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The Video YouTube Won’t Let You See

Written by PETA | June 17, 2010

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Animals who are bred and killed for their fur in China live in misery from birth to death. Chinchillas, foxes, minks, raccoons—and, yes, even dogs and cats—are jammed into crowded wire cages, and the close confinement and filthy conditions quickly lead to mental illness. As documented in our undercover video, fur farmers kill animals by bashing their heads in or breaking their necks while they are still conscious.

Animal protection laws are nonexistent in China, but PETA Asia is working overtime to change that. Whether by submitting recommendations for China’s first-ever animal protection legislation, going undercover at fur farms, or exposing the hideous conditions for animals in Chinese zoos, PETA Asia is tirelessly on the front line for animals.

Please take a moment to write to the Chinese ambassador to the U.S., Zhang Yesui, and ask him to do everything in his power to put animal welfare on the agenda in his country. Share the video with family and friends, and remember: If we don’t watch it, we can’t stop it.

For more information on animal welfare in China, please check out PETA Asia’s Web site.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • nicole says:

    how dare you kill those poor animals for stupid fur that people will just throw away in a few months

  • arlene says:

    i have seen so many videos like this, i sometimes wonder why the people videoing this do not do something, tape it and then go back and do keep showing these and nothing is being done is not helping. these need to be shown on tv’s, bill boards signs..anywhere where people buy fur products. i hate that most everything from our coffee cups to probably this computer are made in china, how do we get away with not supporting them..didja notice that not one animal made a noise, if they could talk, would they still bash their heads in and skin them alive, would you do this to a human, oh thats right, humans can yell, scream, and FIGHT BACK. i hope china meets a terrible a catastophe that wipes them off the face of the earth..this is how sick i am,,but enough of the videoing,,DO SOMETHING for those who cannot speak

  • morgana says:

    I believe it was Gandhi who said we will be judged by the way we treat our animals.

  • Seriously? says:

    People wonder why animals (all animals) face extinction. Like seriously what makes us so evolutionarily important that we can do this to an animal? Can I get the Lat and Long of that place so I can go there and throw down? plz.

  • Paul says:

    can you please play the whole video of the rabbit ?

  • iLsE says:

    OMGi cant belive they can do that to those animals their so cruel i cant belive it..what are they thinking they dont see all that pain ???

  • jazzy says:

    This is so sad and sick i eel so bad for those animals.They should be set free not tortured. They get hit,hurt,slaughtered and it makes you think what kind of soul,or person can do that to nature to make clothes?money? shame on then let the animals RIP <33

  • midnightsanitarium says:

    this is deplorable, have we, the human race, evolved to this?? Our depravity towards the animal kingdom & our war against nature cannot continue, its great that technology can be used to expose this barbaric vanity that humanity is enslaved to.

  • vi says:

    Well done all young veggies- I too stopped eating meat at 13 and haven`t looked back- over 20 years ago!! This video breaks my heart, I just think of my own furbabies and couldn`t imagine this happening to them. There is no need in this day and age to wear fur! Plain and simple. It isn`t glamorous – it is disgusting. I read that China labelled alot of raccoon fur as fake, so not even fake is safe now. PETA keep fighting for all fur babies in the world and everyone stay fur- free this winter!!

  • nobody says:

    @milktray9999 There is nothing humane about killing other living things.

  • bobo says:

    @milktray9999 Killing is never humane.

  • IHateThis. says:

    My friend sent me the link to this and i feel sick, this video has given me all the more right to stick to being a vegetarien all though it won’t help all the animals, i still feel it’s right. This needs to stop, the question is HOW do we stop it? Answer..we can’t.

  • milktray9999 says:

    omg i cant belive they hurt those poor little animals like that. i thought they would of killed them humanly atleast. Some even saw there brothers being killed first. Feel like crying how can we stop this.

  • Donald Moore says:

    China is such a backward country – the cruelty and barbaric killing has to stop and be exposed!! I have stopped purchasing products manufactured in China. Boycott products manufactured in China!

  • McKenzie (Kat) says:

    Katherin I am 14 and I have also gone veg at an early age…I am so proud of you and how quickly you changed…good for you! 🙂 I know it can be hard at times but just keep going…it gets easier every day! 🙂 Animals do not deserve to suffer…I honestly don’t know how people live with themselves…killing and abusing animals is completley barbaric. I hate people who are ignorant. “I KNOW YOU HATE ME”: You are a sick individual…I just hope you eventualy gain some sense. The same for you Melissa…you don’t know just how wrong you are. If someone so much as looks at an animal the wrong way I go after them…so far in my short lifetime I have contacted PETA and gotten friends and neighbors in trouble with the law…I have lost over 13 friends because I stand up for the innocent…they can think what they want…I know I did the right thing.

  • Elizabeth says:

    You’re all heart Melissa, NOT!! Don’t you know we’re all connected. Your comment made me really sad. And you’re wrong, because it IS A BIG DEAL.

  • zakaria abdullahi says:

    this is terrible how could they do this to poor innocent animals, they feel pain just like us humans so why be treated differently. i will never buy.

  • Risto Siljanoski says:

    I am sorry but I can not watch the video. After watching 5 seconds of ABC TV Four Corners horror show on Live Export, my well being has been permanently damaged. I instantly became vegan. There is so much cruelty in this world, I suffer so much desperately trying to do a positive change but i feel that I am beating my head into a brick wall. I don’t believe in any imaginary god but i believe in few living gods. One of them is Lin White – Animals Australia.

  • andrew brookes says:

    though the video repulses me I cannot help but think about the animals we eat in western europe, some parts of the world wouldnt kill a cow, are we wrong? are they wrong? (personally, if I saw someone so much as look wrong at a cat I would throw em in the boot n bury em up on the moors!)

  • Zhiyu says:

    i hated the video but i hated even more melisa’s comment Thats not the point i dont even care if i eat a hole cow(bad example srry). its how it was killed how it might suffer. if u watched the video u can see an already “meat” animal still alive

  • Eff says:

    I don’t get it why people still want to wear animal fur. animal fur is for prehistoric people before civilization. Now we have modern technology to have artificial fur.

  • I know you hate me says:


  • Dr. Manisha Raju says:

    My heartbeat has stop…………. its the hike of cruelty, are we really Humane?