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Victory: Utah Ends Mandatory Cat and Dog Pound Seizures

Written by PETA | March 26, 2010

Update: On Saturday, March 27, Utah’s governor signed the bill into law, formally amending the state’s pound-seizure law. This means that animal shelters are no longer required to turn over animals for use in cruel experiments. Hooray!

Thanks in large part to e-mails, letters, and phone calls from thousands of compassionate supporters, Utah legislators voted by an overwhelming majority to amend a state law so that government-run animal shelters will not be forced to sell dogs and cats to laboratories for use in cruel and deadly experiments upon request. Once the governor signs the bill, Utah will no longer have the dubious distinction of being one of only three states in the country that still mandate that animal shelters engage in this shameful practice. The new law also lengthens the required holding period for animals in shelters and mandates that shelters make greater efforts to find the guardians of lost animals.

These positive changes come on the heels of a recent PETA undercover investigation inside laboratories at the University of Utah. The shocking investigation revealed that each year, more than 100 homeless cats and dogs from government-run animal shelters in Utah are sold to the university for use in invasive, painful, and deadly experiments. In one instance, the university bought a pregnant cat from a local animal shelter and injected chemicals into her kitten’s brains, causing fluid to build up inside their heads. All the kittens died.


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With this new law, companion animals in Utah—and the people who care for them—can rest a little easier.

Please take a moment to contact the University of Utah and urge it to stop buying animals from animal shelters once and for all.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Bianka says:

    Thank you PETA!!!

  • margaret rose says:

    Cheers to PETA for all their hard work and immense love for animals. Just like Liz Hecht on her comments, I too have saved cats from being run down by cars..right now I have 6 cats since daddy Socks and Mogwai have had a litter of 4 kittens. THey are awesome, all kitties have now grown up and looking great with ginger colors. I was unable to find proper names for them but if I called “ginger” all 4 cats will look to see whom I was referring. I love them lots. I spent 3 hours calling back ginger who had jumped over to the neighbours’ house since a male cat had tried to tackle her. Thank god all are save and fine indoors for now. They give me so much joy and life will never be the same without these gingers to spice up my life;).

  • Rosalba says:

    STOP,PLEASE STOP DOING THIS CRUEL ON ANIMAL!!!!! I’AM ITALIAN AND I LIVE IN UK. I hope this cruel experiment on animal finish soon! how this people can do this!? is so unfair,cruel,horriba! I love pets and i hope america and all world will stop ding this experiment on animal!

  • Rosalba D'Agostino says:

    E veramente bello vedere che qualcosa si sta facendo e spero tanto che tutte queste universita del cavolo chiudano una volta per tutte! perche’ non credo minimamente ad una parola che loro usano animali per esperimenti, lo fanno slo per divertirsi su dei poveri animali indifesi! e totalmente vergognso! Spero che tutte queste universita’ non solo in USA ma anche nel resto del mondo chiudano o smettano di fare queste atrocita’!! io adoro gli animali e non sopporto vederli soffrire cosi,non e giusto! STOP DOING TEST ON ANIMAL! IS TIME TO STOP!!

  • Liz Hecht says:

    I am relieved to learn that Utah shelters will no longer provide animals to the University of Utah for life inside a cage filled with fear, loneliness and painful experiments. But what about so-called “purpose-bred” cats and dogs who never know life anywhere but inside one of these laboratories? My family and I legally rescued a purpose-bred lab cat named Tux (or #322287651, which was the only name he had inside the lab). He was used in several hideous experiments, and he was terrified of us for a long time. But after many years, he learned to love us as much as we loved him and he lived a long, happy life with our family. I am very happy about what PETA has accomplished, and I hope this will be one more step toward a world where a cat such as our Tux does not have to suffer in painful, expensive and unnecessary experiments!

  • wendy says:

    PLease stop this torturous practice. Its not right.PLease take a minute sit backa nd imagine what it is like for thoses kind and just want your love animals. They must be so afraid and confused and sad and dont deserve this…please stop the cruelty

  • luca says:

    grandiosa peta! io vivo in italy e ora anche qui qualcosa si st  muovendo..mi rende felice sapere che al mondo ci sono persone veramente civilizzate come voi tutti. abominevole che nel 2010 con tutti gli altri modi che ci sono per fare seria ricercasi infliggano atroci sofferenze a poveri animali indifesi.

  • Joan Cerbo says:

    Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop all this Cruelty we can’t even treat animals the right way how can we be kind to the human race. Stop the Crulty at once.



  • Susan Ballarini says:

    I LIVE for news like this. A very great accomplishment. Can we make it FEDERAL?

  • person says:

    I live in Utah and I’m really happy that it’s at least a little more animal friendly than it was before.

  • Ceri says:

    How do the undercover people stand it? I can’t even watch the videos without crying.

  • Stephanie says:

    I definitely think this animal testing needs to be stopped. I would much rather see the tests performed on ppl. There are so many sick ppl in this world such as murderers rapists child molesters…I say we perform the test on those ppl NOT the innocent animals. They would yield much more accurate results!

  • sheela says:

    I agree with all of this and i also have a cat named Mona who i would risk my life to save also she is my family after i lost my mom in 2009 i wouldnt have lived with out her University of Utah This is insane! please stop buying animals for these disgraceful experiments! As ANY major medical university need to stop this shameful practice I thought this kind of horror was banned years ago I can tell you that! whatever “results” you produce are useless. Any researcher worth their education knows that just because a “finding” can be published does not mean it can be reproduced in humans which are the end point for most of these tests. Many universities nationally have found alternative methods to perform these same experiements or tests in nonanimal models often with better i.e. reproducable more realistic results. Perhaps you should spend funds looking into these models rather than harming another animal. I couldn’t have put it in any better words expressed! I FEEL THIS IS BEYOUND ANY MEASURE THE WORST THING AND MOST EVIL CRUEL DISCUSTING WAY TO TREAT THESE HELPLESS ANIMALS! I HATE anyone who participates in this sleezy slimmy CRUEL animal abuse. I rather die than see an animal suffering for the sake of human survival! What and why do we as humans believe we rule and animals are souless? That their lives are not just important as ours? I have a beautiful cat named Tupac he’s ADORED by me and my family! I would honestly risk my own life to save his life. Sincerly

  • Sally Jay says:

    Best news I’ve heard all day a step in the right direction we may become civilised after all.