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Victory! Robert ‘Retired’ From Experiments at University of Utah

Written by PETA | December 11, 2009



Earlier this week, PETA called on caring people to urge the University of Utah to retire Robert, a sweet tabby purchased by the school for $15 from the Davis County animal shelter and used in a cruel experiment in which his skull was cut open and electrodes were implanted.

PETA has just received confirmation from university officials that Robert will be retired from the laboratory and adopted into a new home. Hip, hip, hooray!

While we pause to celebrate Robert’s release, we cannot forget that other homeless cats and dogs purchased from animal shelters are still languishing in the University of Utah’s laboratories.

Please speak out in their behalf by contacting the school again. Demand an end to its cruel betrayal of dogs and cats in shelters by telling the school to stop purchasing homeless animals for painful—and often lethal—experiments. Let’s work to protect other vulnerable animals like Robert from this awful fate, shall we?

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Adry says:

    How do you know that this kitten is really in a home?. Who are the people who adopted it?. I hope we can verify that this truth and Robert kitten into a home

  • lisa says:

    I have to agree with other comments on here we would like to see proof of this i wont believe this till ive actually seen the proof the University could of just said this because of all the pressure they have received by Peta and us i hope PETA will monitor this and makes sure the University are true their word and that he go’s to a special caring home he deserves as he will have medical conditions and trauma due to what he has been through.

  • Michelle says:

    Shalom Robert and Happy Hannukah to you on your first day of freedom. We have a big yellow in our house too and he says MEOW welcome home. My husband volunteers three times a week in the local animal shelter and has helped them put in place a moratorium on any adoptions for lab animal use. It was a proud moment for him. Now if we could just find them all good homes.

  • carole obrien says:

    If robert is released can we please see pictures of him and the wounds he suffered PROVE HE IS OUT DONT JUST SAY HE IS

  • Aditya mandre says:

    why dont you fg go SELL your self?? you think its funny? the university should be closed shut down burnt or thrown stones.. .

  • linda dunne says:

    Thank God for small mercies and thank you Peta for trying to save all these animals. Lets hope and pray for a better future where any type of animal experimentatiotortureabuse neglectkilling would be outlawed and absolutely unthinkable where man and animal can live in peace love and harmony.

  • NORMA DUVALL says:


  • Tiffany says:

    Happy Holidays Robert!!! We fought for you sweetheart and you will be safe now! Please know there are alot of good humans out here that fought for you and love you so much!! We will keep fighting for your other furry friends as well! Merry Christmas your beautiful little fur angel!!!

  • Yuke says:

    All the best…Robert Thank you so much PETA!!!

  • Christina says:

    These universities try to justify doing these experiments by saying they are finding a cure for cancer or some other medical excuse.We don’t need to do experiments on animals to fight cancer we just need to change the way we live. We eat garbage and pump poisons into our eniviorments. If we want back a few centuries there was no cancer or aids. Nature has all the cures.

  • Sandera says:

    I am moving to SLC permanently this coming week and if Robert wasn’t adopted by then I wanted to take him. Such a beautiful little cat. I was once considering going to the University of Utah for schoolBut I absolutely REFUSE to even apply or set foot on their campus until they stop animal testing experiments research whatever the heck they call it! It has got to stop! NOW!!! Please!!

  • Sue Trayling says:

    Thank God they listened to us! Hooray!

  • Stephanie says:

    I am thrilled that Robert has been released from this hell and welcomed into a loving home if it is in fact true. I agree with the others how are we to know they’re telling the truth? I would like some evidence to support their claim. I also want us all to stay focused on all the other creatures still suffering at the University of Utah labs.

  • meow says:

    Let’s all stop this madness now! We can do this!! Send the University of Utah a very strong message… Here are all of the email addresses from the University’s Brain Institute… directly from their website… Start a massive email campaign now! Get you and your friend to cut and paste these email addresses right into their email address window and write a mass email demanding they stop this inhumane practice and that the world is watching! Let’s hit them with hundred… thousands of emails to demand they stop… pass it on! Thomas Parks is the executive director there who is in charge of the animal testing policy… he’s first on the list!

  • alex says:

    this is such great news! i hope he lives a long healthy life! i love peta and everyone thats a part of it!

  • Marian says:

    I work at an animal shelter and we would NEVER adopt out an animal to be tested on. I find this extremely appalling that a “society” dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abused and neglected animals would send an animal into such a horrendous life of torture. Why even bother at that point? Who is doing this?

  • Cindy Rodriguez says:

    STOP using these voiceless animals to experiment and draw pain. I would love for people to have to go through what animals go through…then maybe things would change!!

  • Denise Signorile says:

    I agree with everyone else …although it is good news that Robert will be adopted into a forever home how do we know it’s true and the University really did let him go. Hopeing with all my heart that it is!!!!

  • MeLissa says:

    I could not believe it when I heard not only that the animal shelters in Utah are selling these poor homeless animals to the University of Utah but that the University is buying them an performing cruel experiments on them. It makes me ashamed to say that I live in Utah. Hooray for poor Roberts release I hope he lives a long and happy life in his new home. Let’s all not forget to not give up the fight for the animals that cannot speak for themselves!

  • Terri says:

    Thank You Peta for a great will job done ..Robert it’s Great to see u will be in a better place w people that will love you and treat you the way you should be treated.Hugs kisses

  • NT says:

    Hope Robert lives a long happy life and that he gives humans a second chance. Those who experimented on him are not really humans they’re monsters. Hope he doesn’t have permanent physical damage. His psychological trauma will take a while to heal…

  • Joan says:

    Using pound animals is BAD SCIENCE that does not help people and can even hurt people as the results are not truly scientifically obtained from a controlled experiment. Civilized schools stopped using pound animals long ago. Utah is living in the past. But laws need to be passed that STOP pound seizure and many states like just about all the east coast states have them. They just don’t allow pound seizure. It is illegal. It takes people to go to legislators and DEMAND changes to laws. You can do it folks! Demand that your county or town stop selling animals for experiments also known as pound seizure. Also GET YOUR PET MICROCHIPPED! These research labs are required to check for microchips!

  • Samantha says:

    Darling Robert enjoy your new life precious baby. And may the scum who ever laid evil hands on you perish in Hell. That picture sickened me to my very soul.

  • Cat Lady says:

    Thank you for saving this cat. Animal testing is very wrong and it needs to end! I am very proud that my family and I are vegetarians and we DO NOT BUY products that are tested on animals! Proctor and Gamble needs to change there ways if they do I feel like other smaller companies will follow. STOP ANIMAL TESTING!!!

  • Amy says:

    Yay Robert! I really hope he goes to a nice home. If I lived in the States damn rights I would adopt him! And now to just get the rest of the animals out of the lab…

  • candi says:

    If Robert needs a home he’d be welcomed in mine here in CA! That cat deserves the world after all the hell he’s been through Please keep us updated of where he goes.. please.

  • Tawny says:

    U of Utah lab told me last week Robert “had been adopted.” I didn’t believe them and here is the proof. This week they are telling PETA that Robert “will be adopted.” What is really going on with Robert? We don’t know because U of Utah is telling different stories.

  • sad says:

    tht is so sad to read and c a cute cuddly cat go through torture … very insane .. the school should face a law suit to prove as an example to the other schools who are encouraging such practices . i wish the ppl responsible get huge blisters in their ass “!

  • Arleta says:

    what kind of sick experiments are they doing there? I mean what scientific good is to implant a cat some electrods in its brain?! I don’t get it! it sounds more like something Dr.Mengele the malefic nazi would do than real science!

  • M says:

    I agree university officials gave PETA confirmation that Robert will be retired from the laboratory and adopted but is there any way to find out if Robert truly has found a home? I hope PETA will confirm the university officials’ confirmation to be absolutely sure. Please keep us posted.

  • vegancoin says:

    great victory this is wonderful news. and this just goes to show that human depravity knows no limits.

  • Dee says:

    This is WONDERFUL news but the fight must never stop for the humane treatment of animals the realization that they are not here for our amusement and that they have a dignity and grace that we would all do well to emulate.

  • Carla* says:

    All the best Robert!!! Hugs and kisses!! Thanks to you Peta!!

  • Giulia says:

    I agree with Cristine. How we can be sure Robert will be allright and will have a lovely family that will take care of him? I hope PETA will make controls on it. Let us know thank You.

  • Francisco Martinez says:

    I want to adopt this sweet cat … I swear I cry everytime I see this poor cat. Thanks PETA for all you do….

  • Brittany says:

    Wow I cannot believe how disgusting cruel and immoral Utah University is. Rather do experiments on poor innocent animals they need to do it to theirselves. This NEEDS to STOP RIGHT NOW. Who the hell would even want to go to the Univeristy. I hope that everyone involved goes to hell for murder.

  • Theresa Samanas says:

    Why don’t we lobby to prevent animal shelters from adopting out animals to “entities” of any kind? We can continue to implore these entities themselves not to conduct such atrocities but at the same time lobby local governments to impose laws or ordinances preventing at least governmentrun animal shelters from allowing animals to be “sold” to entities like universities and laboratories.

  • Jose Pineros says:

    I’m so happy but we must wait to know actually which home addopted him and be sure he is not going to be send to anothe shelter.

  • cristine says:

    That’s good. But can we believe that they are saying the truth? Can we have pictures of the cat in his new house with the newspaper of the day? I mean these people are crazy I don’t trust them at all I think it is necessary to be sure that their intentions are good or maybe is just to stop Petas activism. Poor cat.

  • Dee says:

    So happy that Robert finally find a forever home and family that love him and treated him better. Please stop using animals as a subject of experiment…they can feel pain and misery too.

  • Carolyn says:

    am ashamed to call myself human. We are the worst single thing to happen to earth and seems we will not be happy until we destroy it and everything on it. Shame on us and our ignorance and greed and ability to look the other way while suffering goes on.

  • Christine Hinman says:

    Time to put some pressure on University of Utah

  • carla says:

    Yay!!!!!!!!!! You go Peta!!! Beautiful Cat !

  • Kathy says:

    GREAT NEWS! I wish it was happy news for all animals.

  • Nazan Bilgin says:

    Free the lab animals NOW this is not science this is pure torture and those who have no mercy will receive no mercy themselves sooner or later. Wake up and stop. Be a real scientist and develop better ways for the science itself. Use of animals that is animal torture is not one. Before it is too late for your very own self stop it. For a happier and more positive planet…

  • valerie timms says:

    That’s sick!!! Human experimenting is not accepted!! How is animal experimentation accepted. I don’t care what human medical breakthroughs you make with these experiments!!! They are wrong and not based on morality but based on personal advancement at the cost of living creatures. We as humans are no more important maybe even less than these innocent animals!! I am embarrassed to admit I am part of a species that would do this to another!! Stop Now!!!

  • paula says:

    Yes! Such a victory…. Robert resonates with alot of us so so much because I’m sure a lot of us have cats. I’m so happy for him and that he’ll get to live the life he was meant to. But lets not forget about all of the other animals like Robert that we have to fight for!

  • Jasey says:

    THis makes my day!!! HOoray for Robert. I hope the rest of his life is long and happy.

  • nina says:

    I just read what university of Utah is doing to animals and it’s absolutely outrageous and immoral and cruel! Why did poor cat like Robert deserved to get a hole in his scull for painful experiments?? Stop playing God and leave those poor animals alone! They can feel pain just as humans just because they cannot speak doesn’t make their pain less painful. Find yourself a new project university of Utah one that doesn’t involve living beings. It is totally inhumane and people doing such horrible experiments should be behind bars!!! We who fight for animal rights will not stop fighting until cruelty stops! Nina

  • Christina says:

    One saved….how many more to go?! I wish we could save them all.