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Vote for Andre Johnson, Not Michael Vick

Written by PETA | March 31, 2011

The Super Bowl is over, but NFL players are still going head-to-head in an EA Sports competition to determine who will be the face of the next Madden video game. Fans pick their favorite player from each matchup in the bracket, and the player with the most votes advances to the next round. One of the 16 players remaining in the competition is convicted dogfighter Michael Vick

Do we really want to heap accolades on someone who hanged, electrocuted, drowned, and shot dogs? Is the Madden cover spot only about athletics and nothing about being a decent person? Considering that millions of children are likely to scoop up the new video game, featuring a convicted dogfighter on the cover will send the dangerous message to them that they can commit the most heinous acts of cruelty to animals and still be celebrated and revered.

Let’s not send that message. Throw your support to Andre Johnson by voting for him every day until the round ends on April 3. There are still three more voting rounds to go, so please keep voting in the next rounds to make sure cruelty to animals doesn’t pay.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • jaguarsfan21 says:

    Ok first of all Yes Mike Vick did something horribly wrong, dude went to jail for a short time but lets face it this habit happens everywhere this guy seen this as a kid what do you expect. secondly the madden cover is athletic skill alone, if fans didnt respect him he wouldnt of went to the pro bowl, if coaches didnt respect him he would of rode the bench behind kolb, if fans didnt respect him he would not be down to the last 2 for the cover, your hate brings more fans to support him, He did something wrong yes but the man won comeback player of the year, had a career season, dude changed his life and this is an Athletic Award not a people person award most of you football fans would die having your QB have a season like he did besides New England,Indianapolis