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Wanted: Top Chef for PETA Challenge

Written by PETA | January 8, 2009
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Yes, you heard right. We’re on the prowl for chefs who can make a mean foie gras … but not “mean” as in prepared with the diseased, fatty livers of ducks and geese. No, no, we want to find someone clever to create a delicious cruelty-free delicacy. And we know that there’s a chef out there with the capability to create a perfect, humane alternative to foie gras.

So, we’re hosting a contest to find one!

For PETA’s Fine Faux Foie Gras challenge, the winning chef must create a purely vegetarian foie gras that must be almost indistinguishable in taste and texture from the real thing. The grand prize winner will win a $10,000 prize and two runners-up will each receive $1,000 worth of professional kitchen equipment.

Click here to check out the full rules and to find out how to enter.

Good luck, and bon appétit.

Written by Christine Doré

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  • Tom says:

    Phillip PLEASE!! there are TONS of delicious foods made with mock meat out there. It’s true that you don’t NEED it sure but don’t dare tell me that there are no good mock meats. Gardein? Chickette? even a Boca chik’n patty.. Get with the times dude! These things OWN.

  • David - says:

    How they will know the taste if they dont taste it…??? Goof luck from Brazil!

  • phillip says:

    There are so many wonderful vegetarian delicacies in the world. Why oh why do people feel the constant need to create meatless meat…. It never tastes as good as the original vegetable or grain. I was a vegan for years and hated most of the bland imitation meat products I consumed. Now days I eat everything but have learned a lot about produce. I can say with full confidence that beautifully cooked vegetables are much more pleasurable than any veggie burger or other artificial meat. Though I love Foie Gras myself I can understand why people have a problem with it but this contest is not the answer.

  • roxanen says:

    Our city speaker Christine Quinn is a fat heartless ugly woman who hates animals and won’t let any bill pass to end cruelty including the end of Foie Gras. NYC should really vote her out this year.

  • Meech! says:

    I suppose this is better than the chicken challenge no mad science lab stuffs… and if it keeps people from buying the real thing it’s a good idea. That people could develop a taste for such barbaric garbage in the first place makes me wonder if those who eat it would bother to make the switch…? Honest question though I suppose that’s harshly negative. foot in mouth