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Victory: Portsmouth, Virginia, Curbs Chaining

Written by PETA | September 27, 2012

Wow! Less than a month after PETA spoke in front of the City Council of Portsmouth, Virginia, about the need for legislation to end the continuous chaining of dogs, officials voted unanimously—that’s seven to zip—in favor of a three-hour limit on chaining in any 24-hour period. We’d like 24/7, but this is a wonderful change from lifetime chaining!

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Portsmouth is just across the Elizabeth River from PETA’s hometown of Norfolk, and it has now become the latest neighboring community (and one of many across the country) to outlaw round-the-clock chaining of dogs. In July, our hard work paid off when Hampton banned chaining altogether. At our urging, Norfolk and Virginia Beach had previously enacted limits on tethering dogs.

What You Can Do

Chained dogs are often at the end of their ropes, both literally and figuratively—miserable, lonely, and vulnerable to weather extremes and violent predators, not to mention a significant threat to public safety. Please help chained dogs by working to pass a chaining ordinance in your community.

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  • Rocco Sirico says:

    No animal should be chained

  • Sandra Spencer says:

    SMH should be barred from owning animals. If she thinks that chaining a dog for any amount of time is ok she is totally wrong and abusive towards dogs. My large dog has been trained with love and kindness and is very obedient and stays with me without chains or crates.

  • Notta Sheep says:

    Congrats. Now dogs that are owned by people who cannot put up fencing for whatever reason, or dogs who jump fences and are only safely able to enjoy fresh air and sunshine when they are on a tether will be restricted to three hours a day of sun and fresh air. I’m sure that’s exactly what they wanted! Now they can stay indoors all day when it’s beautiful outside instead of enjoying the outside. Not all dogs that are tethered are abused or neglected. I’d go so far as to say most aren’t. I know mine aren’t. They live indoors primarily, but when I am outside working in my organic gardens and flowerbeds, I like the company of my safely contained dogs. They like to be outside with me as well. For hours, many days, as we enjoy the outdoors. When you will you all realize that a chain/tether/leash/collar/crate does not abuse dogs? People do. A chain/tether/leash/collar/crate is an inanimate object incapable of committing cruelty. If someone is going to neglect a dog, they’re going to neglect it whether it’s on a chain, in a fence, in a crate, in a mansion. *SMH*