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Warning: This Blog Might Make You Hurl

Written by PETA | August 5, 2010

Some of the gruesome scenes in the upcoming horror movie The Last Exorcism might make you lose your lunch, but at least you can take comfort in knowing that Ashley Bell’s onscreen vomit is … vegan! Ashley, who plays the demonically possessed Nell Sweetzer, told Nylon magazine that the film’s director called her up to ask if she was vegetarian—because he needed to know if he should make her barf out of Gatorade or chicken broth. Ashley doesn’t eat meat, so Gatorade it was.

We’re not surprised that the film’s crew was so thoughtful. After all, PETA pal Eli Roth is one of the producers!

Ashley and her veggie vomit will be hitting theaters August 27.



Written by Paula Moore

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  • Ryan says:

    Movie producers need to be more like Eli Roth and not use animals for movies because animals need to be lovedrespected and treated with respect and not with hatredcruelty and neglect