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‘Walking Dead’ Star Is Ready for Animal Tests to Die

Written by Michelle Kretzer | August 9, 2013

On The Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon offs zombies without breaking a sweat. But the man who plays him, Norman Reedus, doesn’t think that blood and gore have any place in real life, so he wants the U.S. to ban animal testing for cosmetics. Norman urged everyone to get involved by calling on Congress and the Food and Drug Administration to ban the tests: “Scores of countries around the world are beating the U.S. to become cruelty-free by banning cosmetics tests on animals. Nobody wants rabbits or guinea-pigs to suffer for our vanity, least of all the animals. Let’s stop their suffering right here, right now.”


In other celebrity news:


  • Are the Jonas Brothers aiming to make their consciences as clean as their lyrics? During a tour stop in Raleigh, North Carolina, the band ordered from PETA award winner Remedy Diner, and Joe and Kevin dined on delish vegan food.
  • PETA got big ups from Sports Illustrated, which ran Chase Utley’s “Adopt, Don’t Buy” ad on a full page free of charge.


  • And President Obama presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom, our country’s highest civilian honor, to people who made remarkable contributions to national security, peace, culture, and other life-enriching endeavors. He honored country legend Loretta Lynn for her contributions to music, one of which is “I Wanna Be Free,” a song she loaned to PETA to help with our campaign to free chained dogs.


And celebs on Twitter were praising Blackfish, railing against Ringling Bros., and celebrating cruelty-free food:

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