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Victory! Overstock Stops Selling Exotic Skins

Written by PETA | January 5, 2010

At the rate victories are rolling in, 2010 is set to be a great year for animals! In addition to a victory for greyhounds, yesterday, online mega-retailer announced that it will no longer sell products made from exotic skins. Chair and CEO Patrick Byrne made the announcement that his company would remove all listings of items with alligator, lizard, ostrich, stingray, eel, shark, and kangaroo skin from Overstock after he viewed our newest exotic-skins footage and was prompted to make a change for his company, his customers, and animals. “I do not believe that animal skins should be treated as decorative objects,” he said.


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From decapitated lizards to clubbed alligators, millions of animals suffer each year in the global leather industry, even though there are tons of cruelty-free, chic alternatives to animal skins. You can send a powerful message to those who profit from this cruel industry—and convince other companies to follow in the footsteps of Overstock and H&M—by pledging to shed exotic skins from your wardrobe and by sharing our exposé on Facebook.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • T. McCormack says:

    As a Wildlife Biologist and Professional No Kill Snake Trapper I have always been disgusted when exotic animals are killed for there skins. I am so glad Overstock is doing this. May Peta be able to stop more of this.

  • klarasun says:

    Many don’t think about what they wear but customers can buy only what they get offered. Show the footage and there are no excuses left… Nobody should sell exotic skin and the less companies sell it the more animals can feel safe. Thank you very much PETA !!!

  • WIL says:


  • bet10 says:

    2 decades or so ago I bought a leather jacket.. at a time when it was quite fashionable to wear leather.. and even before I was aware of hte cruelty in volved in the use of animal skinsfurs trade.. I dont’ konw why.. but I could never wear it.. and have never ever since worn leather.. not even a leather belt.. maybe jsut my subconscious or something else.. anyway it just didnt’ feel right.. in fact it felt very wrong.. and uncomfortable.. I guess sometimes.. you ‘just know’..same goes with fur.. if someone gave me something made of real animal fur even if just fur trim.. I could not wear it.. even MORE so now that I am aware of the terrible cruelty involved in the confinement of animals the process and production of fur…

  • Peggy Lovick says:

    THank GOd and Bravo to Overstock! I may actually use them as a new place to shop!

  • Rex's Mom says:

    Unfortunately there are still some celebrities who while they may no longer wear fur will still buy clothing made from reptile skins. And just because some stores may no longer carry fur garments or accessories they still do stock clothing made from exotic animals. There has to be a crackdown on all of this.

  • chris jones says:


  • Shari says:

    Hurray!! Totally great! 2010will be a great year for our animals!

  • Chris says:

    Those video’s make me sick to my stomach but that’s what makes them so effective. Good job PETA!!

  • Marie-Claude Bernier says:

    Good job o

  • Jo says:

    There are fakes for all these skins that are more durable don’t aggrevate allergies or carry disease are easy to clean and last longer. No reason to kill animals when the superior fakes exist!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    It’s mortifying that in the 21st century people still wear animals furs and skins when humane and crueltyfree alternatives are more inexpensive and aesthetic.

  • Marissa says:

    Thats awesome good job Peta and thank you overstock.