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Victory! United Airlines Stops All Shipments of Primates to Laboratories

Written by Michelle Kretzer | January 8, 2013

We have very exciting news to share. Earlier this week, a representative from United Airlines phoned PETA to say that the airline will no longer transport primates for use in experiments anywhere in the world! In order to ensure that animal experimenters get the message loud and clear, United even posted the new policy on its website, and it leaves no one in doubt: The airline “do[es] not book, accept or transport primates to or from medical research facilities.”

United’s compassionate stance means that there isn’t a single commercial airline based in North America that is willing to transport primates to a cruel death in laboratories. This will make it much more difficult for experimenters to get their hands on primates in order to lock them away from their families and poison, cut up, and kill them.


YOU helped make this possible! Last year, after we organized demonstrations against the airline at its offices around the world and purchased stock in the company with the intention of introducing a shareholder resolution this year, we encouraged our members and supporters to contact the company. Hundreds of thousands of you flooded United’s inboxes and Facebook wall with messages demanding that the airline stop profiting from cruelty to animals. One supporter even interrupted a United senior vice president at a trade conference, took over the microphone, and announced to attendees that United was the last U.S. airline that was still transporting primates to be abused and killed.

United’s new policy means that only four major international airlines remain in the world that are willing to shuttle primates off to years of torment in exchange for a few dollars in revenue. Let’s make that number zero. Please take a moment to tell Air France, China Eastern Airlines, Philippine Airlines, and Vietnam Airlines that you won’t be flying with them until primates don’t either.

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  • poor poor animals getting treated like shite all the over the world and for what. MANS GREED

  • Eddy Morgan says:

    really really sick and i feel very angry for someone to do that do a beautiful creature and leave them alone and they are not to be abuse or torture for stupid pointless experiment thats doesn’t work . This is very ugly side of the world and mankind . really a shame and how would someone like that do to a child . I wish someone would put these staff in these cages and treat the same way and i am sure its hell for them . …. try it to all people who abuse and hit those monkeys and they should be put in hell . we should show our kindness and speak for them . i couldn’t get out of my head when i see these video of the youngs ones hugging each other out of fear like human children , why can’t u all people see that ? … what the matter with u sick people .

  • MMB says:

    Dont make those animals suffer, you will suffer for the rest of your life otherwise. Think they are part of your family. Eespect them .

  • mash says:

    STOP ANIMAL SUFFERING they are part of us, they have a life like u and me. respect them like your children.

  • Maureen says:

    These monkeys are our cousins.

  • Katherine L. says:

    RESPECT ALL EARTHLINGS, especially the ones with no voice. ESPECIALLY THESE our brethern of this planet. We are their voice and we command you stop this now.

  • Jimmy Canara says:


  • sheina says:

    that’s really sad those people are sick, and their families should be taken from them

  • ummm..monkeys says:

    It’s so sad that we are making these poor monkeys suffer and for what toxicity testing/efficacy for drugs and other medical substances that can vastly increase quality of life, studies of infectious disease, such as HIV and hepatitis that can save millions of people; neurological studies such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, studing key behavior and cognition, reproduction, genetics, and xenotransplantation for potential treatment for end-stage organ failure. Poor, poor monkeys we need to stop the scientists from murdering them in order to save millions of lives and help prevent death and disease for our babies and children in the future, they’re a bunch of selfish, war-mongering human mudpile.

  • Amber says:

    When I feel sad about something I like to come to peta scour pages and cry so I realize that there are things alot worse going on in the world and it motivates me to push harder so that I can do what I feel what my life was meant for; to help animals.

  • alex gerry says:

    Think of your international reputation. Stop the hideous traffic of monkeys NOW!!!

  • Ncholas says:

    Stop transporting animals to cruelty

  • Caroline Westbrook-Jones says:

    God the creator, did not create mankind to destroy creation, mankind destroys creation through reckless and misguided use of freewill ……

  • Anon says:

    Now if we can just stop them from breaking guitars.

  • Nikki says:

    Animals value life just as much as we do! They are beautiful beings who do not deserve to suffer!

  • Anna Duvstjärna says:

    You have to help stopping this cruelty immedetly! Its horryfing and doesnt belong in the year of 2013! This is a horryfing and so cruel. Stop this Please!!!! think about this poor animals and the suffering and pai they have to go true…please open your hearts..its another day for all of you in paradis…dont forget that

  • Janine Köppe says:


  • GRANT says:

    i got an email from peta a couple days ago urging to call (china eastern) airlines about them transporting primates on their planes..310-649-3994..well i just got off the phone with a guy who spoke with an accent that called himself”joe” and told me that china eastern stopped primate transport 2 years ago?..dont know if he was blowing smoke up my ass or not but again his name was joe @customer i dont know

  • Courtney Reid says:

    Please stop this horrific way of doing “business” These animals are scard and terrified and then uopn arrival are treated even worse. Why are human beigs so numb to the suffering and pain of other species on this planet. How can they sleep at night? Pleae help stop this!

  • Melissa says:

    God bless & protect all animals on the planet. Peace, Love & Furbabies.

  • Aschbacher Lucie says:

    Stop à toutes ses atrocités !

  • deborah says:

    don t torture animals we must protect them

  • Sandra says:

    No animal should be involved in experiments unless they had died of natural causes.

  • Marta says:

    All 2012 Victories are showing clearly that goodness and kindness is taking over 🙂

  • Manel Dias says:

    Thank You United Airlines. Thankyou for showing the world that you care for the innocent & defenceless animals in the world. This is a New Eras we live in No need to inflict & Abuse such helpless animals for testing. Last month I avoided United Airlines when travelling to US. I am glad now I can go with this airlines. Please BE KIND TO ANIMALS. THEY ARE SENTIENT BEINGS & BELONG TO THIS MOTHER EARTH…THE SAME AS WE.

  • MARGUERITE says:


  • chander kumar soni says:

    stop abusing animals.

  • Randall says:

    Is it really a victory if they barely or never shipped animals for this purpose already? When are you going to work on actual carriers that do the bulk of shipments to research facilities instead of these familiar companies that barely have anything to do with it? This thing is like saying “Victory! Hindus pledge not to eat beef.”

  • Jacinte Lavoie says:

    please stop crualty

  • alex says:

    What about people dying from Aids everyday? If treatment are not tested on primates, we will continue to die from Aids. As laboratories which have enough funds are all located in North America or Europe, Africans will continue to die from Aids without animals testing (plus note that primates are also infected by HIV). Money is one thing. Mankind welfare is another.

  • Kathryn says:

    Thank you so much for honouring truth, compassion and the way. Thank you for stopping the unaceptable cruelty and wickedness of this trade. Thank you for showing the higher human qualaties of compasssion to emotionally evolved animals that have all the same feelings and emotions as we do, animals who are Non Human Persons with feelings of Love and oneness with us! Thank you God for everything! and for this transformation of horrific human ignorance to people choosing to do the right thing! With deepest respect and gratitude, Kathryn

  • Kat mullin says:

    Wise choice. You are more respected bc of it.

  • Krista N. says:

    I am so so happy that we got victory in this matter I had many people I know send the emails to UA as well and it feels great having been a part of this and taking another measure to keep animals safe! It means alot.

  • Janice Usnick says:

    Thank you United. I’m flying with you all for now on,..

  • Sara says:

    Please stop animal shipment for experiments.