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Watchdogs Wanted

Written by PETA | August 11, 2010

Last week, PETA’s Community Animal Project (CAP) received a call for help from an indigent man whom we had already provided with a doghouse and spay surgery for his own dog. The man had tried, without success, to nurse back to health two sickly dogs whom he had found by the side of the road (they had likely been abandoned). A CAP fieldworker rushed out to check on the animals and found that they were horribly emaciated (with protruding hips and spines), lethargic, dehydrated, and covered with hundreds of ticks. We attempted to give both dogs a good meal, but one dog was too weak and sick to even eat so we loaded both dogs into a cool, air-conditioned vehicle and gave them a comfortable bed.


Pit Bull


Pit Bull


When these dogs were brought back to PETA headquarters, both were found to be severely anemic and the male could barely hold himself up without assistance. Their horrible health problems were probably the reason why they were abandoned in the first place.

PETA wouldn’t have known about these dogs if the man who found them hadn’t called, and local authorities might not know about animals in distress in our own neighborhoods unless we inform them. So, for the love of dogs, let’s be watchdogs for animals in our community and alert police and animal control officials the minute we know or suspect that an animal is suffering.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • TynctrotUrito says:

    Hi Iam Prabhu from chennaijoined today in this forum…

  • Larry Houchins says:

    I cannot believe that a human being could be so evil it blows my mind how cruel the human race can be!!!

  • Dr. Gina Gagen-Eyestone says:

    I don’t understand how people can be so callous and cruel. This is absolutely unnecessary. There need to be MUCH tougher penalties for the idiots who treat animals like this. We have to be the voices for these poor guys and call the authorities or do whatever is necessary to help them.

  • PattyCats says:

    It did absolutely no good to contact animal control in Rogers AR where I used to live.

  • Jana Hebert says:

    It breaks my heart to know that people can treat animals like this. I have saved 2 dogs from places where they weren’t getting treated right. One of them didn’t even have much hair left. now that little girl has a full coat of hair and has even gained a little weight. The other one was being beaten. I left those places feeling a little better knowing that I saved two lives. At the same time I still felt bad because all I could save were two. People who treat animals bad like that should be jailed big time.

  • Elphaba says:

    Rehabilitation is absolutely NOT humane when it only causes further suffering. PETA did the right thing as usual.

  • Catherine says:

    Hi in the northern part of the Philippines they slaughter dogs as part of a ritual animal laws are there but since it’s tradition the govt cannot do something with it. but is it supposed to stay that way? there are a lot of animals back home that need homes and I feel sad cause I cannot cater to all of them

  • elphaba says:

    All of you who are whining about keeping these poor dogs alive despite how awful they must feel are selfish and silly. Please don’t forget the millions of HEALTHY dogs and cats who are euthanized every year in this country in favor of these two truly pitiful animalsthey are in good hands and will be treated kindly no matter what is decided. Go volunteer at your local shelter and help the ones who have hope!

  • Katriona Murphy says:

    Can we see photos of these 2 dogs when they are back to their healthy selves again thanks.

  • SHARI says:

    PLEASE let me know if this doggie is o.k. Can we see a updated picture in a month?

  • Rhoon Koerner says:

    What a terrible way for humans to treat their pets. However here is this homeless person whose heart tugged at him to take action. I pray for both the person and the dogs. We humans need to acknowledge every earthling with respect kindness compassion and love!

  • Erin Trotti says:

    I hate to see the suffering of animals like this! Unbelievable that an indigent man would care so much about these dogs and his own dog which he had spay surgery for! but whoever “owned” them would allow them to reach such a horrific state! Please keep us updated as to the rehabilitation of these two babies!

  • carmen says:

    I agree with someone’s comment don’t remember the name…that indigent showed a noble heart by trying to cure them with no success…Most people see ill dogs in the street and do nothing to help them out. Did you have to put them down? that’s so sad..i hope not

  • Pooja Gupta says:

    It breaks my heart when I see a animal in that much pain. I really wish people took care of their pets and not just abandon them whenever they feel like. Animals have emotions too and they too get hurt. God bless that angel who saw these poor babies and called for help.

  • jennifer chatelain says:

    My god… how can people NOT try and help these poor babies when they see them hurting so bad. And sadly it looks to be 2 pitbulls again young ones. This world needs to do a LOT more to help the animals we arent doing near enough for them and they depend on us to love and care for them. God Bless you all at PETA and everyone else who makes it a point and a mission to try and change the laws and lives for these precious animals. I could NEVER just turn my head if I saw an animal in distress like these animals are. It breaks my heart!

  • b.luxmy says:

    there are lots of people in srilanka to who abus animals. i an helpless to those animals bcoz i dnt have an idea wat can i do for them to stop these kind of things off ?? and being a single women cannot do anything without anyones help…can people give me some ideas ??

  • Audrey says:

    When I went to Honduras the beginning of this summer I saw dogs just like this everywhere in the streets. If you think American animals have it bad you can’t even imagine what goes on in other countries. So sad

  • Toni S Schmidt says:

    What happened to these 2? If they are in Norfolk VA I would like to help.

  • Ingrid Newkirk says:

    We can’t find homes for a lot of healthy dogs even housetrained cute dogs so there was no point in putting these two through the rigors of heartworm treatment etc. when placing them is unlikely. The male was worst off totally anemic and in pain but the female bad off as she was was the one who showed signs of aggression. Both have been euthanized. Thank you everyone for caring that they didn’t suffer on chains in a man’s yard who hadn’t even fed and watered them that day! If you have room in your heart and home or know someone who does please go get some other needy soul out of the shelter someone who won’t have to go through a lot to be happy again or in this case probably for the first time ever. Meanwhile we have some lovely old cats from NOLA who still need homes…

  • BusterBoy says:

    Whoever y’all wants to help a dog please go to your local shelter they are all busting with great dogs. These two probably had enuf of our little weird world.

  • bunny says:

    thats so sad and disgusting that someone would do that i hope they get well and become someones loving best friends as im sure they will D with enough love and kindness

  • Laura Young says:

    Daniela I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience. Someone should look into the practices of the Animal Control unit in your citythere was no reason for that poor little puppy to have ended up like heshe did. Thank God though that there are people like you who DO care about animals and who ARE persistent. Next time take your case to the mediacontact your local newspaper TV station etc. I’ve found out that a little “adverse publicity” can be extremely effective! Shame on you Augusta GA Animal Control! You could have saved that poor dog you didn’t!

  • Teresa says:

    One of the dogs I fostered was emaciated and was found on the streets with a collar embedded on her neck weak legs and almost no hair. Despite all the neglect and suffering her tail still wagged at the site of a human companion. We adopted her into our family she became a much stronger dog beautiful coat and wags her tails continuously. Not every rescue will take in a dog in these conditions. Not everyone will adopt a dog with this past. Not every dog will survive in body and spirit to these conditions. We MUST keep an eye out for all animals in our neighborhoods to avoid this to happen in the first place. We MUST pass strict laws that punish people who abuse animals. Thanks PETA for helping these animals I hope someone will take them in their homes if they survived. I wanted to share my story to let you know that these dog’s best reward will also be yours a loving home.

  • Shannen says:

    There is a dog next door that is kept outside in the heat 247. 3 times I had to untangle him so he could get to his bowl. I looked and there was nothing in his bowl. I gave him water and bought him dog biscuits. Yesterday I did see the neighbor filling up his water bowl though. Is he being abusedneglected? Sould I call the police? I feel sorry for this lonely dog.

  • Kim Ancora says:

    EVERYONE must speakup!!! Animals are like children…they have no voice…and we have a responsibility to speak for them!!! If there is any question about an animals well being…call Animal Control…WE pay their salaries!!!

  • Rex's Mom says:

    There is a show on Animal Planet called Last Chance Highway where this woman named Shelley from Mississippi rescues dogs and then they are shipped up north by her partner who lives in Tennessee in a really big truck with air conditioning and the dogs are in cages but they are taken out and walked fed and given water regularly to be adopted by people in the northeast of the US. Shelly says the laws down south are horrible for dogs so that is why she rescues them and gets them adopted out by people in the northeast. I think she is doing a great job but I just hope that fur collar on the coat she always wears is fake!

  • Jan de Richelieu says:

    I don’t understand how people can abandon animals when they become a liability. Cost money. Would they do the same to their children if they got sick? These people should try it on their own bodies then maybe they would take another aproach ti it.

  • Shani says:

    You didn’t say if the dogs got veternarian help or if they survived. Could you please update us on the condition good or bad of these poor dogs. Thank you.

  • wendy fitzgerald says:

    I’m glad these two babes were helped! We all need to step up step in when things like this happen! How are they doing??

  • Leslie Hathaway says:

    I feel very sad for the poor dogs. Animals can’t speak up for themselves so we humans have to for them. I recently helped two ducks in a park that I walk by every day. One of the ducks had been attacked by a dog and its tongue was gone. It took animal control five days after I reported the injured duck to finally catch it and put it to sleep. It was very sad. The other duck survived and is staying at Huntington Beach Wetlands until his soft tissue injury heals. I will save an animal whenever I can. I am always looking out for the wellbeing of animals.

  • Lor says:

    Please try to nurse them back to health. I understand that PETA believes in total animal liberation but as the most public of animal protection organizations in the world I beg you. You have put their plights on a public stage. For using their story and image you owe them the dignity and appreciation of providing them with a wonderful life. Please don’t put them down just because of their current situation nurse them to healthand put them up for adoption.

  • Dorothy Kernaghan-Baez says:

    I will never again deal with police and animal control here in Augusta Georgia. Not. Ever. Not after repeatedly reporting a horrible case of cruelty only to find myself threatened with arrest when the abuser threatened ME. In front of the police! I followed all their rules when trying to help a puppy who subsequently froze to death. Next time I’ll do what needs to be done to help the helpless without involving the useless.

  • Daniela Moreno says:

    What happened to the 2 dogs? Are they up for adoption?

  • darryl vizconde says:

    god bless you guys great job thanks for saving a dogs life and treat them as they should… thank you…

  • Susan Coombes says:

    Thank you so much to the gentleman who made the call and to all others who also act as ‘watchdogs’ in our communities! We must remain vigilant to prevent such unnecessary suffering of any species…

  • Jasmine says:

    This makes me want to cry. How could someone do such a thing to these poor innocent creatures? Thank God someone noticed them and tried to help. And thank you PETA for being there for them in their time of need!

  • Kaitlin says:

    I applaud the indigent man for reaching out and trying even though he is struggling himself. It is a tragedy when those who have will not take care of animals yet those who have not are still kind enough to make the effort. Though the man was unsuccessful I hope that someone else successfully reaches out to assist him and that he has wonderful success in his own lifehe deserves it.

  • dominique francoeur says:

    Do these dogs need a foster to be rehabilitated. I’ve been a foster home for many dogs including a pitbull. I would like to help them trust people and return to a healthy weight.

  • Caitlin Campbell says:

    Are these dogs still alive? They look so horrible poor things I hope they’re ok now

  • Debbie Beracha says:

    Oh my gawd that is so horribly sad. These poor dogs. Thank you so much for helping them. Did they survive?