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Washington U. Gets Wake-Up (Cat) Call

Written by PETA | January 26, 2012

A new PETA ad campaign is rolling out in St. Louis to make sure that Washington University’s faculty, staff, students, and supporters don’t forget about the school’s use of live cats for painful and terrifying medical training conducted in conjunction with St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Washington University folks will be confronted by images of cats like those who have tubes forced down their throats in the university’s Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) course (most other PALS courses have upgraded to modern, sophisticated simulators) pretty much everywhere they look:

  • In Their Newspapers
    Both the Washington University newspaper and the website of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch offer this reminder of the shameful practice: 

© Brandenburg

    • While Filling Up
      Gas stations near the campus will feature this hard-to-miss ad on top of their pumps:

    © Lukyanov

      • Online
        Even if people stay home, this Google ad should grab their attention:

        How You Can Help These Cats

        Please join us in telling Washington University and St. Louis Children’s Hospital that it’s time to get with the program and scratch cruelty to cats out of their curriculum.

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        • Sonja says:

          One can measure the size and the moral progress of a nation according to how it treats her animals. The cruelty against animals and also the indifference compared with her suffering is one of the heaviest sins of the person. If the person creates so many sufferings which right he has to complain when he himself suffers?

        • Paola Chacón says:

          help them, are beautiful and inocents animals….

        • Anne Grice says:

          Its incomprehensible how professionals could justify such sickening blatant cruelty to these defenceless cats in the name of so called research! Intubation does not require a live animal to be subjected to this cruel act and to brutalise cats in this vile manner is most definitely covered under the “Animal Cruelty Laws” in any country including the USA. We must demand that WUSTL to STOP this barbaric sick act on these cats at once or they must be charged with gross animal cruelty under the animal cruelty laws. The animal protection society need to remove these cats and others from this vile lab of horrors because this is nothing more than blatant animal cruelty. The students in this medical program need to understand that their role in society will be to reduce suffering of all beings and must show their disgust with this University’s backward cruel training program that has no place in todays training programs. The president of this University needs to end this barbaric cruelty and face the full force of the animal cruelty laws of the USA. No live beings need such unnecessary cruelty from training at medical schools, vet schools,and all organisations because their are hundreds of mechanical and non- living teaching tools available making this a sick vile case of animal cruelty to these cats and other live animals in this lab. This is sickening, disgraceful and barbaric.

        • Isolde says:

          Please Stop at once with such terrible and awful cruelties done to helpless animals. BE HUMANS!!!

        • TeresaD says:

          I live near UW and I would LOVE to be a part of a demonstration or picketting at the school! Is Peta or anybody game?

        • Jacqueline Schmidt says:

          Why is Washington University so behind in their technology when teaching the Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) course? Even the small group of hospitals I was recently employed by in my small community in southwest Michigan trains all of their physicians, nurses, LPNs, ambulance companies, et al, with the most updated of simulators. And so does every, single hospital & university that we know of! It makes me wonder what else Washington University is lagging behind in. It certainly wouldn’t be my choice of schools, nor would it be a university I would support.

        • Irene WERNER says:

          Stop at once and forever such terrible and awful cruelties done to helpless animals. HORROR PUR !!!!!

        • Maria says:

          It is very cruel! As a mankind it is our duty to ban this cruelty! Please remember this a great man such as Gandhi was against vivisection! “I abhor vivisection with my whole soul. All the scientific discoveries stained with innocent blood I count as of no consequence…” (Mahatma Gandhi)

        • janssens says:

          arrêtez d’utiliser des animaux pour les expériences car c’est de la cruauté,c’est ignoble de faire souffrir des animaux sans défense,ce sont des êtres vivants qui ne méritent pas de telles souffrances,les animaux méritent d’êtres respectés,et arrêtez ces pratiques criminelles,est ce que vous pouvez dormir la nuit en faisant ces horreurs sur ces pauvres bêtes,faites des expériences autrement car si cela se fait sur des humains là ce serait vite terminé,ceux qui font cela sur les animaux devraient le faire sur eux même,c’est si facile de faire souffrir des animaux sans défense

        • chander kumar soni says:

          please help animals.

        • Jalayne says:

          How can you sleep at night? Maybe you can’t because of the nightmares you should be having.

        • Colleen says:

          Animal abuse is out of date. We do not need animal experiments in this day and age. If the experiments need to be done then use the people on Death Row, they have no reason to live and it would save the tax payers MONEY… Stop animal abuse!!!

        • Shelia says:

          Please help these animals.

        • Eszter Valyi Nagy says:

          Please stop these criminal practices on cats, dogs and ALL animals! The human being has no right to abuse the creation in this fascist way! Every creature has the right to live and die in dignity without the interference of any rascal and his whims! Torture is not education but crime!

        • Liz says:

          Cats or any animals should not be abused in any way. People would soon take note if one of the students suddenly became a test subject. Just because cats can’t speak doesn’t mean it should be any different.

        • Melanie says:

          Who do you think you are? Do you really think you have the right to crucify any animals, just because you think it’s for any effort in medical training of students? It really doesn’t help anyone see these helpless cats die a cruel and inhuman death. Let’s just face it – you’re not god and you will never be. So don’t take the right to decide about lives. Find ways to help these animals. This cannot go on like this.

        • Claire says:

          Leave the animals out of your labs! Find alternatives …..others are!

        • Veerle Van Bossche says:

          PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE find another way of conducting your experiments! This is too cruel, no matter what animals are being used!!!

        • Rat King says:

          Please stop these criminal practices on cats, dogs and ALL animals! The human being has no right to abuse the creation in this fascist way! Every creature has the right to live and die in dignity without the interference of any rascal and his whims! Torture is not education but crime!