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W.H.S. Gives Away Rabbits for Pennies

Written by Michelle Kretzer | March 6, 2012

D.C.’s Washington Humane Society gave away rabbits for pennies recently. As one commenter who read the disturbing news article posted, “I hope this is … [an] April Fool’s joke.” Sadly, it wasn’t. The animals were being adopted out for “29 cents in honor of the Leap Year.”

St0rmz | cc by 2.0

A Dangerous Plan

Selling animals for less than the price of a pack of gum devalues them and encourages spur-of-the-moment adoptions by people who have not considered whether or not they are ready to invest the substantial amount of money and care that animals need. It would have been easy for people to acquire the cheap bunnies to give as Easter gifts to children, so many will likely join the countless other neglected cast-off Easter bunnies and chicks who live in cramped cages in backyards or are abandoned outdoors, where they cannot survive and die painfully.

Other people’s intentions could be much more sinister: Virtually free rabbits are often sought after by those looking for cheap snake food, dogfighting bait, and laboratory victims—even by those wanting to make rabbit stew.

‘No-Kill’ Hurts Animals

In response to pressure from “no-kill” advocates like Nathan Winograd and well-meaning members of the public, more and more animal shelters are stooping to these kinds of cheap and dangerous gimmicks to reduce their euthanasia statistics, even when it means shoving animals out the door without regard for each individual animal’s well-being and safety. But if the number in the “adopted” column represents animals who suffered miserable fates and died at the hands of cruel or irresponsible people who have no idea what a rabbit needs, feels, or wants, that number starts to look pretty ugly.

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  • whitney says:

    i am proud to say that the humane society at which i volunteer neither kills or gives away animals at a cheap cost to look better. at our humane society every animal that comes in is inspected by a vet, spayed or neutered, given all shots needed and taken care of more than 3 times a day, each time being let out to run in inclosed dog runs. before anyone can adopt an animal from our shelter they have to go through questioning from trained staff, house inspections and pay an adoption fee high enough to ensure only serious people are adopting. if the peson does decide to adopt and animal, they arent just given away and forgotten. we go back after a couple months and double check that the animal is provided food, water, shelter and proper vet care. as sad as it is that some shelters stoop to the level of putting animals at risk of going to inexperienced or careless homes, remember that there is hope and we have to just keep trying to improve the world we live in. thank you peta for giving animals a voice and making a difference

  • Rachel says:

    This is what happens when the No Kill disease infects an organization. Animals are treated like garbage, handed out to hoarders and abusers so that the “numbers” look good for the No Killers. A veneer of falsity that hides bad things that No Kill does. No Kill represents breeders. Nathan Winograd is supported by the breeder industry and makes appearances for them and promotes their propaganda. Breeders hate shelter pets. They see shelter pets as worthless garbage to be dumped, like this rabbit giveaway. Breeders just want to make shelter animals disappear somewhere so breeders can pretend they have no responsibility for the overpopulation problem, so breeders can avoid regulation and go on making more money, and breeding more animals to fill up the shelters. No Kill lies to the public. Pretending to care about animals isn’t the same same as actually caring or doing things to help them! Breeders hide behind the fraudulent No Kill exterior. The animals lose.

  • Jim says:

    Very disturbing- I will definitely reconsider where my annual charity money goes–this is disheartening Especially before a holiday where bunnies can be Extra exploited.