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Vivienne Westwood Goes Fur-Free

Written by PETA | October 28, 2007
MSNBC/Creative Commons

Add Dame Vivienne Westwood to the growing list of designers going fur-free. The renowned British designer—who is credited with pioneering modern punk and new-wave fashions and who helped create the avant-garde look of the Sex Pistols back in the day—has decided to ban fur from her lines, now and forever. I know it’s crushing to think that even the ever so original and avant-garde Sex Pistols had a “look” created for them, but hey, that’s the world we live in. Today, Westwood’s celebrity fans include Gwen Stefani, Mick Jagger, Marilyn Manson, and tons of others.

Oh, so about the fur thing. Westwood came to her compassionate decision after meeting with members of PETA Europe and learning about the suffering of animals raised and trapped for fur. The last of Westwood’s furry items were eight rabbit-fur handbags, which the company allowed PETA Europe to donate to a wildlife sanctuary. Apparently, the bags will be used to comfort orphaned baby animals.*

The list of progressive fur-free designers is getting longer every day. Westwood joins Ralph Lauren, Betsey Johnson, Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Comme des Garçons, Marc Bouwer, and others who have banned fur from their designs. It’s high time for Michael Kors and other furry designers to get their heads out of the sand and evolve. Seriously, it’s 2007 already. Get over it.

*Wow. I never thought I’d use the words “orphaned baby animals” and “Sex Pistols” in the same blog entry. Wonders never cease, I guess.

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  • cindy says:

    Yeah! Now I can buy from VW. Thanks for going furfree. I hope all the fashion companies will follow your step to one day go furfree!

  • Nyx says:

    Well I think thats great! I’ve been seeing alot of fur is fashion magazines lately I was making a collage and all that fur was ticking me off. I love Vivienne Westwood’s stuff because its so unique and I’m happy that she no longer uses fur! I don’t mind the use of leather and suede because I personally eat meat and don’t like to think of them wasting it. But I can’t afford designer clothes anyway. And shes 65 by the way. I think its awsome thats shes still designing!

  • Peta Lover[not real name] says:

    go vivien

  • meet jacqueline says:

    Ok… But it’s not like she’s exactly known for her use of fur! I’ll be impressed with Vivienne Westwood and all designers stop using leather and suede.

  • Victoria says:

    How is the fact that wearing fur is wrong not obvious to everyone? Good girl Vivianne maybe next year you’ll stop eating babies and using the homeless as pinadas! It would have been better if she would have stopped using fur before the turned 300.

  • lolllllllll says:

    i very love vivienne westwood good work

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Good point Amy. Even wearing fake fur reinforces the belief that fur is glamorous.

  • Hells 8 Acres says:

    Changing the world…one fashion designer at a time…

  • Eva says:

    Vivienne is wicked cool. Come on KORS! I want to buy your stuff… go fur free!!

  • Michelle says:

    its 2007 already. Get over it. i love it.

  • AnimalLib says:

    Deja vu anyone?

  • laura says:

    wow…i would’ve thought she didn’t anyway..but good stuff that she’s stopped using it..

  • Amy Scott says:

    I will never buy from a designer that uses fur. Fake or real.

  • Courtney says:

    This is amazing news. I adore Vivienne Westwood and her fashion forward designs…now this makes me actually want to buy her stuff.I will never buy from a line that uses fur…I dont want to know that the money I used on a sweater was put towards some assholes paycheck to torture animals. Good one Viv! Now if only Marc Jacobs would go fur free…

  • Jessica says:

    Not that I would ever be able to afford Westwood stuff and if I could I probably still wouldn’t because who would several thousand dollars for an ugly dress or several hundred for a penis keyring? but I’m into “Lolita” fashion the Japanese fashion look it up don’t judge by the name and a fan of writer Yazawa Ai and both of these communities ADORE her. I get so sickened everytime someone on a lolita community posts a “want to buy” for some fur item. In my opinion it does NOT fit with the lolita image of demure innocence to decorate yourself with corpses. I hope because of this some of them will start to see the light…

  • liliana says:

    This notice gave me some pace. I would like that never in this world that ugly business existed.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Great news! It’s incremental but progress is being made! I’m visiting relatives for a few days no computer…the barbarians so talk to everybody next week. Jack your asterisked comment was hilarious.

  • wilghal says:

    I like the last sentence. It’s 2007 get over it!

  • Mr. Chief says:

    Good. Another problem they need to fix is their firearms restrictions. More restrictionmore crime.