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Victory! Plans for Mega-Dairy Dumped

Written by PETA | February 16, 2011

After nearly a year of campaigning by PETA U.K. and massive opposition from U.K. residents who care about the Earth and animals, Nocton Dairies has withdrawn its application to build a 3,770-cow mega-dairy, which would have been the largest dairy factory farm in the U.K. More than 6,000 of the 14,000 registered objections received by the district council came from PETA U.K. supporters!

This great news means that thousands of cows will be spared the misery of enduring intensive confinement and artificial impregnation year after year, only to have their terrified calves yanked away from them within a day of being born.

cariliv/cc by 2.0

According to a Nocton Dairies spokesperson, the factory farming industry’s agenda is to “produce more with less”— in other words, to squeeze every last drop of milk from mother cows. Let’s show them that they don’t need to bother: Sip on tasty, cruelty-free soy, almond, or rice milk instead, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • ocean17 says:

    good job PETA UK. read fast food nation if you have any questions, yes this cow prison should have never even been considered. yeesh.

  • nancy says:

    Thank you PETA UK!

  • Mr Tingle says:

    Oh of course, produce more with less obviously means less suffering for the animals, what sunshine la-la land did you wake up in this morning? This cow prison should never have been considered, and we’ll fight them from opening one anywhere else in the UK. Nocton Daries have said they’re not going to sell the land and they’re still having pipes and utilities fitted up to the fields boundarys, so something is going on.

  • get real says:

    “produce more with less” could mean alot of different things. it could mean producing more milk with less waste and less harm to the animals

  • kevin says:

    PETA doesn’t get it. As long as the demand is there, it will be filled. What difference does it make if it’s 1 huge farm or 10 smaller ones? The animals will suffer the same. Our focus should be on eliminating demand, not regulating industry.