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Vote for Your Favorite Anti-KFC Action

Written by PETA | June 16, 2008

Today Canada, tomorrow the world (insert maniacal laughter here). We were totally spent from doing a victory dance over our recent KFC campaign triumph in Canada, but we’ve rested up and now we’re ready to get back to kicking the Colonel’s bucket. Continuing our Kentucky Fried Cruelty campaign in other countries, including the U.S., we’re not going to let up until KFC cries uncle and agrees to make some serious changes to the way its suppliers treat chickens.

Speaking of our campaign, we were recently reminiscing—while recovering from our V dance—about all the actions we’ve taken against KFC. We couldn’t decide which one was our fave, so we thought we’d ask for your input. I’m partial to the completely unappetizing but utterly inspiring, demo-licious Bucket of Blood. Then again, Pam Anderson’s video is pretty cool. See why we need your help? Check out our list below, and vote for your favorite by leaving us a comment.

1. PETA staffer changes his name to KentuckyFriedCruelty.com2. Pam Anderson video3. Super Chick Sisters video game4. The Rev. Al Sharpton’s video5. Bucket of Blood 6. ‘Crippled Chicken Crosses the Road’ demos7. KFC sign generator8. Kentucky Fried Cruelty: The Movie9. Colonel Sanders headstone10. Kentucky Fried Cruelty HQ

—AmyPosted by Amy Elizabeth

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  • JANET says:

    I would pick 8. Too bad it didn’t air during the Super Bowl!

  • Lizbeth says:

    Pamela Anderson was completely right what the “specialized” workers are being cruel for no reason. What exactly have the chickens done for them to drug and abuse the chickens just to please man kind. Why do they have to go through so much pain. we have enough chickens in the world to not drug chickens for growth purposes.

  • brian says:

    ohhhhhh and by the way im the same brian i choose kentucky fried chicken cruelty ok.

  • brian says:

    these people are soooooo cruel 2 chickens that i feel like going and shuting down the place myself because just imagine if those chickens were people…………2 me i dont know about the rest of you is HELL

  • emma says:

    i would pick the chick sisters game it’s really fun and gets the message out to kids and adults.

  • Sage says:

    I’m really glad that there are places like Peta so that these matters are taken care of. I made sure to spread the word around about teh pettition and the cruelty. GO PETA!!!!

  • webkinzlover says:

    I think that ALL of them is a good choice. But i think that the best choice is Kentucky Fried Cruelty Movie will maybe make the most people listen. I know i would! And you know how people always have to see the latest movie so i would pick a movie. p.s that show with Pam is soooooo sad!!

  • andrea says:

    How can people … known to be the only animal specie.. that has the capacity of “racional thinking” can do such things..Im soooooo angry at us. I whant to… shout to all of those inHUMAN pigs!!! but … It wount help Im so ashaimed of our own killer specie. sorry my bad grammar. Im mexican

  • Deborah Kemp says:

    They are all my favourite because they let the public know what is going on and to boycott boycott boycott KFC!!

  • vpc says:

    It’s tough but I’ll go with 8

  • Ryan says:

    6. Crippled Chicken Demos. What better way to gain attention?

  • Jasmine says:

    all the above are excellent. KFC is disgusting. i have never eaten KFC i do never eat KFC and i never will eat KFC.

  • William Hartmann says:

    6 Definately

  • Jaimi says:

    i like them all i’m just kinda partial to kfc game cos i lyk to play it lol

  • Niran says:

    Colonel Sanders headstone! It was awesome!

  • Mark says:

    All of those listed are excellent but Pam Anderson’s video takes the cake. Really wellmade outline of the intensity of the cruelty and Anderson makes everyone want to watch it. As far as PETA videos go that one falls into the A+ category.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Oh crap! Sorry I missed number 8 on the list!! I’m changing my vote. A huge vote for the KFC movies as my number one choice. Edgy and cool. Thanks Eric

  • Eric says:

    I would have to pick 8 the KFC cruelty commercials. Those commercials were made very well and if they would have actually reveived air time during the superbowl like was intended this would have delt a major blow to KFC.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    I couldn’t play the Pam Anderson video but I think I’ve seen it before and liked it so it gets my vote followed second by the Reverend Shaprton’s video.

  • John Carmody says:

    Pam Anderson’s video!!! Ireland loves PAM

  • Carla says:

    All the above!! But I would have to say setting up a Kentucky Fried Cruelty HQ was a great way to get people talking!!