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In Vitro Meat Prize Deadline Extended

Written by PETA | June 25, 2012

In 2008, when PETA offered a $1 million incentive to anyone who could develop a marketable in vitro (lab-grown) meat, there were some who scoffed. Since then, research into in vitro meat has exploded—the  research, that is, not the labs—and the idea (along with PETA’s offer) has shown up in The New Yorker and on TV shows ranging from Better Off Ted (R.I.P., Veridian Dynamics) to The Colbert Report.

Who’s laughing now?

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Though no one has yet stepped up to claim the prize by the June 30, 2012, closing date, there has been so much encouraging progress that PETA has decided to extend the deadline until 2013. Several scientists appear to be getting close—the University of Missouri (Go, Tigers!) is a hotbed for in vitro meat research, for some reason—but if you think you can close the gap, get crackin’!

Even if you don’t know a test tube from a champagne flute, you can help animals, your health, and the environment today by enjoying any of the delish vegan meats—from veggie burgers to faux hot dogs to chick’n nuggets—already in your grocer’s freezer case. View or order PETA’s free starter kit to learn more about meatless living!

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