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Vote for Your Favorite Anti-Fur Ad

Written by PETA | October 29, 2010

They’re graphic, grotesque, and downright ghastly—and I just can’t get enough of them. I’m talking about PETA’s “Here’s the Rest of Your Fur Coat” anti-fur ads. This is my favorite series of ads—after all, nothing says fur gorement quite like the bloody remains of a skinned fox. That’s why I was super psyched to see a brand-new one starring The Veronicas.

These awesome Aussie pop sensations join Persia White, Shirley Manson, and Sophie Ellis-Bextor, who all posed for similar ads in order to expose the cruel treatment of animals raised on fur farms, where rabbits, minks, foxes, and other animals are crammed into tiny, filthy cages. Many of them are skinned alive, and some remain alive for up to 10 minutes after they’ve been skinned. Rabbits, who are timid and gentle animals, are pulled out of cages by their ears and shot in the head with handheld electrical devices—often multiple times—causing them to scream like human babies.

Like I said—graphic, grotesque, and downright ghastly. Speaking of which, how about telling us which of the ads in this in-your-face series is your fave? Cast your vote in the poll at the bottom of this post.


The Veronicas


Shirley Manson


Sophie Ellis-Bextor


Persia White


Which “Here’s the Rest of Your Fur Coat” ad is your favorite?online survey


Thanks for voting. Check back soon to see the results of the poll. In the meantime, get active and urge Coach to ditch fur!

Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth

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  • Rebecca says:

    I really love this idea. It shows the cruelty really good!

  • PETA says:

    tamela – there are some impressive fakes for everything and knowing that I’ve held these “skinned foxes” in my own hands, I can assure you they are plastic and as fake as they come.

  • tamela says:

    I totally understand your statement here and I absolutely think anyone buying a fur product should be faced with this reality. However something is really bothering me. How did PETA come by these skinned animals for the photograh? Please tell me they are really impressive looking fakes???

  • Toria says:

    The last one is my favourite, She looks so sad for the fox.

  • Audrey says:

    I like Persia’s ad because she’s holding it like an animal…passionately, personally. Holding it with one hand, in body language, says less; implies that the holder feels it’s just a “thing”.

  • Gemma says:

    I love all of these ads! I cannot choose just one- I say post them all over the country in cities everywhere! Show the world how disgusting killing animals is!

  • nancy says:

    Thank you for these ads. They will get people’s attention.

  • jady says:

    Persia looks deeply troubled and conveys shock and sadness through her eyes and pose. Also good to see African-Americans standing up for ARA. Choose Persia.

  • Jackie says:

    Shirley has the fewest votes? Where are the Garbage fans?

  • Kyle Svendsen says:

    I love This eye catching poster! I googled Sophie after seeing this ad and found out how great her music is!

  • Teddi says:

    FABULOUS ads…. they should be on EVERY fur coat.

  • sushilovess says:

    this is realy good