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‘Vogue’ Shoots Bambi

Written by PETA | July 23, 2009

PETA’s favorite fur-free fashion designer, Stella McCartney, has recruited Bambi (and Thumper, Flower, and Owl) to star in ads for her fabulous fall collection, set to appear in the September issue of British Vogue (which has a longstanding policy against running fur ads and is not to be confused with its evil sister, U.S. Vogue).


Stella McCartney Fall Ad


According to British Vogue‘s Web site, Stella was inspired to incorporate characters from Disney’s seminal anti-hunting movie into her ads because they remind her of her beloved mum, Linda, who, as we all know, was a PETA angel for animals and who passed her compassion gene along to her kind kids. Awwww

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • daizylikesowls says:

    dingo; im not saying ur wrong, and im not disagreeing with you. But you know NOTHING about what that animal has gone threw. Maybe it was a born pet or something and taken care of… i dont know but neither do YOU

  • Shawna Flavell says:

    Y’all really think it’s real? Nah I don’t think a model’s gonna hold a fox in her lap! Photoshop can just as easily drop that fox in the ad as it can Bambi.

  • Carla L says:

    Great Post Susan T!!!!!!

  • Hyou says:

    I hope that fox is not a taxidermy how did she get to pose with a fox? Lucky Rodeos suck Circuses Suck animal skins suck which makes PETA my superheros I love you guys! “I also love the new campaign for Dos Equiis beerthe most fascinating man in the world is rescuing a fox from a foxhunt.” I love when people make adds like that!

  • Susan T says:

    Too bad Anna Wintour the Queen of Fur Hags and the mag’s editor doesn’t have the heart and mind!!! to denounce fur and refuse to feature it in her magazine. I had heard she was going to include a feature about Rachel Alexandra the stellar Thoroughbred filly who beat Mine that Bird in this year’s Preakness Stakes. I was planning to respond via letter and ask her why she is willing to celebrate the beauty and life of a horse but refuses to see the abysmal suffering and sadistic cruelty inherent in every aspect of fur trapping farming and wearing! Is a fox minkor lynx somehow not a living breathing “feeling” creature just like the horse? What if we started to raise dogs here in this country for their fur and skins? People would scream bloody murder but when it comes to wild and captive furbearers we remain silent? You go Stella!

  • Kelley says:

    I also love the new campaign for Dos Equiis beerthe most fascinating man in the world is rescuing a fox from a foxhunt.

  • Tom says:

    What’s the difference between Ms. McCartney using a live fox in her print ad and Hallmark using live chimps on their cards?see the Urgent alert on the web site There seems to be more than a hint of hypocrisy here

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The entire McCartney family personify compassion in action. Paul Linda and Stella are the animal kingdom’s best friend.

  • dingo says:

    yeah what about that real fox? animals used in photography come from zoos or are taken out of the wild just for one stupid picture. why is peta supporting this? theyre supporting a group that tortures wild animals!!

  • Rex's Mom says:

    Don’t forget about Stella’s dad Sir Paul McCartney who is also a champion for animal rightsnot just her mother Linda. And I know Stella is a good friend of Madonna’s so why isn’t she trying to get Madonna to stop wearing fur? Or if she is trying and Madonna refuses she should drop her as a friend.

  • Tom says:

    Why isn’t it exploitative for her to use a live animal in her ads and not okay for others other than the fact that you approve of her animal politics? If it’s exploitative for one to use an animal in an ad then it’s exploitative for all to use animals in ads regardless of their stands on other issues

  • david says:

    It’s a great ad but the fox is a real fox.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Great ad I love it!! Also along with seeing the Disney movie “Bambi” which I still enjoy even as an adult you should read the book the movie is based on “Bambi” of course by Felix Salten. It is actually quite different and much more graphic than the movie. Bambi’s father describing hunting from the animal’s point of view “He the hunter has three arms one of which he detaches and uses to throw his tooth at us.”

  • Todd says:

    Linda MacCartney was a real leader and brave voice!!