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Video: Man Rescues Deer From Freezing River, Tells Heroic Story in American Sign Language

Written by PETA | January 6, 2016

A Compassionate Action Award is on its way to Minnesota resident Steven Peterson, who rescued a deer from an icy river on his way home from visiting family in Missouri for Christmas. After seeing what appeared to be a rock bobbing up and down, Peterson trekked through thick brush and snow and found a distressed deer in the frozen river, her face was covered with icicles. While the terrified animal struggled to escape, Peterson was able to secure her with a trailer strap and pull her free.

Steven Peterson/

Peterson told PETA that after he carried the fawn to a dry spot, “she was looking in my eyes, both [of us] cold, sitting together.” Peterson stayed with the deer, who he named Miss Ice River, for an hour and examined her—she had sustained only minor injuries.

CompassionateAction_STEVEN PETERSON_1-6-16

This deer was able to escape a prolonged, painful, icy death, thanks to Steven Peterson’s kindness in setting about to save her life. Peterson will receive a framed certificate and a box of delicious vegan cookies.

Steven Peterson/

What You Can Do

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