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Wanna Fix Global Warming? Talk to the Giant Chicken in the Hummer

Written by PETA | September 28, 2007

Yesterday, one of my colleagues dressed as a chicken and drove a Hummer round the State Department building, where the Meeting of Major Economies on Energy Security and Climate Change was taking place, to make the point that a meat-based diet is responsible for more greenhouse-gas emissions than driving a gas-guzzling SUV. And yes, in case you’re wondering, sometimes it does take a giant chicken in a Hum-V to get certain people to pay attention. Here’s a pic:


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  • Julie Ann Zserdin says:

    Has everyone who believes it is big industry and cars that have the most impact on global warming stopped driving thier cars? Or written any big industrial companies? or pushed to have any laws making the big industries be more earth friendly? I believe raising animals is one of the largest causes of global warming and because I do believe that I put my money where my mouth is and went Vegan. If you believe anything that humans do is causing global warming don’t argue about it do something about it. stop using your car so often write your congressman and ask them to support laws governing big factories. Most poeple who do not believe raising animals is a large cause of global warming is simply because they do not want to cut back or god forbid stop eating meat. So to keep thier consious clear they deny raising animals is a contributing factor to global warming.

  • Duane says:

    Okay… warming. Carbon monoxide emissions that stagnate the air leading to uv rays coming though unpreturbed. Years of global warming……. a lot of spare carbon monoxide and a build up of carbon dioxide caused by the density choice of the common populations. Final choice and answer………A machine with the ability to vacuum the air and then gather up the carbon in filters. A comment on the tests as I have no resources would be most appreciated.

  • meanjean says:

    It’s the SUNstupid!! Climate change is sunspot driven the more activity from sunspots the warmer the climates. We are now entering a period of low activity so we are cooling off. We are also emerging from the “little ice age” so of course there is “global warming” for the past 200 yrs. Also C02 lags behind temperature rise in other words temps go up first then C02 rises later. Do any of you older bloggers remember the global cooling scare of the 70’s? This is just another NWO freak show to cow the population while controling them taxing them to death. By the way Al Gore is a member of the Skull Bones as is Bush. Google climate change people get your facts straight.

  • nefarian says:

    wow… this has to be one of the DUMBest protests i have ever seen… it makes no sense at all and not to mention is pretty stupid…its just another case of PETA twisting facts for their own cause… PETAs cause is actually an oxymoron… they dont want to eat animals… but more than half of the animals in existance eat other animals!!!

  • Caboose says:

    Sheri It makes more sense to do what helps the most.Not this though.

  • Mr. Chief says:

    Isn’t it funny that common sense these days is very rare?

  • common sense canuck says:

    It is not meat but factory farming that is the problem. Please don’t allow self rightous veganism blind you to the imapct of all the CO2 and other GHG spewing vehicles and homes hummers are just one of the worst. Corn production for ethanol is another huge GHG producer again factory farming and monoculture is the problem. For biofuel the best choice so far is celluloid from straw wood chips etc. Also turn off your lights when not using and don’t overuse your AC in the home or vehicle. Cruelty to animals is a moot point if none of us except maybe certain types of bacteria can live on this planet. Do not support monoculture. Walk cycle take public transit or carpool. Make your home energy efficient. Buy locally produced food if your soy was grown half a world away and flown trucked or shipped to you then please address your own choices before criticizing others. PETA Please do not inadvertantly glorify fossil fuel wasting vehicles by indirectly advertising for them. Also if reducing greenhouse gasses is a reason not to eat meat then please do not encourage the use of PVC or other plastics for clothing footware etc. They offgas and are toxic to all animals including people and their pets. Plastics are made from petroleum which is oil. The Hummer stunt only invalidates your arguments.

  • halo snipe says:

    I’s not sad it’s cool. What do you do in your spare time. I play video games you do something different. So why bum rap on something someone does as entertainment? Makes no sense! Juilanne you’re an idiot. Hypocrisy is the most retarded form of spreading information in this case false. It only makes the relayer look like an a hole. Oh and get the finger off shift or detoggle caps lock nOOb!

  • halo snipe says:

    Im 14 and it’s nnot an obssesion. I picke d the name because i could be a sniper and it sounds cool. I’m smarter than you think. H4x

  • Julianne says:


  • Mars says:

    Land suitable for animal feed production is not always suitable for human plant production. There are different standards in the legal sense and agricultural sense.They are not interchangable.

  • Corndog says:

    It’s fantastic about the Nobel Prize! Good for PETA congratulating Gore immediately and asking him to add the 8th point. I hope the U.N. study will have its due influence. This is uplifting.

  • rojo says:

    hi corndog no arguement on water used per pound etc but what how do you plan to utilise the water saved? rain falls on millions of acres unsuitable for growing crops so how will that waterfrom rain be used to feed humans? Most feedstock for animals is sourced from neighboring farms if not from the very farm on which the animals live. When it comes to transport to markets the nutrient dense meat is equivalent to a much heaviervolumous amount of vegetables ie more truckloads needed to supply the same amount of nutrition. Most fresh fruit and vegies are refrigerated in transport these days and last time I checked there was a frozen vege section in the supermarket. I don’t know how many hormones US producers use if any on a poundpound production but it will little differ to the amount of pesticides and herbicides used on vegetables. You’ll have to explain why anyone has to be hungry in this world because of animals corn has been very cheap for so long it being used to make fuel. High value crops like nuts have taken over farmland capable of producing large tonnages of grain aren’t they to blame too? Corndog if people on this site furnished worthy facts there would be no problem from me. Meat is not the number one cause of global warming prove me wrong if you disagree. I too find providing information to be not enough. I would have thought you might prefer the truth. Apologies for appearing hostile I just give what i get.

  • Anonymous says:

    So who bought the hummer how does driving it around expending pollutants help anyone? Thanks cough for supporting cough the environment… was that a hybrid Hummer?

  • Fran Takacs says:

    I wish they would do that around here. I live in metro Atlanta and hummers are all over. Yesterday I saw a pink hummer! People just think they are a status symbol “look what I have”! Bunch of inconsiderate idiots!

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow halo… thats sad

  • Sheri says:

    On a more serious note I can’t believe this topic is even under debate. Imagine Your doctor tells you that you have cancer. He advises that there are a number of things that you can do to increase your chances of survival such as stop smoking give up red meat drink green tea and reduce stress. Any one by itself will increase your chance by 25 whereas doing ALL of them will increase your chances by 90. Are you really going to quibble about which one is the higher percentage??? Of course not! If you want to live you will do everything in your power!! Why is this so different?? Our planet is riddled with “cancer” and we all need to do EVERYTHING we can to heal it. Who really cares if the percentage is 20 or 80? If it will help in any way it should be done and not just “justified away” because it will inconvenience us too much. Frankly I want to be able to look my son in the eye and tell him I did everything I could not just present him with a bunch of excuses as to why it made sense to me to I contribute to the destruction of his planet.

  • Anonymous says:

    Good God Halo how old are you 12???!!

  • Rock says:

    Just wanted to say some Hummer owners get a bad rap. I have a Hummer but only use it on the weekends.

  • Corndog says:

    Hi Mars. I hear what you are saying. We can’t simply stop one and start the other. Shortage of land suitable for plant agriculture shouldn’t be an issue. As far as I can determine we in the U.S. feed more than 70 percent of the grains and cereals we grow to farmed animals. Worldwide the number drops to a bit less than half. Even if my sources are inaccurate by half we feed more than 13 of all grain and cereal to meat animals. It seems reasonable to me that as the demand for meat decreases land that grew animal feed would free up to grow crops for people. I appreciate your polite response to my post.

  • Corndog says:

    “How much moreless CO2 is emitted baking bread vs cutting up a cow?” The baking of bread and cutting up of cows are the end of this story. It takes many many times the resources water energy vegetation land cleaning pollution of ground water etc. to produce a pound of beef as to produce a pound of vegetables. “Does the truck transporting fresh vegetables use less fuel than one with meat? No anon any loss of meatmilk must be made up in larger quantities of plant material moved and processed.” Yes it costs much less to transport grain and vegetables directly than to first run those vegetables through a cow. It takes many truckloads of feed antibiotics hormones and other goods to supply factory farms or bucolic pastoral scenes if you prefer for each cow for each of its 45 years before slaughter. Then those same cows who ate all the grain have to be trucked to slaughter and market butchered and wrapped and sent to the place where the parts are sold. Meat requires refrigeration or freezing so add that to the transportation costs as well. It’s exponentially more costly even if you are only considering transportaion. The cost of replacing the meat and milk with vegetables would be NOTHING compared to this. If the cows didn’t eat the grain we would. In fact research shows we would have so much abundance that we could alleviate hunger not only here but in other countries as well. It’s staggering to think what we could do if we could reclaim the extra resources we would have if we didn’t eat meat. Cleaner air cleaner and more plentiful water burning of less fossil fuel enormous reduction in methane released into the environment land that could become forest or habitat again . . . I come here more or less taking for granted that I will encounter people who share a common belief in humane treatment of animals and the benefits of a meatfree diet. I find that people here are more than happy to answer an honest question or listen to another’s opinion in the spirit of free exchange of ideas. But when a person has received many thoughtful and intelligent replies and continue to post hostile challenges and repeat the same ustudied “opinions” it becomes clear that more information isn’t the answer. If someone here believes that something other than the meat industry is the greatest contributor to global warming go fight it with the same passion we bring to our cause. I promise I won’t come over to your blog and make demeaning and insulting comments.

  • Mars says:

    Corndog Animals are raised in areas usualy are not suited for plant production and animal food as well. You cannot simply stop one and start the other. Agriculture does not work that way.The truth is that if the population relied soley on plants then we would not exist. There is simply not enough land that is suitable to grow them on to feed a large population and the entire world would be like ethiopia.

  • Corndog says:

    Hey Mars. I appreciate your concern for my happiness. I stand by my statement that animals raised for food are “almost exclusively” factory farmed. And it’s not pretty. And it uses a lot of resources many times more than it would take to feed people directly with the food raised for meat animals. I stopped eating meat because it didn’t feel right to me to eat an animal. Later I learned a lot of other benefits of a vegetarian diet. I am under no delusion that anything I say will convince you to eschew meat. So I say good luck to you and goodbye. You can learn a lot on the PETA Web site. If you don’t trust our Web site there are others you can research as well. You do seem very interested in PETA’s issues. OK bye bye.

  • Mars says:

    “Methyl iodide was developed by Tokyobased Arysta LifeScience Corp. as an alternative to the widely used fumigant methyl bromide which has been banned under an international treaty because it depletes the ozone layer. Like methyl bromide the new product to be sold under the name MIDAS kills off weeds and soil pests before planting a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.” “Without livestock we’d grately reduce the amount of “air filters” that are killed every year.” Some much for your animal “love” stance since you advocate exterminating all livestock.Is that your new credo Destroy animals before they destroy us”? “When an omnivore orders a a hamburger the patty may be meat but the bun relish mustard tomato pickle and onions are all plant food.” And your veggie burger is 100 plant.Yep animals consume plants. So what? Do you want to rid the world of competition for plants? Your animal to vegetable conversion is also way off.Animals return the food they eat not just in meat but in chemicals they produce ammonia from urine for example and fertilizers and skins for clothes and chew bones for your pets.

  • halo snipe says:

    Michele YOU must have had a lot of time with that response.

  • halo snipe says:

    Janet. PETA lovers blogging is just a big of a waste as the haters.

  • halo snipe says:

    OR…………….. Wage war against us omnivores allied with your animal friends. I’m sure you will win………IF we don’t use Ar15s Colts revolvers etc. If you anything to do with meat so much!

  • halo snipe says:

    Well if you all care about animals so much why not just live with them in their natural habitat instead of wasting space by living in your houses that use electricity generated by coal and other fossil fuels! Or step into their shoes and see what their life is like!