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Warmhearted Kids Help Cold Dogs

Written by PETA | December 3, 2010

Here’s a story that could melt even a snowman’s heart. Fourth-grade students in teacher Chris Maxwell’s class at Mills Park Elementary School in Cary, North Carolina, have raised more than $300 to help dogs who are trapped at the end of a chain with no shelter from freezing temperatures, snow, and sleet. The kids are donating the money to PETA’s national “Change for Chained Dogs” program, which provides dogs who are chained up like old bicycles with warm, sturdy doghouses. Sadly, these doghouses are often the first “homes” that these animals have ever known. To thank the kids for their compassion, TeachKind—PETA’s humane-education division—has given the students and the school its Compassionate School Award.

Check out a couple of the happy dogs with their new doghouses:


Inspired by these kids’ kindness? Why not sponsor a doghouse in behalf of a cold, lonely dog?

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • staffycuddles says:

    my next door neighbor owns a large rottweiler, he barks at my 2 year old and scares the hell out of her- i had to complain and get him to do something-its his sons dog and hi son could take it home and keep it indoors, but instead of leaving the dog inside, he leaves it outdoors to get nasty and vicious-it barks at everyone and is constantly on a choke chain. whereas my dog is pampered-his own little room when he wants space and always a place on the sofa next to me if its chilly (very rarely in his room because he even has a heater !!) when i got my dog, i knew i would love him no matter what because he came from a lonely background. he has blossomed from attention and i would never ever dream of chaining him to anything. these kids are amazing because its not easy growing up in a world where people take the easy option of cruelty over kindness. congrats 😀 xx

  • Diana says:

    What a great cause and a wonderful lesson to teach our young people. I hope more teachers and schools will follow in the footsteps of this fourth grade class. You should be proud of your accomplishments.

  • Teri Nelson says:

    We are very proud of Mr. Maxwell’s class and their philanthropic efforts!

  • Maree says:

    Great job 4th grade class! Learning about something and feeling sad about is one thing – but getting out there and doing something about it is wonderful way to realize that we all have the power to make changes. If those dogs could write thank you notes – they would . . . Sophia’s Aunt Maree

  • Ami says:

    I think a good question to ask the millions of idiots who chain their dogs outside all year round is why did you get the dog in the first place? I mean don’t we get animals with the intention of bringing them into our homes and making them another member of the family? Why bother getting a dog if you’re just going to keep it chained, unsocialized, and alone? I don’t get people or how they sleep at night. This angers me more than a lot of issues because these people purposely go out and get an animal just to neglect it. GIVE IT AWAY FOR GOD SAKE!!!

  • barbara says:

    As a longtime member, I’ve read about PETA’s strong efforts – and some successes – to get NO chaining ordinances banned, starting right in their own HQ area I think.  I know in some places, like NC where I live they’ve been pushing hard for years but the Good Old Boys think a chain’s the way to go and kill the bills every single time.  Yes, I’ve seen PETA’s efforts and am so glad they don’t just wait til laws pass but help the dogs out in the cold this winter as well.

  • ramsey says:

    Thank you, PETA! Folks who say “PETA needs to…” should remember that there’s a lot they can do, too, to help animals. PETA, which is doing more than anyone to help animals, can’t do it alone.

  • shivangi says:

    waaaaoh! grt job done. i jst hope this act manages to ignite passion for animals in the hearts of non vegetarains.

  • nancy says:

    It’s illegal here in CA to keep a dog chained. If I see it, I could call the police. PETA needs to try to get a similar law throughout the country. In the meantime while this is still legal, they’re helping these dogs feel a little better by having a place to hide from the elements. Any help is worth it. PETA has made these dogs lives better but there is still more to do.

  • PETA says:

    Re: Rex’s Mom. PETA is a pioneer in thinking about long-term change for chained dogs, which is accomplished through education and legislation. That is why we produce billboards, print ads, and radio and TV public service announcements ( alerting the public to the perils that chained dogs face. We offer information about implementing a community ban on chaining ( We routinely contact law enforcement officials in the wake of chained dog attacks on humans, urging them to ban chaining, and get the media to spread the message about our request. We get opinion pieces and letters to the editor printed all over the country to raise awareness, and have been instrumental in passing legislation to ban or limit chaining in a number of communities. This issue is at the forefront of our campaigns. But PETA cannot turn its back on the dogs who are suffering outdoors right NOW. Many of the dogs we help live in “behind-the-times” places—economically depressed areas where we have worked for years to strengthen animal protection laws. PETA’s doghouses are not a solution, but they do provide sturdy, straw-filled shelters with extra large roofs that extend beyond the houses to provide shade for the dogs during the summer, which is often the only shade available to them. For the dogs who get them, these houses are a lifesaver. They are, sadly, the only “home” that they have.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    PETA should work towards changing the law to make the dogs’ guardians stop chaining them and take them into their house. These dogs may look happy but I am sure they are not! You have the clout to do this. No dog should be forced to live outside all the time. These dogs should be taken away from their horrid living conditiones and given to people who will keep them in their house! Chaining should be against the law and even leaving a dog outside 24/7 regardless if he/she is chained or not should also be against the law.

  • jasdeep says:

    wow! great story, i live in cary and hope more schools do this.