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Vivisector of the Week — Attack from Mars!

Written by PETA | September 28, 2007

After a landslide victory (14 to 6!) that I can’t help thinking got a boost from the genuinely pathetic photo of him trying to look tough with a big gun and tinted glasses, Taser International’s Rick Smith takes his spot next to Thomas Langfitt and David Waitzman as our very latest Vivisector of the Week! Rick’s commanding victory is quite a testament to the extent of his sleazy practices, as he had a very tough opponent in the form of Vassar’s Jeffrey Cynx, who tortures songbirds for a living and writes whimsical poetry about it.

To spice things up a bit, I’ve decided to give this week’s contest a theme: Both of our contestants like to torment rodents; both are professionally cruel to animals under the auspices of UC Davis; and both have recently sold their services, and their souls, to Mars Inc., which has evidently decided that they need to kill animals to make candy bars. So here we go again—feel free to be horrified, but don’t forget to vote, ‘cuz it’s time to crown the next Vivisector of the Week!

Robert Rucker, UC Davis.

UC Davis/Creative Commons

When the folks at Mars needed someone to cram baby mice into tiny Plexiglas chambers and submerge them in chilled water for hours, they knew that Rob Rucker was their man. But as Rob will no doubt be the first to point out, if you’re going to go to all the trouble of torturing mice, there’s more than just one way to ensure maximum misery! When Mr. Rucker’s finished with the first stage of his experiment, he likes to force food down the animals’ throats for 10 days, then starve them, and then kill them. If you find his zeal for this job disturbing, you’re going to want to cast your vote for Rob Rucker now!

Carl Keen, UC Davis.

UC Davis/Creative Commons

Carl Keen, who holds the Mars, Inc., Endowed Chair in Developmental Nutrition, shares his colleague’s passion for hurting rodents. Keen’s work for the chocolate company involves feeding cocoa to rats, anaesthetizing them with carbon dioxide (a procedure which is known to be extremely distressful for the animals), and collecting their blood with a “cardiac heart puncture,” which is exactly as unpleasant as it sounds. Only after he’s finally killed these animals does our Carl pat himself on the back and get ready for his next round of experiments. Leave a comment below to vote for Carl “Cardiac Puncture” Keen.

Don’t forget to vote, and check back with us next week* to see which of the “UC Davis Rodent Rippers” will be the latest Vivisector of the Week!

*The PETA Files cannot guarantee that they will remember to do this next week.

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  • Steve says:

    If ever you wondered what evil looks like then look no further than the two here forget the visions of monsters in films these two are the real deal. Theres no place for them other than their own hell the world should be rid of them and their sort period.

  • Alana says:

    They are both just a disgrace to humans and I hope they both rot in their grave for every animal they tortured and killed. It’s people like them with that abilty to kill anything from everything to be tourtured and put to sleep.

  • Scarlet says:

    Both of them are doing horrible pointless things to a lot of mice but the worst I would have to say is Robert R. Thats my vote.

  • christine woolsey says:

    I don’t know why posting our comments make any progress in stopping this type of activity. Tell us who to write a legislator a politician the CEO…who? instead of venting on this site so nobody really important ecept the animal lovers sees it!!

  • Eddie Wilks & Cody says:

    Honestly these guys are both psychotic!

  • melissa avelar says:

    why do they do that to animals it just makes them stupid jerks man stop that guys

  • Lotus says:

    My vote’s on Rucker. Though I just call him that ‘bald bastard with no fashion sense.’ Or sense of compassion either.

  • SKiTTL3Z says:

    Mars and all you other Stupid fucks. THESE PRODUCTS THAT ARE TESTED ON ANIMALS AND EVENTUALLY CONSUMED BY SOME STUPID HUMAN ARE IRRELEVANT. When it comes down to it animals are not the same as humans. humans are so easy to succumb to eat chocolate . do the test on them. they’re going to die eventually from heart disease or diabetes. You people are are i can’t even describe what kind people you are and what those animals go through. My friend was working at a animal testing facility for MARS just to document what happens there. its on her blog http://www.myspacesexicookie666. my vote goes to Rucker The DUMBFucker

  • jjonessoda says:

    Dude these guys are just doing their job. I’m sure these people aren’t men sitting at work dreaming of torturing innocent animals. If we find something good out of these tests that save thousands of humans I promise the tune will change. Anyway animals are not as aware as us. To kill a bunny is not the same as a human. On top of that what happened to “survival of the fittest”? It’s the way the world works. And i LOVE you people saying how cruel scientists are to animals and then you go on about how the scientists should burn in hell. Bravo! By the way your propaganda technique of showing all the “shocking and horrifying” pictures is sort of ridiculous. Yes there are gruesome things that go on but at least show both sides of the story.

  • tina says:

    Ugh! this is disgusting and out of the lead! Man you guys did such a mistake and you really have to do something to make up for it! and it better be something nice! i am truly disappointed in this company and now when i see some mnm’s i get nauseous! you really lost a good customer!

  • Janet V says:

    I cannot for the life of me figure out WHY these bizarre tests are being done. Why force feed chocolate to rats when humans are more than willing to eat it? Blech. Irrelevance makes it even grosser.

  • AllForAutumn says:

    Im voting for Robert Rucker even though theyre both scumbags…

  • NJNikki says:

    I hope there is a judgement day for these sickos! Cruelty at its best! I hope they burn in hell!

  • common sense canuck says:

    Simply put if Mars Co. wants its products to be safe then they should simply use real organic food ingredients like great grandma used sugar cocoa salt vanilla and god forbid nuts butter yes vegans I said butter it is not the use of animals for food that is the problem but the cruel and environmentally dammaging practises of factory farming and in the USA the use of Monsanto’s BSH in the Dairy industry and tell sweet tooths “Everything in moderation even moderation”. Until that day comes for Mars I will eat organic fair trade or homemade candy only. I didn’t know the large candy corps engaged in animal testing. Thank you PETA for informing us consumers. Buy the way I hate the “humans are not animals” argument. Yes we are and our delusional separation of us from the rest of the animal kingdom is probably the root cause of our biggest problems. In the natural world some of us are omnivores and that is ok. As long as we respect and treat with kindness the other animals in the food chain. If I get eaten by a Polar Bear in the Arctic or a shark in the ocean that is OK. I am after all part of the food chain. Too much beans upset my GI system and too much soya is linked with breast cancer phytoestrogens as is too much dairy of course which brings me back to that timeless truism on moderation. My vote for the most cruel is all the consumers who are not sociopaths or other similar personality disorders incapable of empathy such as the two Drs in question who complacently support animal testing factory farming and habitat destruction through their consumption of certain products made by companies like Monsanto Roundup and Mars.

  • Mark says:

    In response to Maya’s remark about doing cardiac puncture on conscious rodents where in the original article did it say anything about that? It said he was using carbon dioxide to “anesthetize” the animal and then doing cardiac puncture not that the animal was conscious. Please don’t make up things to complain about. In addition carbon dioxide is actually a method of euthanasia the animal never wakes up. Hence the cardiac puncture and any dissection or whatever takes place on a dead animal. If you want to debate whether the animal should have been killed fine. If you want to discuss whether or not carbon dioxide is an appropriate method of euthanasia go for it. But complaining about the “unpleasant” things that the animal experiences after it is dead is pretty silly.

  • Nadine says:

    Hopefully both of these turd brain evil scum bags will join the rest of the evil population of so called scientists and suffer a truly horrible death themselves! Thumbs up to freedom of speech

  • Ariel says:

    I don’t have one bit of a problem agreeing that the infamous “planet” person who constantly comments on this entire blog site is connected with the CCF. maybe maybe not Either way every single ar’s activists has negated every one of the “planet” person’s comments but only my opinion and agreeing with another ar’s activist’s opinion in essence the more the “planet” person continues to be acknowledged and allowed to have the “podium” and then addressed repeatedly is less time directed towards speaking for the animals where your true and intelligent comments would actually be productive. I am definitely not knocking any ar’s activist for responding to the nonsensical “planet” person. In fact I have learned a lot from your responses. And perhaps even nonactivists have read your responses which would be productive. My point is the “planet” person is a total waste of time basing that on the “planet” person’s continuous “poisonous” comments that are similar to the CCF and doesn’t deserve to have such a large platform on an ar’s blog site. Of course other ar’s activists have the right to perceive my opinion differently and can even rightfully justify hisher own opinion. Any opinions appreciated. from ar’s activists only

  • Mars says:

    “Mars is really a vegetable tee hee who is deathly afraid of us savage vegans because he might be one of our next “victims”!” Yep and I speak for my brothers that cannot speak for themselves of the unspeakable pain and torture inflicted upon us by humans.LOL. “Vioxx was tested on animals get your facts straight. ” Funny never said it wasn’t. ” It’s the same reason women get drunk faster than men do with the same amount of liquor…” To be factual there are many other differences other the gender that also have an effect on alcohol as well as other drugs. Even human testing cannot cover it all.

  • Michele says:

    Ana I think you’ve got it Mars is really a vegetable tee hee who is deathly afraid of us savage vegans because he might be one of our next “victims”!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    “It’s the same reason women get drunk faster than men do with the same amount of liquor…physiological differences.” Thanks Ana. Now there’s a tidbit of information I can use tongue firmly in cheek

  • Ana says:

    Mars Vioxx was tested on animals get your facts straight. The fact that “scientists” and vivisectors have admitted the futility of testing on animals makes your specious argument a moot one. Right from the source saying they find nothing of any use whether it is for nonhuman or human animals and still you carry one. Scientists cannot even extrapolate info from male humans to female humans because the physiology is so different. Women’s groups have long argued this issue that more research should be dedicated to women’s anatomy because it is not efficacious to use data from men’s anatomy to explain women’s illnesses . It’s the same reason women get drunk faster than men do with the same amount of liquor…physiological differences. So what are you exactly if not an animal? A vegetable or mineral? A rock from Uranus??? Brussel sprouts?

  • Michele says:

    Mars it has nothing to do with what I “honestly believe” the sload of scientific info that has been examined is what tells us that animal testing has been HARMFUL TO HUMANS. I guess you haven’t bothered to read even a few pages of the books recommended by Mike Q. and me. The issue of penicillin and general antibiotic resistance has got nothing to do with testing as to its safety on humans. Antibiotic resistance has developed due to your beloved MD’s overprescribing them and even more ironically due to MEAT CONSUMPTION because of how much the animals are pumped full of the stuff. Wow you are so full of yourself with how much you think you know that you got tripped up in your own argument.

  • Jake B says:

    if a rodent gets in my house it’s dead or will be soon. they are diseased. same with any insect except spiders cause they kill the insects. although I don’t think spiders are really insects. I catch and release the spiders outside. guess that’s like catch and release fish except I don’t release fish. even the junk fish as they can be used for bait. recycle and reuse.

  • keith says:

    What a pair of fucking wankers. What are all these so called tossers trying to prove. Life is just a gamble if we carried out all we read none of us would walk a step. I have been reading about the badness of sugar on experiments carried out on worms. I give up. Humans are just crazy.