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Watch the Colonel Go Up in Flames

Written by PETA | February 25, 2008

I’ve written about these Colonel Sanders effigy-burnings before, but this video really shows just how striking these demonstrations can be. This one’s from a protest in Pittsburgh earlier this month.

If you want to organize your own demonstration against KFC, (no need to get quite so fancy as this—a few friends and some simple signs is all it takes), we can walk you through the process.

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  • JaneVego says:

    Hey Michelle Re Your idea of putting pamphlets in ‘no postage required unsolicitored mailouts’and returning to sender. This is a wonderful idea one that i think i will adopt and share with friends.Thanks for the idea!Can you tell me where you get the KFC pamplets from as i would like to obtain some for the abovementioned purpose.Thanks

  • Small Animal Class says:

    You are stupid! Long live The Colonel!!!!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    I’m with Rojo on this one. I’m NOT trying to be a B so forgive me if I sound pushy on this one. Let’s take a hypothetical situation there are protesters outside of an office supply store they are protesting peacefully because the owner of the store isn’t displaying the American flag. Well I have feelings about that too but depending on my mood I would probably go somewhere else or come back later I don’t need office supplies that bad! Especially if I take the store owner’s side I probably don’t have the time nor energy to argue with protestors so it wouldn’t be a great day to judge how many customers the office guy gets on a normal day. Also I’m not completely comfortable with this whole term “Anti”. Is Rojo and “anti”? Why he’s been polite open minded and communicates well. Maybe he does have some habits that could change and that would help the animals. Do we really want to push people like that away by building a grammatical brick wall between them and ourselves? If you’re calling violent jerks “antis” fine I’m with you. But I think the average person here who disagrees with PETA deserves their say and bless the opportunity we have to change their minds!! If we care about real animals having real chances to be saved we will welcome “antis” here and do our best to keep them around! Just my humble opinion gals. Feel free to disagree! Many many blessings!!

  • rojo says:

    michele as one who would not consider causing harm to peaceful protestors I had never suspected you would be physically threatened. I just find it surprising KFC would only have one valid customer in an hour. I didn’t mean fear in a threatened sense more along the lines of a uncomfortablenervous sense. Having 200 people looking at you in disgust will do that sort of thing. And no I didn’t think it was a line of arm in arm chanters that had to be phsyically breached.

  • Michele says:

    Ana it really is ironic when the antis try to portray PETA andor other animal rights supporters as the “crazy” ones gee we’re so crazy because we want to protect animals! I started using those “no postage required” envelopes that come in unsolicited credit card applications in the mail to send them back with PETA leaflets enclosed and right now I’m starting with the KFC leaflets.

  • Ana says:

    Michele you are so right about the antis…they are always threatening physical harm during any peaceful demo. Very violent and angry antis…the truth gets them going and they show their true colors.

  • Ana says:

    Michele So good to read about a successful demo!!!!

  • Carla says:

    Way too go Michele!!

  • Michele says:

    There was no “line” to breach it was a storefront place without a parking lot but the sidewalk in front was clear. One is not allowed to actually stand on their property when doing a demo at least in the Ontario municipalities where I have been and we have to let the pedestrians use the sidewalks and crosswalks. It’s not like a picket line during a strike if that’s what you’re thinking. You may not believe this but the protesters were VERY respectful of the people going by and there would have been no reason to be afraid of us. Usually it’s the protesters who need to be afraid of the antis because they are the ones who throw eggs or phyiscally threaten the protesters. There were WAY more people going by who supported what we were doing than those who were against us.

  • rojo says:

    Hi Michele I can’t help but think customers will not breach protest lines through fear particularly with such large numbers of protestors. While fewer customers may seem a win the longer term association of rights groups with fear is not so good. IMO.

  • Michele says:

    Ashes I participated in a KFC demo in Toronto Ontario as part of a PETA conference in 2005. There were approximately 200 protesters lining a huge intersection. A total of TWO people entered the KFC over a 1 hour period one ordered just a salad the other one went in to give the cashier one of PETA’s leaflets. That being said people who engage in behaviour simply to defy protesters are acting childish and are not representative of all onlookers.

  • erica says:

    i’m all for animals and people but can you do this a tad bit peacefuller? or show the people at the drive what thier food looked like? i thinks its a start

  • Ashes says:

    Did you notice that cars were pulling into KFC during that protest? I wonder if people were planning to eat there and came anyway or if people were turning in to watch the demonstration. There may even have been people who weren’t specifically planning to eat at KFC but who wanted to after seeing the protestors. A lot of people like to defy protests.

  • Tamara says:

    Kurt K not any sicker than slitting a chicken’s throat while it’s still alive…or putting it in scalding hot water while still alive…

  • Cyndi says:

    COOL too bad it wasnt the real cornel better yet why dont they cut off his nose with a hot blade stick him in a cage too small to move around in and when he goes crazy grab him by his legs shakle him dip his head in water and electricute him and then slit his throat after all that what he did and his company still does to defenseless birds.

  • florina says:

    It doesn’t surprise me. People are desperately trying to manifest their protests with the hope that something will be changed. We dare to judge but cowardly we lack the facts. Talking is cheap. But do something! Anything! This protest is heaven compared with the agony of the animals. Peta is divine!

  • Carla says:

    WOW!! Thankfully no one got hurt!

  • Kurt K says:

    This is sick! Those people should be ashamed of themselves!