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Victory! Utah Animal Shelter Abandons Pound Seizure

Written by PETA | April 2, 2010

On March 27, Utah’s governor signed a bill to amend an archaic state law so that government-run animal shelters will no longer be forced upon request to sell homeless dogs and cats to laboratories for use in cruel and deadly experiments. Yesterday, the director of Davis County Animal Services—the shelter that was supplying the University of Utah (the U) with most of the dogs and cats it was using in experiments—announced that the shelter will no longer participate in pound seizure, noting, “Now that we have the option, it’s not law, so we decided against it.”


Erick Pleitez / CC by 2.0
Dog in Shelter

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  • larosa.myriam says:

    je trouve que c,et inadmissible de quontinuer de toujour sacrifier les annimaeuxs pour faire desexperience et je pensse baeucoups que sertenes ne son pas justifier pour la recherche s,est baucoups pour le plaisir de faire souffrire set povres annimeauxs c,est pour celas que je suit squandaliser

  • Marlene says:

    Shame on them….the employees of these concentration camps. When asked where do you work I wonder how they answer that question especially to their children.

  • Wanda says:

    I was raised in Utah, and this just made me sick. We will never progress, until this type of cruelty towards animals stop…..

  • Sherry says:

    This is horrifying! Animals are far more intelligent than people have been led to believe. The only reason we have been taught otherwise is so we wouldn’t feel guilty about torturing them for ghastly horrific experimentation! Who does the human race think it is for giving itself the authority to torture living things this way? There is no excuse for this at all! I don’t mind experiments where they attempt to cure already sick” animals but unnecessary torture by first harming animals for the purpose of finding cures is totally archaic backward violent and ultra cruel! The human race is exceptionally sick in this regard and this is simply wrong wrong wrong! To those who don’t think so imagine your babies being sacrificed to aliens who used them in the same ways to save their own race because they considered us inferior. It’s no different than what humans are doing to animals!

  • Bianca Lirio Goldberg says:

    For the love of God please stop this atrocities. Just look in a dog’s eyes and see the humanity these savages lack.

  • beatriz fanuele says:

    I am tottally horrorified by what lots of people can do to animals. Animals are angels in Earth!!!! How many people can’t see and feel it?!?!?! Surely animals are much better than human being otherwise It wouldn’t be necessary to write these lines There is NO excuse to sacrify animals!!!!! I beg you!!!!!! Stop cruelty to animals!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeanne Helwig says:

    In the July 4 2010 Times Picayune New Orleans Travel Section. There was a big article to visit ROCKING’ R RANCH ANTIMONY UTAH. You can watch animals being electric shockedbranded and you can try castrating.They state a lot of people like that.Creston Black Heads Cattle operation. Please investigate it sounds SICK.

  • Bhargavi says:

    How the hell can we say that the US is a developed coountry when such acts of cruetly take place with the government doing nothing??? when is everyone going to realise how damn inhumane these experiments are????????????????? I’m just glad that some people actually realise how dastardly these crimes are.

  • Lady law says:

    I wish the same things on “THEIR” famlies.

  • Lynelle LaFleur says:

    A victory for some but probably not all. I am bawling my eyes out as I imagine the fate for some. I agree with you Kristina Miller who the are the evil insane people who can participate in any way shape or form in the torture and suffering of loving beautiful animals?????????!!!!! I JUST DON’T GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is wrong with people that they cannot wrap their brains around the fact that all the animals of the earth are our brothers and sisters of the planet???????? We are ALL Earthlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one is ABOVE any other life form!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When will the world ever wake up and get on the same page???

  • Kristina Miller says:

    What kind of person does it take to work in a shelter and knowingly watch the animals be taken away to such a brutal life sentence. But what about the University? Who’s doing anything about banning them from inflicting such suffering and pain to these animals. Our schools are encouraging this type of thinking and that it is ok because they are JUST animals. It makes my heart wrench when I think of someone could feel nothing and participate in such an act. We have to get the word out to the schools JUST as hard as we are coming down on the government and the shelters. I can’t imagine the type of person it takes to be a part of any of this in the school in the shelter and even in government offices where they are ALLequally responsible.

  • Sarah says:

    I know it seems like a slight victory but try to recognize that despite having a choice the decision was still made to stop the practice at the DCAS. I think that should give us some hope that there are good people out there who are willing to do the right thing even if it means taking an economic hit.

  • Diana says:

    I am happy that there has been a result but what is the point of animals going into shelters to be “rehomed” if they are allowed to be taken to laboratories when they are full!This is despicable and hypocritical.

  • vivien Green says:

    Its a start.

  • patricia parkin walker says:

    The poor animals have just about lost everything it seems so cruel to be sold to labs for experiments have they not suffered enough

  • Anne Compagnon says:

    Happy Easter to the People of beautiful Utah and all the Mormons. Please you have wonderful and beautiful animals…do not sell them for cruelty purposes to laboratories that are going to becrel to them. Animals want a good home is their right to be protected from bad people. God the maker of all things would really love you for this little favor. Anne

  • Kushagra says:

    Sandy you are right but it is a victory none the less. A significant step towards our goal. And as long as people are becoming aware these evil practices will move to their end.

  • Stephanie says:

    I am really happy for all these animals. They should not be going through all this cruelty in the first place. However I am really happy that this happened but we should all do more about this situation. Animals deserve to live.

  • tanna says:

    i want all animals to saved from this kind of fate i hate to see these poor animals like that. i wish i could adopt all of them and save them.

  • cynthia Boyall says:


  • Sandy says:

    Yes a victory but long overdue. But read the print people. They said it was now a choice. That means that pounds can and will still be giving cats and dogs to labs because they run out of space.The governor dropped the ball and should of totally banned the practice. So once again the animals will not have a voice.