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Vote for the Cutest PETA Picture

Written by PETA | May 25, 2010

Calling all connoisseurs of cuteness: We need your help deciding which of the following pics from recent PETA demonstrations is the most aww-inspiring.


© Michael Croland
Chris P. Carrot


Land O' Lakes demonstration


Ellie the Elephant


Personally, I’m rooting for my boy Chris P. Carrot and his sweet pea Penelo, who recently attended the Veggie Pride Parade in New York City. Then again, I really ♥ the picture of the little dude in diapers sharing his disgust over the abuse of dairy cows at a Land O’Lakes supplier. But how can you not love Ellie the Elephant, who travels around the country educating elementary school kids about Ringling’s abuse of baby elephants? Dang, I can’t decide. You decide for me:


Which PETA moment most makes you stop and say, “Aww”?online survey


Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth

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