildlife series I’ve ever seen. David Attenboroughs version is an absolute classic no better person to do it and I actually find it rude how Peta seems to defend Oprah and her version when she invites celebrities that use fur and herself uses leather ????. Whats that about?? Anyway Life is an essential DVD. Enjoy it!

  • dave says:

    Animals like lions are meant to eat animals like zebras. They are meat eaters and would die otherwise. Not being friends with someone because they are willing to watch real life makes you somewhat naive in my opinion. I feel like you would be terribly judgemental and narrow minded in your views. Obviously you don’t need to watch the footage but come on now! PS totally agree kurta Attenborugh version will be ten times better then anything Oprah could ever do.

  • kat miller says:

    rex’s mom i totally agree with you. i understand that it’s all just part of the food chain but i just can’t watch it. i have a former friend who used to let her really teeny kids watch these shows like 1 to 7 year olds and she actually thought it was lame that i found it inappropriate. i’d let them watch where the babies come from before i’d let them watch how the mommies are ripped apart. Hence the words “former” friend!

  • Jacob says:

    Hey you forgot to say “sea kittens” instead of fish. Or are we not doing that anymore?

  • Kurta says:

    I am boycotting the Oprah version and waiting for the Attenborough version to be released. The anticipation is killing me.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I dont want to watch this series because I dont like to see animals in distress. If it shows lions killing zebras or gnus I wont want to see that even though I know I’d rather have lions kill for food than bloodthirsty hunters kill for fun! I probably wont watch for this reason. I dont like to see animals die and I am sure some will on this show.