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Victory for Seals! WTO Upholds EU Ban on Seal Fur

Written by PETA | November 25, 2013

This morning, the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled that the EU can legally ban the import of seal fur and other products because of “moral concerns.” The WTO wasn’t persuaded at all by Canada’s claim that the slaughter can be humane. This victory follows appeals by EU resident Jude Law, who wrote to the WTO on PETA U.K.’s behalf, and Canadian Pamela Anderson, who wrote to the WTO on PETA’s behalf, urging it to do just what it’s done. Previously, PETA also got music legends Joan Jett, Iggy Pop, and Sarah McLachlan to weigh in, requesting that the WTO hearings be open so that the public could be fully informed and better able to submit comments to the WTO panel deciding the case.

Happy Seal©Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Says Pamela through her newly founded Pamela Anderson Foundation, “The World Trade Organization’s decision to uphold the EU’s ban on seal fur is a huge victory for seals, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I hope that my native Canada will drop its appeal immediately, rather than continuing to waste millions of taxpayer dollars and tarnishing my country’s reputation around the world.”

Since there are now no remaining markets for seal fur, the WTO’s ruling may be the final nail in the sealing industry’s coffin. Instead of squandering millions more in taxpayer dollars appealing yet another international ruling against it, Canada should pursue a buyout.

What You Can Do

We have reached a tipping point in the campaign but still need your help. Please speak up for seals by taking action.

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  • thank you to Peta and every individual that is helping all these poor animals all this cruelty to these animals must stop

  • Liana Cicchinelli says:

    I am so glad!!! Cannot stop thinking about these beautiful and innocent animals and the way they are killed and tortured in name of fashion..Hope one day this cruelty will stop and these seals can have a good life. Thanks Peta for all your work and thanks all the people that support this cause.

  • Maria Williams says:

    Animals are living, breathing, sentient beings. Like humans, they have a heartbeat, they reproduce, they care for their young, they feel pain, pleasure, fear, contentment and want to live a life free in their own environment. I cannot believe that animals are regarding as “property” and as such people are free to do what they please with these precious, sentient beings. I still cannot comprehend how any person can have absolutely no regard whatsoever for the pain and suffering billions of animals endure every year at the hands of heartless, cruel people. But, I will do whatever I can to change that. Giving up is not an option. From a mouse to a great white shark, animals are not match to the relentless evil that exists at the hands of so many people in this world. I carry a very deep perpetual sadness and pain with me at the thought of what these precious beings endure every moment of their miserable lives thanks to the greed of so many people in this world. It makes me sick to my stomach.

  • Chris Pozgar says:

    With so many awesome alternatives available for us to choose from….
    It’s hard to imagine why anyone from anywhere would want to
    kill a living being to stay warm. Very sad commentary for the
    Human Race.

  • Andrew Wells says:

    Fur is a terrible fashion statment and should be treated like human skin. Well cared for and on the animal it belongs to!!

  • animal,s need r voice ,i,m glad we r getting famous people 2 help r struggle against this evil cruelty being carried out on r animal.s

  • the human race as to stop this out right cruelty 2 animal,s of any kind

  • melissa heron says:

    we don’t need animals’ fur. leave out. Only cottons is warmer.