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UW-Madison Fined for Cruelty to Cats and More

Written by PETA | March 17, 2014

Update: The USDA has fined UW-Madison more than $35,000 for seven separate violations of the Animal Welfare Act, including the incident in which the cat Broc was negligently and severely burned by UW staff during surgery. Broc has “lived” in a cage at UW-Madison for 12 years and is still there.


Originally posted March 18, 2013

Following a complaint filed by PETA, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has confirmed the group’s allegations of the abuse of cats in taxpayer-funded brain experiments at the  University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW), where actor James Cromwell was arrested during a protest last month. The USDA also cited UW for violating federal animal-protection laws by burning a cat named Broc so badly that she required surgery.

In a scathing report just obtained by PETA, a federal inspector found “a pattern of recurring infections” and that all the cats whom PETA profiled in its complaint had been “diagnosed with chronic infections” after having steel posts screwed into open wounds on their heads and metal coils implanted into their eyes.

The USDA noted that some cats, including Slinky, have died because of these infections and that one cat named NJ even had to have her eye removed after the metal coil became the site of frequent serious infections.

The government report includes never-before-seen photographs of NJ, Broc, and the five other mutilated cats who are still alive in the laboratory. We now know the faces of the other victims of this laboratory besides Double Trouble.

All these new revelations confirm what PETA has reported publicly: UW tortures animals and has been twisting the truth. Even though they knew it wasn’t true, in interviews and statements, UW representatives have repeatedly claimed that the government had not substantiated any of PETA’s allegations and that the university hadn’t been cited for its abuse of cats. In fact, during the same period in which it was claiming that it had been cleared, UW was trying in vain to appeal the government’s citation.

What You Can Do

The cats in UW’s labs are suffering miserably, and they don’t have time for more evasions, excuses, or deceptive spin. Please urge the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents to put an immediate halt to these cruel experiments.

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  • Lane says:

    This is so heartbreaking. Stop this inhumane and cruel practice now! Animals are not ours to do with as we wish. Cats are innocent creatures who are dependent on us for their care and well-being. They are supposed to be our pets, not torture objects!!! Nothing gives you the right to do this, who do you think you are?! Stop this cruelty now, we won’t let up!!!

  • michelle says:

    justice because that spersonas that do this are not themselves stop using animals for experiments and experience are living beings feel done with it justice

  • YoshiLuma says:

    This is heartbreaking. I am so mad at these people, abusing cats!


  • cath says:

    This breaks my heart. Animal abuse is a CRIME and they need to be held responsible

  • Will says:

    How goes operating a kill shelter and then being angry at others abusing animals?

  • Kristin says:

    Shame on you for your inhumanity. This lack of compassion for living beings is madness. How can you go home at night and sleep nor care for your family when you torture animals that so clearly have feelings and their own unique personalities. This is barbaric. And do you have your own family pet? The hypocrisy is astounding. Man who does this is far more barbaric than the caveman. And we as a public can’t keep turning a blind eye. As MLK jr said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” And “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

  • Rachel says:

    I would go on a mission and save those poor cats if i could.

  • Alicia says:


  • Beate Anna Fürderer says:

    stop those experiments

  • Francesca morosi says:

    humans can be really cruel, what a despicable thing 🙁

  • Angela says:

    I don’t know where they get their cats from, but my cat is an outdoor cat that has a chip in her. If she ever got captured by these ghouls I would kill them all.

  • Alexandra Frey says:

    stop those experiments

  • serge mat says:

    Stupids humans …. Just for money … Make this thinks on your childrens to see … Nul nul nul !!!!!

  • UW Student #2 says:

    To The way it is: Thanks for posting, it’s nice to see the other side (the one I side with as well) being argued for. And thank you for not posting your name, I don’t think you’d want to be hounded by these people. There are reasons for animal testing and reasons against, but ultimatums are not the answer. There has to be a middle ground, something the UW student understands, but most of the other people who commented, frankly, don’t. You don’t have to be stupid to make stupid arguments.

  • Designed devices for hearing impaired says:

    What do we have to do to make this stop!!! These experiments are not helpful for hearing impaired people and are obviously done for self serving interests of the legends in their own minds who are trying to keep their jobs and salaries. They don’t give a damn about the pain they cause the animals. They need to go away. UW Madison has a big pr problem because of this.

  • Wendy says:

    As my heart broke and tears ran down my face, I recollected that a person who hurts animals with no recompense, feelings of remorse, or inner pain of heart or sadness is considered a psychopath, a narcissist, and mentally unhealthy, what does that say for those who practice such atrocities in whatever name suits what they do, and those who support, hide, and ignore what they do??? God’s judgement and mans be upon them.

  • dauga says:

    il faut arreter de faire souffrir ces chats

  • Purdue Veterinary Student says:

    I just wrote President Obama about this barbaric testing, urging him to be our Presidential “Saint Francis” for this country’s animals and ambassador for world animal concerns. Veterinarians take the oath to do no harm. Don’t be deceived, there are alternative ways to do testing other than torture. When you abuse animals do not be surprised how this violence ripples across the pond to manifest itself against humans.

  • Gemma says:

    Everyone associated with this university experiment and everyone that defends it should be ashamed of themselves! If your so “for” the testing, stand up and offer yourself for it, don’t sit there behind a computer and say that it’s ok to use these beautiful cats as test subjects because they can’t fucking defend themselves!!! How would you like it if someone caged you, then proceeded to drill holes in your head and cut your ears off and torture and mutilate you?!? Would that be ok? This makes me so sick.

  • Erica says:

    This is sick.

  • Melinda says:

    This is animal cruelty on a big scale!! Animal testing should be illegal. These cats died a painful death. These people are cat murderers.

  • SADGIRL1974 says:

    please dont ever stop PETA !! keep fighting, we are with you and praying for you all to succeed! these cats and all cats in labs need to be saved and it needs to stop now.

  • Mimi Hazel says:

    Comment to “The Way It Is” – You do condone animal cruelty and pain. You will contribute to it and if you make it in the medical field whether it be a Vet or Researcher, you will be just as cruel as the so called Researchers/Scientists @ UW. If you do become a Veterinarian be sure to let your clients know you agree to suffering and painful experiments on animals. In your choice of words Well since no one else will say it…. I’m sure you will be forthright and honest about your views with people’s animals who you are going to provide care for, right?

  • Research to benefit egos says:

    I am an engineer and am extremely angry that this injustice continues. Who does it benefit exactly? It might serve a sliver of thethe population but unlikely onshe a macrocosmic level. We humans drive each other crazy as it is and you think research is going to remedy that problem? This research is such a negative karmic loop and you “researchers” (soft science wimps) justify the cruel torture of animals to benefit mankind, then you produce a drug that isn’t very effective so you you have to keep torturing animals to tweak or find a better remedy that STILL isn’t very effective then the medication gets urinated out and end up in our water supply, causing more unknown problems. What the #uck? This is so absurd and ridiculous. That I don’t even understand how you halfwits get through school and justify your research. No wonder the planet is going to hell in a handbasket.

  • Joe Blows says:

    How, you are an animal. Sine animal experimentation is so important to you, we should nominate you to be the experiment specimen.

  • Terri Hobart says:

    To this student that calls her/himself “The way it is”, ypo say you love animals just as much as the next guy. Well first of all you can’t even post your real name. Secondly their must be a better less cruel way to help the visual & hearing impaired. There was a veterinarian who worked with you guys who has reported you to the authorities so something isn’t right with your ways of practice. Do you even consider their mammals and feel as we do? Do you use painkillers & antibiotic on them. NO YOU DONT!!! I surely hope your family pet dosn’t end up there. If you even own one. I surely hope you never become my vet. You sound pathetic & under educated. Find a better veterinary school.

  • Karen Serrano says:

    People need to use their power and influence to do good and the right thing in this world. Remember to Never Be Silent and be a Voice for the Voiceless. As more people come forward…there will be more power to correct this barbaric, insane behavior.

  • Joe says:

    Animal testing is a very important step in the research process. To say that it is not, is a fallacy. It seems some of the methodology wasn’t completely up to par on this particular experiment, but I’m with the UW and am all for animal testing. Without it, most pharmaceuticals and most medical procedures would not be available for humans.

  • The way it is. says:

    Well, since no one else is, I want to make a stand for the researchers in this lab. I am a student at UW studying neurobiology and the head researcher of this lab is one of my professors. I am planning on attending veterinary school and I love animals as much as the next guy. By no means do I condone animal cruelty or unnecessary pain to any subject that undergoes laboratory testing. That said, I do understand and appreciate the value in the research that is being done at this university and no one on this site seems to recognize that. Many of the comments I have read are painfully ignorant. Please do not criticize that which you do not understand. The lab in which this testing is run has published research that has changed lives of many humans for the better, and which couldn’t be done without the use of these animals. The researchers who did this work were involved in the development of the first cochlear implant, a device that allows people who are deaf to once again hear. This discovery was a remarkable step in understanding the neurology of the auditory system and how the brain interprets sounds. I spent three weeks learning, from this researcher (my professor), the specificities that animals (including humans) have for sound perception and the acuity that accompanies these adaptations. Without the research done on cats, this understanding would not be possible, and our world would be set back countless years in terms of knowledge, technology, and medical care. Are all you sympathetics going to deny a person their hearing for the sake of sparing a cat? See this video, for example, and then tell me a child is less significant than a cat: I read in comments on other related articles that UW has been called “antiquated,” and, “savage,” for the work they are doing, saying that there are ways to study the brain without observing the brain’s activity. For some areas of study, such as social psychology, this may be true. But for areas of research that seek to actually understand the mechanisms and processes of the brain, this is not the case. It is impossible to study the electrical, systematic, and chemical functions of the least understood and most important organ without some prodding and alterations. So, please, do not bring your passionate comments and ignorant opinions without first assessing the situation from all sides. Let me reiterate that I fervently care about animals and understand unnecessary pain is not ideal. But it is not worthless, either, because without research such as this, we would not have many of the medical technologies that impact our world so greatly.

  • Maryam says:

    I sent the email and asked them to stop. It seems every being that moves is being tortured by humans. From Mice to Elephants and etc… How can we ever stop all of these animal cruelties around the world. It is just too much. It is not just one thing or one city or country or one animal. Its every where and every single animal 🙁 My prayers are with my little fury friends.


    I sent the email asked them to stop, I am just so sad by all of these cruelties. It seems these humans dont have any heart. I am in website every day and i get more disappointed and sadder every day. I hope our emails help. I hope we stop torturing animals one day soon. I honestly dont see it coming. Its everywhere in the world and every animal. from mice to elephants and whales and etc… it seems anything (other than human)that moves is being tortured by humans…. 🙁

  • kelly says:

    this is outrageous & barbaric. the cats cant speak for themselves so we hv to step up n do something about ths and all animal testing! this shld b illegal! cruel, disgusting& inhumane!

  • Jennifer Prestigiacomo says:

    I hope everyone involved with this cat torture suffers terribly in their lives and they all eventually rot in hell, where satan will implant coils in their eyes and brains forever and ever!

  • Kate James says:

    Here’s my thought: most of these experiments are made to supposedly help humans. But who is to say that the results produced with a cat, rat, fruit fly, dog, et al will be the same as with a human? If the cure/drug/procedure is important and worthwhile, then find humans to experiment on. If people who believe in Science Almighty do not feel moved to sacrifice themselves for science, then the test must not be important. What? It might cause pain? Permanent damage? Well, it would on an animal too, bub. If the test is worthwhile, humans will volunteer.

  • Lenne says:

    This is an absolute waste of taxpayer dollars. How sick is this. Please write the governor of wisconsin. They have no respect for life.

  • Stefania says:

    Stop every experiments on all the animals! It’ a crime ! And who continues its a criminal.

  • jenny says:

    Why are the cats still at that lab and how can PETA get them out?

  • Klaudia Maruszczak says:

    People who do it, don’t have feelings. Apparently they have never felt pain. It’s not normal. It’s violence and crime. Authorities are idle, so sad. Let do something to improve animals life. MORE HUMILITY, RESCPECT AND EMPATHY!

  • Caroline Gaskin says:

    This is just barbaric…what type of person could allow this to happen

  • Gregory Smith says:

    I’m speechless. How and why can someone, anyone, see this as scientific? If aliens came down from above and loaded us into cages to do the same, mankind would be horrified, and yet this shit goes on everyday so how many other “studies” do we not know of? If I walked into a room such as that and saw what you are showing me now I don’t think any person would leave that room as they first came in. I have absolutely no respect for anyone who can do or justify this kind of cruelty to any living creature.

  • Irmtraut Otto says:

    It’s unbelievable, what do you do to this helpless animals. Why you make the expiriences not on your own.Do you think, you are more valuables and more importent then them? Do you know something about Karma? Siences are important,but not this way. It makes me cry and sick ,to see how some of the human race is such nasty.

  • Mark says:

    Here is what I said: The needs of science does not include abuse of any living thing. Your science treats hundreds of millions of years of evolved species as though they evolved just for you to tinker and toy about like a child. Are you something more evolved than Science itself? Shouldn’t you respect the millions of years that evolved these creatures? Since we also evolved alongside these creatures, I ask you what respect you are giving yourself? Do humans respect their world or the history from which they evolved? Shouldn’t science be leading us to a sustainable coexistence with our own evolution? On the backdrop of a 15 billion year universe, by what right or privilege do you have to disrespect any living creature. I would say your ill conceived science program is at odds with human evolution. It is time to stop this barbaric carving up of living creatures for your amusement that you attend with your grant monies. Mark Harrison Homo Sapiens

  • GS says:

    this is horrible, but they are completely freaks are sick !! !! !! !! !! but how can we do to hurt the animals ??!! God punished severely those persons stp Cats are cute my sha Allah! the poor, I do not speak English, but I read the translation, but I did not understand what could be done congratulations PETA

  • Lynne Agostini` says:

    Burned? Drilled holes? Really? These are house pets with loving natures who should be being loved and coddled in the love of someone’s home. STOP IT.

  • vanessa says:

    Please stop these cruelty experiments on all animals….its just stupid!!! And nobody needs the results of animal experiments!!!!

  • Andrea Romanazzi says:

    That’s not for science, that’s only cruelty, someone stop it, please!

  • gigli vanessa says:

    shame the university.STOP THE TORTURE IN ANIMALS

  • Priya says:

    Karma has always taken revenge… you are in the list too. God Bless those creatures who are being tortured by you.

  • Raija Nefoussi says:

    Stop the cruelty! Now!