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Want Bladder Cancer With That?

Written by PETA | April 20, 2010

Just in time for barbecue season comes a new study about meat eaters showing that eating charred meat, doubles the risk of bladder cancer. Even eating fried fish and chicken can significantly increase the odds.


Ravedave / CC by 2.5


Other studies have already shown that eating charred meat may increase the risk of pancreatic cancer. Kind of makes a few ants and some clouds seem like trivial problems, huh?

So, given that well-done meats can form chemicals that can increase the risk of cancer and undercooked meats can cause food poisoning, you might want to grill some mouthwatering veggies and mock meats at your next gathering. You want to keep your guests happy and healthy and save the lives of animals—don’t you?

Written by Heather Moore

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  • gloria says:

    My husband and I are very very interested in becoming vegetarians but don’t know how to get started. It appears to be very time consuming and expensive compared to how we usually eatespecially when preparing meals at home. We no longer want to contribute to the inhumane treatment of farm animals but we still need economical and timely options. Hope you can help Gloria Michael PS what kind of veg diet will travel well with a flight attendant?

  • emma says:

    all summer long we bbq vegetable kebabs and instead of burgers giant mushrooms with garlic halloumi cheese with chilli and olive oil. many of our friends who laughed at me now indulge my mushroom burgers and kebabs just goes to show you dont need to be veggie to enjoy good food but i’ll stick with my vegetarian diet thanks. not only eliminates cancer threats but also the food poisoning associated with under cooked bbq food. happy veggie bbqs everyone

  • Kathy says:

    Good info to know! I don’t eat that stuff anyways but still I will pass this along to my friends and family who do still eat meat. Go Vegetarian! Why Not?