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Warning: Graphic, Bloody, and Accurate

Written by PETA | March 16, 2009

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the seal slaughter:

Credit: Sea Shepherd

Yeah. We thought that it was awful too.

How can you help end this atrocity? Glad you asked. Click here.

Written by Christine Doré

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  • Tanner says:

    This is horrifying… Senator Harb’s bill must be passed. however the entire senate needs to speak up about this.

  • michelle says:

    i cant belive how terrible that is its skull has been crushed! this should not be aloud they can feel the pain there in and must of been terrified! BAN THIS!

  • Ankita says:

    Gosh!I wonder how the people who slaughter seals would like do die?remember Karma will get back at u….n God watches us all.

  • Madhusudan Chharia says:

    Marg Durrance… DEar Marg..After all the slaughter and havoc wreaked by humans on poor animals…do u still think that humans are the highest form of animals with intelligence??….lemme tell u…men who do this are surely going to hell and suffer in their present lives…or their next lives…and believe me…it wont be easy!!

  • Maddi says:

    That is horrific and disgusting. How someone can sit there and watch an animal suffer and die beats me. This needs to end NOW.

  • Lisa Ham says:

    Isn’t it a pity isn’t it a shame….

  • Brenda says:

    Banned? That is such BS that PETA can’t buy advertising either because these pics are so distasteful. Pay extra! My friends were stunned by the recent HBO Factory Farming special. They didn’t know because these pics can’t get published. Stop the ignorance!

  • Marg Durrance says:

    yes..animals get killed by other animals. nature’s way but let us keep in mind that we are humans the highest form of animal intelligence believe it or not. There are alternatives to this senseless slaughter.

  • Mrs. Brock says:

    throws up “for as long as men massacre animals they will kill each other. indeed he who sows the seeds of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.” Pythagoras.

  • Erick says:

    no comments…..everything is said on the picture…..BUT SOMEDAY JUSTICE WILL TAKE PLACE

  • Angela Gephart says:

    That makes me want to cry. I can’t understand how people have trouble relating to animals. They need love and respect just like us. Soooooo sad. If there is anything I can do to help. Tell me what and count me in.

  • Tim says:

    The comment by Maureen written below is quite disturbing. What makes humans the ones to decide how animals live or die. I don’t think you can compare an animal getting skinned alive to someone in africa looking “all messed up” because of lack of food. I have to wonder what the heck people are thinking sometimes. “Posted by Maureen March 16 2009 0610 PM I think everyone takes it a little far. Seal hunting happens because of lack of enviroment and lack of food. Has anyone seen what happens when there is a lack of food? Look at the kids in Africa. They don’t get food and they look all messed up. Plus Animals will eat that seal giving FOOD back to the rest of the animals. Really its no differnt from a sea lion attacking killing and eating it.”

  • shay says:

    I posted the pic of the baby seal being clubbed on my face book so people who turn a blind eye could be aware of the TRUTH that is still happening to these poor helpless animals.. HOWEVER it was removed because it was 2 graffic PEOPLE.. WAKE UP !!! this torture is going on…IT IS BEYOND INHUMANE AND SICKENING..STOP TURNING AWAY !!! STAND UP BE HEARD !!! PLEASE !!

  • Gabrielle Leblanc says:

    this is absolutly discusting i don’t understand how people can be so heartless. this is horrible and needs to be stopped!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charmaine Forrester says:

    All this senseless killing of innocent beautiful and helpless babies by HUMAN MONSTERS! so that some rich bitch somewhere who doesn’t have a conscience or a soul can wear fur!! Why don’t these rich bitches rather donate their money to animal welfare?

  • MARIELA says:

    This is awful! I hope it ends. Some people are so mean with animals

  • angel says:

    OH MY GOD!!! This is AWFUL the monsters who do this must NOT have a HEART!!! We all must do what we can to try to keep this from happening.

  • Stan Smith says: