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Watch a Sealer Get What He Deserves

Written by PETA | April 14, 2011

How many times have you read about the bludgeoning and live skinning of baby seals and thought, “Man, I would love to see those seal murderers get what’s coming to them”? Well, here’s the video you’ve been waiting for. 

After you have a nice fist-pump at a seal hunter’s expense, visit for more ways to help seals.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Samson's Lady says:

    We can stop all this by raising money getting enough people to stand up and be strong, is there no one left that believes the establishment is bad, at one time in the 60s and early 70s we then believed the draft was wrong and we were stewards of the world protecting what could not protect themselves, where have all the young men gone?

  • thier voice says:

    Talking about the Green party. I live in the states and i did not vote for Obama or McKain. McKain has ties to Bush and Obama never really shared his environmental record. So i voted my consience, the Green party guy who i know never has a chance. With the new budget bill they approved, Wolves will be taken off the Endangerd Species list. They will be reduced to about 100-150. Obama gave in to pressure just to get a bill done. Then he says he cares about our concerns when it comes to some things that he gave into. Tell that to the Wolves and the pups that will be left motherless, maybe with no family members at all. Wolves that will be gunned down by aerial gunmen, But he cares. This is th first time that congress has delisted a species, whats next all in the name of POLITICS. Go Green Party

  • Holly says:


  • Diana The Great Seal says:

    The video is cute! I’d like to send an official letter to Canadian government with the request to take measures! Who will support me? If you are interested to participate, email me or find in fb.

  • Nicole says:

    @ DebbyM –> If that’s true, that’s something new this year. Elisabeth May stated, last election campaign, that she was alright with the Seal Hunt, as it employs many people in her jurisdiction. That is exactly why I DON’T vote Green.

  • Louise says:

    Can we get a follow up blog post with the lyrics, please?! Fine work, PETA. This is hilarious, and I *so* wish the seals could kick Harper’s Hunters like this fo-reals. Thanks:)

  • DebbyM says:

    For Canadians here,who care about the seals. Vote for the Green Party. They would end the seal hunt but they need seats in Parliament to begin doing that good work. The rest of their philosophy and platform looks pretty sensible and informed, especially if you are concerned about the planet as a whole and our country in particular. Vote GREEN!!!!

  • Rex's Mom says:

    That was a cute video. Too bad it was only make believe. I wish someone would do to the sealers what they do to the seals. But just dump their entire carcass in a sewer somewhere. Same goes for the Canadian government that allows this.

  • Rat King says:

    Unfortunately this is just fiction – it should be real – and not just a fist!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marisa Ruiz says:

    BRAVO!! Por PETA terminemos con esta crueldad innecesaria,juntos podemos lograrlo