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Vote for the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity!

Written by PETA | May 16, 2008

It’s time, people. As usual, I will be voting for Alyssa Milano. Multiple times. It’s a no-brainer. But don’t let me influence you—cast your vote here, then come on back and lemme know who you picked.


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  • LeyLey says:


  • Vananh says:

    Alyssa Jared.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    I respect and adore all of these compassionate people. But I have to agree with Pamela L. Pink and Joaquin have my heart. Who could forget Earthlings. Peace for all animals!


    I agree with most of you hayden p. is involved with those leather bags doest she knows were leather come from? I mean come on I think shes trying to hard to be miss barbie perfect goody two shoes …i sense her fake ..sorry is just my doesnt really matter if your pretty or sexy if your heart is in the wrong me she dont deserve any least not yet.xoxo

  • Abigail Burns says:

    Exactly how can Hayden Panettiere be represented on this site as “sexy” when currently she is the main model for Dooney and Bourke who strictly use leather on each and every one of their products? I find her completely irrelevant in this genre.

  • cassie b says:

    i voted for andre 3000 and pamela anderson.

  • Lindsey says:

    Joaquin Phoenix because he’s been vegan since he was 3 he’s such a fantastic guy a great actor he deserves to win Persia White she’s great too. I’m a little iffy on Hayden Panettiere too I’m not sure that she’s actually vegetarian.

  • Mlo says:

    Kaley Cuoco and Rupert Everret. I didn’t know she was a vege but I love her show! I think there are a lot more veganvegetarian celebrities than on the list??? Does PETA reconfirm the list to make sure everyone who is still is? How come Carrie Underwood is not on it this year? Did she turn?

  • Kathleen Wissenz says:

    Definately Bryan Adams the hottest vegan guy in the world!!

  • Karen says:

    I am in love with Casey Affleck. That is one sexy vegan!

  • lynda downie says:

    Pamela Anderson because she is very vocal about her support for animals even when it’s controversial to do so. Morrissey for being a committed animal advocate and for boycotting Canada for it’s seal massacre.

  • C-line says:

    Chelsea Clinton and Don Imus. Because somebody should vote for them.

  • Ana says:

    I voted for Milo Ventimiglia and Kristen Bell from Heroes. I didn’t vote for their castmate Hayden because she’s only been a vegetarian for a couple of months and has already been spotted caving in a couple of times. Also like Jaime said she recently designed a line of leather handbags and that is not sexy. If she hopefully sticks with being a vegetarian I will vote for her another year when she has been a vegetarian for at least a year.

  • jaime says:

    I like Hayden Panettiere and appreciate the stand she took for the dolphins. However she is a spokesperson for Dooney Bourke handbags and she designed a leather bag for the company under her name. Can’t be sexy in leather!

  • laura says:

    left off steve martin unless he turned unveggie all the sudden which would make me very sad.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    An embarrassment of riches and they are ALL so worthy. I agree with MicheleMac Danzig is the man. And Grace Slick a true rebel and a pathfinder. Honorable mention to drum virtuoso Bobby Rock “Bobby is a certified personal trainer nutritionist and is a devoted vegan. He is also a strong supporter of animal rights and has many links on his website to promote his particular ideas regarding such matters.” Wiki Lifetime Achievement Award Sir Paul McCartney.

  • Pamela L. says:

    Pink and Joaquin Phonix. All the contestants are awesome! But I think these two can rise to any occasion and then some.

  • Michele says:

    Wow so many choices and only one vote!! They are all pretty much sexy to me just because they are vegetarian. I had to go for Emily Deschanel and for the ultrabuff Mac Danzig! Yummy…

  • lucas s says:

    definately hayden and jared leto. but i was also tempted to vote for joan jetshes just so awesome and badass and i also have a crush on joaquin pheonix and casey affleck. basically..they are all hot..especially cuz they are veg

  • Mayrette says:

    I think your list is very hot this year I voted for Alyssa Milano Rufus Wainwright. I do have to say however that I feel weird seeing Vanessa Williams on the list. Just earlier this year she was nominated for PETA’s worst dressed celebrity. Why nominate someone for not eating animals if she still wears them?

  • Jenny says:

    I had to go with Hayden Panettiere! She is just so adorable and her attempt to help to dolphins in Japan was so inspiring!! Kudos to her! I hope she wins! As for men I couldnt help but chose Sir Paul McCartney! The most compasionate man to ever walk this earth!

  • Joan says:

    Benji Madden and Emily Deschanel

  • lucas s says:

    Hayden Panettiere Jared leto