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Victory! Texas Tech Drops Cruel Cat Lab

Written by PETA | December 29, 2009
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A few weeks ago, we were thrilled to report that Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) agreed to stop using homeless cats obtained from Odessa Animal Control in deadly medical training exercises, but we weren’t sure whether or not Texas Tech had abandoned the practice of shoving plastic tubes down the throats of cats altogether. Well, now it’s official: News reports confirm that TTUHSC will no longer use cats for this training! I’m sure our rejected newspaper ads and celebrity support played a big part in securing this towering triumph, but the victory really belongs to the more than 30,000 (!) compassionate people who took action against TTUHSC.

With 2010 fast approaching, we’ve got a lot to celebrate, but there are still countless animals who are being tortured and killed in experiments. Let’s start the New Year by riding on the wave of our TTUHSC success and bringing the same support to the more than two dozen monkeys whom NASA intends to torture by exposing them to massive doses of dangerous radiation. Urge NASA to cancel its cruel plans and instead direct its funds to humane methods of scientific inquiry. Here’s to starting 2010 with another victory!

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • C. Dobson says:

    There are enough “practice dummies” of various types for medical training purposes. There is no need to make these animals suffer.

  • Shaun Baker says:

    Please have the heart and soul to stop torturing these animals. They can feel the pain are terrified.

  • Paulette says:

    How wonderful to hear that academics have come around and now play a positive role in animal protection. thank you.

  • Paulette says:

    How wonderful to hear that academics have come around and now play a positive role in animal protection. thank you.

  • wandis wilcox says:

    I hope the torture of animals is over; for it’s absolutely not necessary at this time with the advent of modern technology. All sentient animals need humane treatment, as they suffer just as we do. Please do and/or continue to do the compassionate thing toward all captive animals. Thank you, Wandis Wilcox

  • cheryl says:

    Please Urge all these universities, and Schools, to use only Non Animal methods for training purposes, as they are just as effective, and will save countless numbers of helpless animals that are tormented in this cruel, and barbaric excersises. And Thank You to Texas Tech who have made this a conscious effort and hopefully all others will follow Your Lead.

  • denise summer says:

    Looking forward to the day when no animal anywhere is hurt in the the so called advance of science. Let’s all continue to work hard to make this happen.

  • Patricia says:

    Unnecessary evil acts of cruety when other measures can be done, I am ashamed of those students who do this, I certainly didn’t. Use you head intelligently!!!

  • Andrew Kotka says:

    I was thinking about how these lettered persons can end up being in a place where the infliction of unnecessary cruelty is not given a second thought (one like “Is this really necessary?’ or “Haven’t we got a better way of teaching what our students have to learn by now, I mean we claim to be in the modern era but still inflict harm on animals in the name of helping & curing?”). The thought came to me that the usually bearded lecturers are educating the student into a mindset that they have previously been well indoctrinated into themselves. One where the process, steeped in a tradition of sorts, outweighs real progress in the field. A mindset where any means justifies the end. And what is the end? Well maybe its the means itself. From there we go to the inner character of these fiends-in-the-field. I mean what type of person can really perform & have others perform the same cruel ‘experiments’ over & over without a care for the live subject’s rights-to-some-digntiy? We at PETA might be able to see this better than they can, not having to bloody up our hands by the infliction of yea seemingly unnecessary fiendish ‘medical behaviour’. It is that some persons are either born mean or made mean & to pay homage for letters to the hairy bloody hands of some well soiled-up persons, one is forced to accept the practises, even as a part of self. Thus one is remade in the image of their maker in this venue. Trauma training is part & parcel of training up the cattle to do thy (thy lettered well connected maker) will thus maintaining the process whether your gutself really likes it or not. Underlings made in the image of thy lettered-maker become the current crop-of-prop holding up whatever tradition is deemed by UniCaesar (Unilever-age) to be thy holy way in perpetuity. Fact is not everyone out there or in there or up there is a nice caring compassionate actual human being. Go read David Icke’s material you people & know that the authoritahs-in-high-places got there by leaving their compassion at the door & left it there on the way out as a better career move to moving onward & upward into that shadowy realm of cloak & dagger in the back position jockeying. It is all about the career first, maintaining a set tradition second, burying the underlings in the rites & rituals of bloodletting for our cause (our career among the ELITE) for controlling the plane of compassion in their total being. Control this aspect of self to control the emotional output of the underling. Turn it into a compliant, non questioning drone to the process of ritual & tradition.

    The hairy bloody handed ones see our compassion for the lowly creatures in their scheme of things to be a great weakness. Compassion is for the weaker subspecies. Torture-killing in our traditions name is the basis of the Illuminati mind clone’s strength, so it must be performed. And sh1t, they just plain get off on it.

  • Alana Crow says:

    Thanks for all of the great humane work you do! I love you guys:)

  • Lori Kegler says:

    It is unconscionable to put these sweet animals through such torture! You do not have the right to hurt them. Grow a soul and a conscience and quit this brutality.

  • ********* says:

    its a shame

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