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Victory! Women’s Fashion Retailer Goes Fur-Free

Written by PETA | October 6, 2009
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Boston Proper

If you’ve stopped by your local drug store lately, I bet you’ve noticed all the Christmas cards and candy starting to make their way onto the shelves. It’s only October, but apparently, Christmas is just around the corner. Personally, I think we should get past Halloween and Thanksgiving before pulling out the lights and ornaments, but maybe I just don’t think far enough in advance.

For those of you who are ready to get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping, we have another clothing outlet you can add to your online shopping list. Women’s fashion retailer Boston Proper has announced that it has immediately stopped buying fur and will be completely fur-free as of January 1, 2010!

After receiving complaints from concerned PETA members and supporters who were outraged that Boston Proper was selling fur in its catalogs and online, we immediately contacted the company and urged it to go fur-free. Boston Proper listened to our concerns about the cruelty that animals on fur farms endure, including being bludgeoned, beaten, and then skinned alive.

Boston Proper has joined forward-thinking clothing retailers like Urban Outfitters, Zappos, Juicy Couture, Polo Ralph Lauren, Gap, Forever 21, and dozens of other companies and designers in no longer supporting fur-industry cruelty.

I hope that you’ll take a moment to contact Boston Proper and thank the company for its compassionate decision to go fur-free and maybe stay to browse the Web site for that perfect holiday sweater.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • cleetje/holland/europe says:

    Tell everybody at workfamily etc. what is going on and about the history of the fur they are wearing. I am always suprised when they say..I didn’t know that. Put the link of Peta in postings Don’t go into a shop where they sell fur. All those little effords will help too!!

  • Alexandra says:

    I have never visited this site before but am against wearing fur. Is there any way someone can lobby the big fashion idols like JLo Puff Daddy etc to stop glamourising pimp style fur coats kids and young adults all across the world idolise these stars and think if they do it then it’s ok for me too. I live in The Netherlands and have recently had a confrontation with a NEW shop that has opened which is selling fur they seem quite proud of it too. Can’t we make it unfashionable somehow????

  • Amber Odell says:

    Have you ever thought that UGG boots are killing animals every day. Yesterday I was at the store buying some new shoes and I saw that someone put A piece of paper saying that UGG boots had REAL sheepskin. I started freaking out. I know a TON of people who LOVE UGGS. I wasn’t very happy.

  • Shari says:

    Hey what happen to Steve’s comment. He was such a jerk. We need to bash him and his lies about PETA saying we harass people. It just shows how ignorant they are and maybe Steve if that was his REAL name could learn something about what is really going on with Fur. Unless he is just a heartless jerk or a sociopath. Msalabama I am so glad you told “Steve” what a jerk he is. Keep up the fight for animals!

  • Brittany Valdes-Pages says:

    Please sign this petition targeting legislature to ban the fur trade in the US. I admit a bold petition but any difference matters

  • Rose Marie Peres says:

    Thank you !!!!! Congratulations!

  • Ivonne avelino says:

    From understood that WE ALL IN THE WORLD ARE ANIMALRUDE AND the onlyunique thing that makes us different is that we have understanding itheshe me is of great consolation to know that there are razionalizado that to shine well is not necessary to kill.In mexico also we are very happy and grateful with the decision not to use mas skinleather. It is the first step towards a better place to live. In elgun place of my being that these animals that were maserados with such a cruelty they estan being very grateful. Hare to know to all my acquaintances and contacts of hisheryour great pity and we will prefer hisheryour products as symbol of our gratefulness. A piece if ithe is great!!!!!!!!! Thank you nuavamente by such a lohable determination ojala very soon companies are imitated for mas. The CRUELTY ONLY ENDS WITH THE DENIAL TO HISHERYOUR BUSINESS. MEXICO IS GRATEFUL FOR IT. Desde el entendido que TODOS EN EL MUNDO SOMOS ANIMALES Y lo unico que nos hace diferentes es que nosotros tenemos entendimiento me es de gran consuelo saber que han razionalizado que para lucir bien no es necesario matar. En mexico tambien estamos muy felices y agradecidos con la decision de no usar mas piel. Es un primer paso hacia un mejor lugar para vivir. En elgun lugar de mi ser se que esos animales que eran maserados con tal crueldad les estan siendo muy agradecidos. Hare saber a todos mis conocidos y contactos de su gran compasion y preferiremos sus productos como simbolo de nuestro agradecimiento. Un pedazo si es mucho!!!!!!!!! Gracias nuavamente por tal lohable determinacion ojala muy pronto sean imitados por mas compaias. La CRUELDAD SOLO TERMINA CON LA NEGATIVA A SU NEGOCIO. MEXICO LO AGRADECE.

  • M. Sims says:

    I checked the catalogue. There are 16 items with fur some fake some not just in time for the Christmas sale rush. I would be more impressed if Boston Proper removed these items from their catalogue now.

  • Joanna says:

    Nonhuman animals are sentient beings that coexist with human beings in an interdependent ecosystem that all life depends on including our own. Treating them with dignity and respect is not only morally and ethically right but also essential for our future survival. Humans must be deeply committed to the prevention and alleviation of suffering of animas.. Due to ignorance overpopulation and human cruelty animals are suffering great . So than k you from the bottom of my heart for your decision to stop using any fur.

  • tracey oneill says:

    soo happy to hear this every victory counts to help these gentile sweet kind animals We abuse the hand of friendship and love that animals give us

  • msalabama says:

    Thanks for the chuckle Steve. I always get a good laugh from PETA bashers. You all are so pathetic.

  • Sara says:

    Nunca usar una pielni yo ni nadie en mi familia!!!!!

  • Kiranavali says:

    Congratulations on another little milestone in preventing cruelty to animals! Kiranavali Philadelphia

  • carla says:

    Yay! Fur is discusting. Ralph Lauren has always been my favorite designer and he is without a doubt a man of class!!!!!! Anyone who sells fur is pathetic!