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Viola Davis: Ready to ‘Help’ Elephants Abused by Circuses

Written by PETA | May 21, 2013

Two-time Tony winner and Oscar nominee Viola Davis has sent a letter to state legislators in Rhode Island urging them to support proposed legislation to prevent elephants traveling with circuses from enduring bullhook abuse and long periods of chaining. Davis was raised in Central Falls, Rhode Island, and attended Rhode Island College.


Smallest State Tackles a Huge Problem

The star of the hotly anticipated Ender’s Game hopes the bill will bring about an endgame for the well-documented elephant abuse by circuses that travel within her home state, including Ringling Bros., Cole Bros., and Piccadilly Circus

Davis joins Alec Baldwin, Jada Pinkett Smith, Demi Moore, Olivia Munn, and many others—both famous and not so famous—who have spoken out against the use of bullhooks and other practices that cause elephants and other animals forced to travel with circuses to endure great physical and emotional damage.

What You Can Do

If you live in Rhode Island, join Viola Davis in asking your state legislators to support the ban on bullhooks and the chaining of elephants. But no matter where you reside, please do your part to end circus cruelty

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  • Dixie Lee Howe says:

    Right on Viola!! Thank you for bringing your public presence to these precious, intelligent animals!! They are so miserable in these circumstances.

  • Lindsay says:

    Animal abuse just makes me sick to my stomach. It always used to upset me as a kid growing up but recently within the past year I just can not handle reading about it. Has anyone seen “An apology to the elephants” A documentary on HBO. It’s so nice to see how passionate everyone is and we’re in this together. Any ideas how else I can help?

  • simon mnkondya says:

    soo nice. and big up

  • darlene plewa says:

    Thank you people..for being a voice for these innocents.

  • Jeannine Walsh says:

    I will do my best to get the word out to everyone that I can. I will pray that they fight for these beautiful animals and ALL animals. Ty so much…….. Jeannine from Rhode Island

  • Rita says:

    Thank you Viola your wonderful.

  • Franco says:

    Anything that I can to do to assit PETA in attempting to put an end to this barbaric, uncivilized behavior, please let me know. Franco

  • Debbie Kingsbury says:

    Thank You so Much Viola I am so Happy this has been my Major Voice ! I grew up loving Elephants .And use to go to the circus .NOT any More after seeing how bad they are treated .Just makes me so sick the public really needs to know more as well. Love you for what you are doing Thanks So Much