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VICTORY: Utah Hospital Halts Cruel Cat Lab!

Written by PETA | February 9, 2011
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We are very happy to report that as a result of pressure from PETA and more than 25,000 of our supporters, Utah’s Primary Children’s Medical Center (PCMC) has announced that it is canceling plans to torment cats in a cruel and archaic training exercise!

As it had in previous years, PCMC planned to offer this animal lab as part of an annual conference that is co-sponsored by the University of Utah. The cats—who would have been purchased from a local animal shelter—were slated to have hard plastic tubes forced down their windpipes and likely would have suffered bleeding, swelling, scarring, and even collapsed lungs. But thanks to the efforts of PETA supporters who took part in a short but vigorous campaign, the cats will now be spared this trauma, and the conference will only use modern simulators for the training.

Since last week, tens of thousands of compassionate people responded to PETA’s e-mail action alert targeting PCMC, and hundreds posted comments on PCMC’s wall on Facebook (prompting the hospital to shut down the page entirely).  The owner of Salt Lake City’s all-vegan Cakewalk Baking Company even made and hand-delivered a cake to PCMC’s CEO in protest of the inhumane exercise. 

This morning, we asked supporters to call PCMC and urge officials to do the right thing by calling off this exercise. Hundreds did just that, and some of you may have heard the news directly that PCMC was scrapping plans for this cruel laboratory.

While we are thrilled to celebrate this important victory for animals, we ask that you please take a moment to speak out against the cruel actions of North Utah Valley Animal Shelter (NUVAS)—the last shelter in Utah that continues to sell animals for experiments and the facility that would have provided cats to PCMC. PETA’s successes depend on your willingness to take action. Let’s keep the momentum going!

Written by Jeremy Beckham

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  • giulia calabrese says:

    Please do something that will set an amazing example to the rest of the world, of what good humans are capable of doing to help end the suffering of animals.


    Sentient creatures do not deserve this treatment.

  • Pauline Erera says:


  • petra33 says:

    If you can do this to animals,you are not a human.You are a monster and in some time you will get back evrth what are u doing now to animals,definitely…..

  • Catherine Livingston says:

    you make me sick !!!



  • Eliane Fittipaldi Pereira says:

    It is a shame that those responsible for enlightenment are exactly the ones that keep humanity in the dark ages!

  • parodi marina says:


  • Dana says:

    Oh my goshh, this really needs to stop 🙁

  • faria says:

    Please use your authority for something worthwhile, something that will make a difference for the lives of these innocent, good natured living breathing creatures. Please do something that will set an amazing example to the rest of the world, of what good humans are capable of doing to help end the suffering of animals.


    la crueldad de los hombres respecto a los animales no tiene límites

  • Alexa Peters says:

    Are you insane??? How can you be so cruel, so sick!!!! There IS NO EXCUSE to hurt animals, for your “research” you people are an embarrassment to the human race… Im disgusted and I really don´t know how can you look into your childrens, parents, friends, eyes… STOP THIS NOW!!!!!

  • Lauren M. says:


  • Paola says:

    I greatly appreciate all the hard work done by PETA. We all know that compassion recycles!

  • Corinne Randall says:

    OMG, What is the matter with you people? It is sick what you are doing!There is no need in the 21st century to do what you are doing get a grip on life and stop being so damn cruel.How would you like it, if it was your family pet????? Think you!!!!!!

  • h driessen says:

    Stop this cruel and senseless business, it is too awfull to watch1

  • mel says:

    how could people do this it actually really makes me mad to think how someone did this just think how would you like being having a tube put down your wind pipe so stop !

  • Candice Smith says:

    I feel absolutely disgusted. The human race has been gruesome every year, more and more. I wished we could all banish them.

  • Deanna says:

    This is cruel, animals should NEVER be used as test subjects, use people, at least they can say whats happening to them, unlike the animals, animal testing is wrong, soo wrong, it needs to stop, In older day’s cats were seen as a god, not test subjects, now there seen as just animals…..If this is how evolution has evolved I don’t want to be a part of this generation….

  • yoon says:



    r men human any more???ppl hav turned into demons……..

  • Lais Oliveira says:

    We are all animals! All lives have the same value! Stop the cruelty!

  • Theresa says:

    Do people have no heart? I mean honestly! This is just sick and awful. PLEASE STOP!

  • Emma Centervall says:

    Please, make them stop!

  • hlouise says:

    Oh it gets worse than that. My brother used to work in the psychology labs as a janitor (for anyone who is skeptic, while putting himself through college) and these graduate students used to put electrodes in their brains. Years later I met a psychiatrist who, as a graduate student in psychology who was good at biochemistry had to explain to those idiots what exactly was going on. She hated it.

  • Leonardo says:

    Please, stop it!!

  • tanishla_saunders11 says:

    Having tubes shoved down the throat of a cat is torture. It is inhumane and wrong. Please use human techniques of medical research or practice them on yourself. Thank you.

  • Jeannette Gravett says:

    This is horrific, unnecessary and depraved. There are alternative methods available without this torture to living creatures!

  • carmen says:

    animals are not to experiment on. people that train with animals to be doctors or nurses are not going to give a ship about their patients becuase they are not humane. they just care about the money. they are just like nazis

  • edeltraud says:

    ” 2011 ? So, is it not the time to go out of hell? ! Time to change, to recover the senses, reasoning and any level of consciousness that can be human… WE may need to move, re-exanimate what we are responsible for!

  • Roman says:

    Hello. My name is Roman. If only people feel what animals feel during and after experiments on them. Results based on suffering and pain of living creatures will never work well for us and we will pay for this later. Thank you for your understanding. Roman Liufa, MD.

  • Crighton says:

    These animals were put on earth by Gos for a purpose. To love us, and for us to love them. Anyone that performs these cruel and sadistic experiments on animals are cruel and sadistic. If they have no respect for animal suffering then they didn’t go into medicine. They have no sympathy, no humanity. The’re just in it for the money and the prestige. They look at human patients no differently than they look at their lab animals. God will punish these people.

  • Lorraine Gadoury says:

    When will this cruelty end???

  • Tricia Hamilton says:

    These animals are pets, they are not feral animals. Some guy getting paid from the lab is taking animals out of peoples yards. I want you to know that there is no closure and the amount of money you are spending on our pets you should get updated equipment where there is no hurt, no harm & no loss to their owners.

  • noname says:

    I say lets keep an eye on these guys there cruel and sneaky.I have a hard time believing anyone who harms animals or helps anyone who harms animals.Lets check back in a week then in a month.Never stop checking to see if they are somehow using animals in ways that harm or neglect Gods creatures.We got your back PETA!!!We are keeping a close eye on you University of Ohio and North Valley Animal Shelter.

  • Dre says:

    CW, explain to me how intubating a cat is in any way relative to intubating a child or infant. I fail to see the vaguest similarity which would make the experience have any potential for saving human lives, or any redemptive value at all. Furthermore, there are simulators which replicate the human child/infant’s respiratory system exactly, and can provide immediate feedback for the person being trained to learn from, without that person having to deal with the impact/distraction of messing up on a live creature. Your ‘it’s for the good of mankind’ argument is both archaic and moot. The cruelty will end, get over it.

  • AndyEme says:

    singleminded and lack of any critical thinking skills…thank you for your compliments!! If you are so sure you want to save human lives, common, donate your body to science NOW or try to convince your government to invest money on better investigations to find a way to do research without using torture. Kill an animal to save another (yes, we’re animals) is the worst thing i’ve ever heard! and please, if you don’t like animals (I’m sure you’ll kill for your doggy) don’t enter here!

  • Maxcat says:

    I am curious to know if an Ambulance service were to go to a local animal shelter and tell them this is the type of training lab they wanted to hold and the animal shelter killd several cats/kittens and then froze them for this purpose – who would an animal lover such as myself contact to stop this!!!!????

  • PETA says:

    CW- PETA and many of our supporters who are medical professionals let PCMC know that the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Emergency Nurses Association, and the American Heart Association—which sponsor the most widely taught neonatal and infant life-support courses in the country—endorse the exclusive use of simulation technology, not live animals, for intubation training. It is wrong to experiment on animals for the same reason that it is wrong to experiment on the poor, the mentally disabled, or the institutionalized. That they are smaller, weaker, or less able to communicate in ways that we can understand does not give us the right to barter their lives away.

  • Kari says:

    @CW No, anyone who dislikes this article is clearly less evolved and needs to realize that humans aren’t the only living beings in the world that deserve respect and rights. I’d love to put you in these cruel, abusive treatments and tell you it’s okay, because it’s for cancer research. Testing on them for things that benefit us is wrong; especially in the cruel, painful ways it is executed on these animals. The only reasons that they are forced into these cruel conditions is because they don’t have the voice to say no, and people assume it’s okay because they are less intelligent than we are. But it’s because they are less intelligent than we are that we should take care of them. Saying it’s okay to test on them, is like saying it’s okay to test on a mentally handicapped mute; because they can’t say no or reason with us to stop. People used to treat woman like animals in america, until Alice Paul and others fought for their rights. Although animals are not going to be voting or going to school, they still deserve not to be harmed physically; if you disagree with that YOU are the unevolved, singleminded idiot who needs to be put in their position and see what it’s like.

  • Valerie says:

    Thx. PETA for getting this petition together & finally putting a STOP to this horrible incident!–:) I signed the petition & POSTED a friendly note on Utuh Hospital’s site & one on mine @ Face book! I so happy that it worked & the animals are saved!–:)

  • Valerie says:

    I just want to show my gratitude for PETA & all the good-hearted people who are willing to take the stance to end cruelty to animals & hold companies & institutions responsible for their inhumane behavior! Thx. agian & keep up the good work!–:)

  • Debbie Flynn says:

    How do you people sleep at night. You can no longer hide behind the “it will save human lives” as it has been proven there is no comparison between a human beings and an animals. It is just plain cruel.

  • PETA says:

    To everyone who’s asked what’s happened to the cats- According to public statements from Primary Children’s Medical Center (PCMC), the hospital did not move forward with plans to acquire cats from shelters for this year’s lab. While PCMC did the right thing by halting this cruel and archaic lab, some institutions still use cats for this harmful purpose and PETA fights to stop this abuse wherever it occurs. Thank you for your concern for these cats!

  • nicole says:

    Are the people at Utah Lab without souls??

  • CW says:

    Really PETA? You want to stop research that can potentially save human lives? And how come, Beckham, you only write about the negatives of the research. We have no pictures or secondhand accounts to go by, just your own. This is such a poorly written article. I realize that PETA is an organization that wants ethical treatment for all animals, but really, you want to prevent scientific research?! Anyone who bites for this article is singleminded and lacks any critical thinking skills.

  • mireluna says:

    Thank you so much PETA, I am so happy about this victory!!! I wish this kind of actions were done in Europe… in Germany where I live PETA is not very strong and in Romania where I come from it doesn’t exist at all…..

  • mah says:


  • cattales says:

    Thank you PETA for making the petition possible and thank you U OF U for realizing that cats are people too!

  • Suzann says:

    Joy Ashall: In your post you said, “God said……” and I’m wondering where you got this? I’m very interested. Thanks. I’m afraid I may have posted on Facebook about boycotting PCMC fund-raiser going on now when they actually had capitulated on the idea of torturing animals in their pediatric education lab. I’m so thankful they did! It made a very happy Valentines day for me 🙂