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Who Wants Money?

Written by PETA | June 24, 2008

Ever wondered how you could combine your love of animal rights activism with your need to pay bills and buy groceries? Were you aware that PETA will pay you to be active for animals? Check out this video message from Ingrid to see why you should work for the best damn lifesaving team around:

If you’re interested, just check out our current job openings and send in your résumé!

Posted by Sean Conner

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  • Nick Abell says:

    Can’t wait until I am 18 so I can apply 🙂 Only one more year!!! 😀

  • Saucy says:

    How about we create a new position Evangelical Liason. There’s a demographic thats ripe for some Revelation. You know ultimately that his how the justify this ungodly slaughter. Ask any pig farmer from Iowa to the Carolina’s and they will naively tell you that it is God’s Will. You might think well Saucy have at it. And thats possible but I could do it alot more quickly with an organization like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals behind me. Time is of the essence. I feel compelled drawn even called to do this and I deeply qppreciate and love all of you regardless of weather or not there is a suitable position for me. So don’t get me wrong I know I can accomplish things right here where I am at it is just difficult costly and exausting.

  • Saucy says:

    I don’t know how I could be more qualifed experienced or passionate about the position for which I applied. If your having trouble finding good people I suggest you check with your recruiters. I was offering more than an eight hour shift. Oh well back to the Boca drawing board.

  • Ashh Anarchy says:

    I would but i’m only 15! 33xxx

  • kristi jackson says:

    i would but im only like 14

  • HannaBanana says:

    I’m on it like a Bonnet! hehe! Peta rocks my world….and the animals’…

  • Jp says:

    How can I help you