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Video of Lion Attacking Trainer

Written by PETA | May 2, 2007

What an awful story all around. This shocking video shows a lion in a circus somewhere attacking and mauling a trainer. The lion wound up being shot and killed, and the trainer is totally messed up as well. I’m afraid it’s just another sad example of why wild animals don’t belong behind bars . . .

Yes, this video is extremely graphic, but it is reality. I felt like it was important to show the uncensored reality of what can happen when animals are driven insane in captivity, because far too often all that is reported are bubblegum fluff pieces that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Warning: Extremely graphic video.

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  • mike says:

    Lions by nature and any other animal for that matter are not meant to be caged. How would a human like to live the rest of their natural life in a cage? and in addition have a person crack a whip at shout orders at you. It is simply animal abuse and animal exploitation for profit and the same applies to caged hens. It is cruel and not necessary. We as humans need to show compassion to all living beings as animals feel and suffer both physical and emotional pain as we do. Animals ar far more intelligent than most people think. They have the right to live and we should never kill, eat or exploit any animals. Live and let live and leave the animals to live free and in peace.

  • Starlight Dawn says:

    As far as the animal concerned “it is an animal” they cannot behave as humans want them to if they do it is a limited behavioral modification at the training of humans. Beyond that animals cannot reason and be logic about things in this world why?. Because they simply do not have higher brain structures and higher order brain mechanisms are absent in those animals including the most highly developed animal Monkeys and Chimps which is quite close to humans in certain behaviors but yet they cannot come any close to the Reason logic planning thinking constructing an idea and demonstrating and imrovising talents. So again if someone tells you animals can do this and that and if you read somewhere some mileading things just be clear that they simply cannot behave like humans! Period…. … See More So do not blame those animals for their behavior just blame the stupid humans and barbaric humans who think that they can just cajole and kiss around with animals and when the time comes they are nothing but another prey for the animal.

  • Katherine says:

    If the man had been attacking the lion with a knife for example should the man have been shot? When a pitbull attacks a childor even their owner what should we do then? What if the child is teasing the dog? I love animals and was upset by the pain and suffering on both sides of this situation. I have 3 horses. Two are rescues. One of the rescues is a beautiful thoroughbred who is so sweet and gentle now but was vicious for years. I once saw him pick up a 9 year old boy by his head. If he reverts to this previous behavior what should I do? I pose these questions not rhetorically but who really knows the answer?

  • lisa says:

    I wast really fazed until the poor lion was shot! I am so upset!

  • marchingfire says:

    Sad all around. Wild animals do not belong in circuses. I can see compassion for circus animals but such unrepentantly sadistic unforgiving vicious comments about a fellow human being? Where are your priorities?

  • Caringperson says:

    I just saw this video. The people did right in this video. It’s no different an act that you would do to any animal that hurt any child under ANY circumstance. Dogs are routinely put down because of attacks on children for fear of rabies. To put this animal down was the best thing so it wouldn’t happen again. We are PEOPLE they are animals they’ve not been domesticated for a reason. For all of you people saying this has to stop seriously are you going to waste your entire lives trying to stop something that’s been going on since man came into existence I mean SERIOUSLY!?!?! Yes man is mean to animals but I think everyone’s focus ought to be on man’s cruelty to DOMESTICATED animals not wild animals it hurts to see this lion killed but hurts much worse to find out there is a dog down the street that has no shelter on a 3′ leash with a collar that is way to small and is dying from malnutrition.. COME ON!! GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!!!!

  • Kevin says:

    The mistake is that some people believe that animal rights activists have “more” compassion for animals than humans. This is incorrect. Animal rights is about the respect of ALL living things. The truth is and any thouroughly trained zoologist could confirm this is that this sort of violent outcome was almost a forgone conclusion. Even the barking dogs competitors with lions in the wild in the background in such close proximity to the lion’s cage suggests the handlers are untrained and unsympathetic to the lion’s environmental needs. Let’s keep people alive let’s keep animals alive. Restore the balance. Respect life.

  • Mike says:

    When i saw this lion crying after it has been shoti felt it in my hart what a waste. They should have shot the fng human respect for the lion. RIP my beast.

  • JG says:

    All you animal defending hipocrits seem to be evolving into animals yourselves I wonder whose pets you are going to end up been of. It better don’t be me if you misbehave I’ll have a stick up yours.

  • JG says:

    Neither I would feel sorry for any of you when I’ll see you under a truck’s tires or bricks from a collapsing building in an earthquake. I’ll be walking by and feel no sorrow just thinking could be one of you.

  • juliette says:

    all these comments of ‘im sorry but i think the trainer deserved it’ and ‘i cant feel sorry for him’ are just sickening in my opinion. anybody watching another human yes i am assuming you are also a human getting nearly mauled to death who doesnt feel some kind of compassion is a heartless and cruel person. animal rights issues aside for a minute you are just SICK! i thought it was more upsetting to see the lion shot and killed also but for Gods sake where is your sompassion for other human beings. You can be an animals rights activist AND have some shred of decency too you know.

  • pati la sakasuku says:

    it is a pity the lion died iam sure the trainer and all others animals abuser has learnt a lession out of this trainer experience. would you have choosen to let the man be eaten by the lion???? rest in peace lion. we should learn to defrain from taming wild animal. let them be and remain where they belong.

  • susan says:

    ….I don’t understand the mentality of those who cheer when they see any human or animal in pain I just can’t join in… ….wishing harm on the animal trainer even though most here agree he is misguided and the lion should have been free to roam in the wild does nothing to promote the cause of animal rights…..don’t let the anger and sadness you feel for the animal translate to wishes of violence on anyone this will chip away at your own humanity and take away from where the focus should be on the betterment of the welfare of the animals……..

  • animalfriend says:

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  • Maya says:

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  • animalfriend says:

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  • chuck norris says:

    what a retard putting himself with a lion. douchebag

  • Maya says:

    Animalfriend I do see that you’re being very careful and that’s good but cats do kill endangered wild birds and small mammals and there are thousands of other dangers for cats in your own yard. Cats do not produce enough glucoronic acid to metabolize common agents outside and accidents do happen. Try using a harness. Please visit my blog I’m going to have a discussion about indoor cats fairly soon. I’m a vet tech by the way and have seen tragedies happen to “fenced in” cats as well. About the attack I think such a disturbing video is guaranteed to drive away regular people. Animal attacks are very scary I condone prison for anyone who keeps these poor poor wild animals in these torturous conditions. But come talk to me when you’ve been mauled by an animal or seen it happen. It changes your life even if you’re only a witness.

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  • Cyndi says:

    I am very glad to see the trainer suffered but not long enough in my opinion The lion is at peace now better than being in a cage. I feel absolutely no pity for the man KARMA!

  • Tanya Nikoloudi says:

    No compassion for the tortuer. I only cry for the Lion and if i had a choice i would save the Lion

  • yelidy arias says:

    me alegro ojala se hubiera muerto ese hombre porque no es justo. lo que le hacen a los animales

  • Larry says:

    First of all the trainer made the choice to go into the cage. The lion had no choice. Second they could have used a Tranquilizer gun rather than a gun that kills. And where was the compassion for the lion? They just left it there to die. Nothing is right about this situation.

  • kelly says:

    animalfriend CATS JUMP OVER FENCES. Fences don’t stop them. They DON’T stay in yards or “where you show them.” Please have a heart for kitty and keep him safe indoors.

  • Alan says:

    You play with fire and you get burnt. I can’t have any sympathy for the trainer but I do the Lion. The Lion could truly say “He Started It”

  • M. E. Roth says:

    Stone age man would never have put himself in such a situation he was far too smart for that. We have evolved in a very dubious way. Mo

  • Moriah says:

    This video show what happen when the man have no respect to the wild life. The Lion have to be free in his habitatthe lion is a predator his are not a cat.The wild life in the circus have to be forbiden the animals are no machines for to make money for humans beings

  • animalfriend says:

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  • kelly says:

    and animalfriend your cat is going to get hit by a car or attacked by a dog or meet some other terrible fate if you let kitty go outdoors. Cats are not wild. You CAN train a domesticated cat.

  • kelly says:

    Wild animal trainers TAUNT ANIMALS and when the animal does the normal thing and attacks the animal is killed. These trainers cause these animals to attack.

  • paint you red says:

    i’m really shocked by this video. these things have to stop! on cnn they once showed another horrible case an elefant ran away from the circus tent with a clown hat on his head he searched for his trainer crushed him and fled into a crowd of people killing many then the elefant was shot by many gunmen! when he was dead the clown hat was still on his head. this was so cruel that i remember this scene every day in my life! this poor animal has not to be blamed because it was chained all his life in the same place. humans pretend to be the highest living beings on this planet but they are ruthless enough to enslave other living beings just for entertainment or for to get their meat or pelt their most ruthless atrocity is the fact that they even dare to pretend that there is a god in heaven who allowed them to do all these atrocities because they are the ‘crown’ of creation! is there anything more absurd and insane than this? i observe all human actions on this planet with interest and i ask myself how far his criminality is reaching!?

  • Cuckoo4tofu (Chelsea D.) says:

    “yeah it sucks to kill an animal or animals for that matter. in this case it’s either the man or the lion. they made the right choice and the fact that you people have more compasion over animals than fellow human beings is actually one of the worst things about this and pretty much all you stand for” There wouldn’t have been a case if the morons working in the circus wouldn’t have put themselves in such a dangerous position. The choice they made was no surprise as it is the general behavior of humans save the foolish compassionlacking person over the tortured spirit of an animal who was acting in a way nature intended. It’s like handing a toddler a gun knowing that a fatal situation could develop yet blaming the child in your defense of having to lethally immobilize him. How are we supposed to regard humans as “superior” beings when people stoop so low as to imprison dangerous wild animals in captivity to live a life behind bars not able to perform any behaviors that is natural to them forced to endure daily beatings and do tricks in front of bright lights and loud music just so people intelligent life? can be entertained. What is so entertaining about molding nature into our materialistic shallow society I don’t know. Maybe to understand I’ll have to buy some expensive pairs of sweatshopmade shoes or designer handbags with money that could have paid for AIDS vaccinations for thousands of povertystricken children in Africa or perhaps a diamond necklace that cost a person their hands in the blooddiamond trade. Or maybe I could just admire nature for what it is in its true wonder and beauty without thinking of how humankind can somehow taint it. It is unfortunate the trainer got mauled but I cant help feeling more sympathy for the lion who was the true victim.

  • animalfriend says:

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  • Jack says:

    I think the important message here is that confining animals in this way is a lousy idea both for the humans and the animals involved. Nobody wins in this situation.

  • buddhistshouldnthaveopinionsneithershouldpeta says:

    yeah it sucks to kill an animal or animals for that matter. in this case it’s either the man or the lion. they made the right choice and the fact that you people have more compasion over animals than fellow human beings is actually one of the worst things about this and pretty much all you stand for

  • animalfriend says:

    this video is awful indeed! i was crying when i looked it and the tears are still in my eyes when i write these lines. this is a typical result of a total misunderstanding of feline creatures and their reactions. first of all i suggest this lion was caged for all his life and therefore his predator reactions were degenerated! i lived exactly the same thing with my cat the time when i was afraid of letting her go outdoors. felines need much space to run and jump on trees and use their claws. so when i kept my cat indoors he suddenly catched my leg or my arm and put his claws or teeth deeply inside! once i had to defend myself with a chair. after he forgot everything and was again very sweet and lovely. but since my little tiger goes outdoors he has completely changed and such reactions do not happen anymore. So a lion is much bigger than a cat and the same reaction can be fatal. i think the trainer didn’t treat him bad and i feel very sorry also for him but i really mourn the death of this beautiful lion who never had a chance to show himself in his true intention because with his reaction surely he didn’t intend the man’s death but by being treated completely wrongly his ‘normal’ reaction turned into a perverse spectacle and it is in the responsibility of the human being to take lions out of circuses at once in order to avoid such horror in future really!!!

  • Craig Petersen says:

    Hooray for the Lion! That worthless pile of shit got what he deserved too bad he lived. There is NO way in hell I could EVER feel sorry for people who work in animal circuses they make careers out of abusing animals. I am sorry that the lion lost his life but has now gone off to the hereafter. What ever the ‘hereafter’ is it’s GOT to be better than being enslaved by humans.

  • Rose Kennedy says:

    This is the chance he took! He is in the cage with a LION!! He knew what could happen to him and when it does guess who has to die?? The lion didn’t have a choice to be there the man did!

  • Janet Fitzgerald says:

    I wish I could feel sorry for the trainer but I couldn’t . However I turned it off when I saw the guard with the gun going towards the cage. That poor lion likely endured years of torture abuse. And whats with the dog in the same cage. Was that the lion’s lunch? If you ask me I think the trainer got off easy…

  • Hanne says:

    I am sorry to say that I honestly think that the human deserved it! he has probably been bad to that lion and what I think is even more sick is that they just left that lion there slowly and painfully dieing! Some people are just so cold!

  • susan says:

    While I absolutely agree that no one should be using and abusing animals we in the animal rights movement should never lose compassion for pain and suffering of our fellow humans as well. I hope you wouldn’t wish pain on someone even if you know they are misguided in their actionsthis doesn’t serve our cause well. Let’s not speak negatively of someone who obviously has learned through horrific pain what this lion was capable of instead let’s stay focused on the goal of ceasing the use of animals in this way and keep our hearts open for all beings….. I feel for both I hope the man recoverd and I am saddened for the life the lion was not able to fully live….free in nature……

  • SB says:

    Judith I feel exactly the same can’t get myself to feel sorry for someone that puts himself in a cage with a wild animal and trys to “train” the wild out of it. Steve apart from the cruelty involved in circuses this man did this to himself noone forced him into that cage whereas the lion didn’t have that choice.

  • steve says:

    ok…. now all you animal right’s extremists get off your feet for a standing ovation for another human who worked with animals who met a tragic death…. hip hip hooray

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    As much as I would like to feel some kind of compassion for the trainer I simply have none at all. Nor will I ever. This is just who I am and always will be. I pray for the children and animals who have no voice of their own. For many of them are treated horrific on a daily bases. SweetJudith Radical Buddhist