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Victory: Nike Suspends Vick Contract

Written by PETA | July 27, 2007

PETA_Nike_demonstration_NYC.jpgFollowing PETA protests outside Niketown stores and countless calls and emails to the company asking that they cut ties with Michael Vick in light of horrific allegations of his involvement with dogfighting rings, Nike has released the following statement:

“Nike has suspended Michael Vick’s contract without pay, and will not sell any more Michael Vick product at Nike-owned retail at this time.”

As a result, we have called off our planned protests outside Nike stores around the country. Thanks to everyone who wrote to the company about this issue or attended the demonstrations, and thanks to Nike for doing the right thing by ending its association with someone accused of torture.

Reebok has also made the decision to stop sales of Michael Vick apparel, stating:

“While we respect the legal process we find the allegations against Mr. Vick too disturbing to ignore, therefore, we have decided to immediately suspend selling Vick NFL product, both at retail and online through the Reebok website.”

This is great news for anyone who is concerned about cruelty to animals, and we hope that it sends a strong message to the NFL that they need to do the same thing and suspend Michael Vick immediately, pending the outcome of this case. To send a message to the NFL asking them to get on with that, please click here.

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  • Heather says:

    One of the saddest comments up here was the person who was worried about the money that Michael Vick was losing by having his endorsements suspended. If Michael Vick were to be found innocent of any of the variety of charges he will hardly have suffered financially. To worry about a very wealthy man who most likely is involved in horrific treatment of living creatures losing a tiny percentage of his vast wealth is really sad. About the people who took the time to post their support of dog fighting and Michael Vick… well… this is why there is a PETA. I guess we can hope that the likes of them are not allowed to carry out what they are capable of. Hopefully their numbers will become fewer and there will come a day when all they can do is post their opinions on blogs and not actually carry out any acts of cruelty. To the Nike employee you’re right there is no excuse for threats and nastiness but please understand how truly frustrating the world is for animal advocates. Most of us do not stoop to those levels. I’m sorry you had to go through any stress. PETA has done a lot for animals. Their work is important. And I thank them for helping the animals that they have helped and their continued work against animal cruelty.

  • Melissa DePaul says:

    After reading many of the comments posted by both sides I find some content perplexing. Yet I have been able to determine that the Vick supporters do not express grammatical spelling or ethical genius. I suppose it’s all interpretation.

  • Lisa Dellwo says:

    Dog fighting is cruel and wrong. People who have morals and a concious can not just “get used to it.” People who participate in this horrific past time and others who say we should get used to it deserve to be put in the ring themselves. These animals are forced to fight inorder to try and defend themselves. These animals are NOT born mean or born as killing machines. If that was the case there would be NO training needed or additional drugs. When this breed came about they were known as family dogs and if the ignorant people would take the time to see these dogs in a loving and caring household they would think differently. I rescued one myself. She was used as bait hung by her neck only taken out when she was needed. She still has the scar of the nuse around her neck scars on her sholder and head. She is the best thing that has happend to my husband and I. The sweetest. She has a little pug sister who she loves. The thing is any breed can be MADE mean. If the animal is put into the hands of a true animal anything can be turned mean. All in all I say Vick and everyone else out there who thinks dog fighting is great fun should be put away. Vick has not been convicted yet but if you saw the views of his house he would have been blind to not know what was going on. He is obviously playing dumb. Animals do not of voices to speak for themselves we need to speak for them. All the ignorant people should truly look deep into the mangled faces of dogs that have been in a dog fighting environment. There is a personality there that was never aloud to come out and be loved.

  • Nina says:

    This IS a VICTORY for animal’s!!! These poor soul’s WERE on Vick’s property! And there ARE witnesses what more do you negative asshat’s that say guilty before innocencecrapand hiding behind animal’s! We the so called convictor’s DONT need anymore proof we just know all that was found on HIS property and those poor soul’s that lost their live’s and the one’s that were found in horrendous condition’s needing medical care. I know I AM ALL FOR the CONDEMNATION of EVERY SUBHUMAN CREEP!!!!

  • M.A. Prio says:

    I just want to remind people who insist on “innocent until proven guilty” that the principle is a purely judicial concept. That means that a government cannot impose punishment prison fines without the accused first undergoing due process. It does not mean individuals may not act in response to credible information. For example a wife has every right to leave a husband she believes is cheating or a friend to break off with someone they know has done them wrong. Even in criminal cases individuals have the right to reach conclusions and engage in lawful actions e.g. protests as opposed to unlawful actions such as beatings against someone they have reason to believe has engaged in wrongdoing. Again only governmentimposed sanctions require a previous conviction.

  • Renee says:

    YEA!!! For all animal compassionate people and organizations! I am so bummed to see people supporting Vick. I can only think that anyone who would support Vick’s behavior is more than likely just as sick as he is…pathological abusers support pathological abusers. Wow…truly bummed at the lack of respect for innocent life. Yikes.

  • B.G. says:

    Vick is a sick person and needs to be put away from society. Vick needs to go to jail and become the bitch he wants to be! Maybe what he was doing to the dogs was just a form of projection something he wanted done to himself. Send Vick to jail and just maybe his dreams will come true!

  • M F Power says:

    Don’t worry fellow Vick fans and dogfighting enthusiasts! Vick will be playing during the regular season! All these morons from PETA are doing is wasting thier time. Go Vick! Innocent until proven guilty. This is America you know.

  • Angela says:

    To all you Michael Vick fans and dogfighting enthusiasts You are a total waste of oxygen for supporting Michael Vick and dog fighting. The devil awaits your arrival when your time on this earth is over! Hopefully Dick I mean Vick will meet a nice BIG dog lover in jail who will take care of him and give him some lovin’!!!!

  • Coach says:

    Well Peta who have gotten your ENABLER…Your prized CATAPULTOR. You have touched the hearts of some many people with your depiction of what filed charges against Mr. Vick. Yes filed charges not a conviction however you and organizations like yours have already CONVICTED Mr. Vick. The NFL and NIKE have cowed down to your picketing tactics. I say picket so what but we until Mr. Vick is convicted the NFL and NIKE should continue to support him. Let’s not forget about the ATLANTA FALCONS they have all sold out to the idea that your picketing would jeopardize innocent bystanders. That’s BS it was all done for publicity to say we understand and when Mr. Vick is cleared the NFL NIKE and ATLANTA FALCONS will be calling on Mr. Vicks with some subdued apology. And yeah PETA will you offer such an apologywith your upright moral standards. I’m pretty sure if the surface of the PETA organization is exposed it’s for sure fraud and misconduct would be exposed. So go ahead and have your day “It’s been said that the sun does shine on a dog’s $$” NJoy!

  • Devin says:

    rigbit Your comments both prove your ignorance and prejudice. I doubt your husband is an AfricanAmerican. As a matter of fact I doubt you are married. You obviously haven’t read Michael Vick’s indictment and therefore are relying on what you’ve heard about the case from others which is the epitome of ignorance. He was not named in the indictment as having participated in the killing of any of the dogs. And the fact that you are willing to “hang” a man till he is dead a man who has not been convicted let alone accused of maltreatment to animals is very scary. Maybe you should at least gather all the facts before condemning a man to death. And anybody who is willing to condemn him before he even has his trial is frightfully disturbed.

  • M F Power Rules says:

    Why God Why are you ugys arguing with each other on the internet?

  • Jayme Rothenberger says:

    YEAHHHH !!!…i love peta… i do not protest with peta but i do sread the word and i do consider myself an animal activist and im 13…but im SOOOO happy that micheal vick is suspended without pay….because people that are famouse seem to be getting off with some pretty weird stuff OJ….i think micheal vick should be sentenced at least 5 years in prison …cuz if he were a regular citizen in the US and in some other countries too and he was caught dogfighting he would be charged on animal cruelty and would be in prison….buttt its a start to a better life for animals soo i cant complain tooo much..I 3 PETA

  • Jayme says:

    YEAH..VICTORY!!!!!…..we dont need any more famous people getting any special treatment….if he were a regular citizen anywhere in the US or out in some countrues..he would be sent to jail for 5 years…well i guess getting suspended without pay is one step closer to a better country..GO PETA !!!

  • Teresa says:

    I see abused animals including cruelty cases from dogfighting in our local shelter every week. Peta’s action and SUCCESS so far in this matter gives me hope. I challenge anyone to care for one of these mutilated dogs and say “get used to it”. I am thankful for the opportunity to help in the campaign.

  • VICK SUPPORTER !!!!! says:

    you people are so against VICK. what about the other 2 defendants ? what about the snitch who admitted to killing some of the pit bulls. i have not heard there name mentioned. in reading most comments i have not heard any of you people PETa say you will take one of the pit bulls for a pet. why not you say you are animal lovers!!!! BLACK PEOPLE BOYSCOTT NIKE AND REEBOK!!!! LET THEM KNOW WHO BUYS THEIR PRODUCTS!!!

  • ann says:

    animal lovers pls go to type in ” micheal vick ” on the far righthand side next to search u ll find many funny design bumper sticker tee shirtmughat etc i bought 4 bumper stickers for each member of the family.

  • tasha says:

    Victory! I am so proud of Nike and Reebok for doing hte right thing! I am also proud to be a part of the fight against animal cruelty and abuse. Keep up the good work PETA supporters! Also to the people who are conserned with “innocent untill proven guilty” I just wanted to give you a reality check. Have you been watching the news lately? He practically had a dog cemetary in back of his house not to mention his own friend is about to rat him out! Do you really believe this man is innocent? Get your head out of the clouds and see what is really going on! Vick is a sick and twisted individual who deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of the law!

  • Anonymous says:

    Is he gonna play on friday? If not thankyou PETA for helpin the jets’s odds. peace

  • ej says:

    Where was PETA when dogs were used to attack people in Abu Ghraib prison. Is it not equally cruel to train a doganimal to attack humans? Just imaging the training tactits those dogs had to endure. Oddly enough I didn’t see PETA protesting the use of animals in those heinous acts. How about People for the Ethical Treatment of Every Living Thing. Your organization is bogus.

  • Peter Fotis says:


  • Heartford says:

    PETA is a joke I love KFC and I support Mike Vick. Its not up to PETA how MiKe Vick should live his life…

  • JT says:

    stupid animal freaks wait and see if he’s proven guilty first and stop protesting like a bunch of morons

  • Big L says:

    The pressure that PETA puts on corporations is a reflection of the abuse of political power that they posess. Vick has not been convicted of anything as of yet. Being happy that he is being destroyed in the media is not what PETA’s goal should be. Look at this way is PETA innocent or are they contributing to the mass media destruction of Mike Vick who like you and me is a human being. Are we valuing the life of an animal over a human being looks like it to me PETA.

  • Kenny says:

    This is crazy! I can’t believe an organization that I support has gone so overboard! The man hasn’t been found guilty and yet here you are wanting the mans lively hood taken away from him! And from the facts that are at hand its truely amazing that such a campaign has been built up! I guess I will have to reconsider my Peta membership!

  • Zack says:

    Is it me or would Vick have been better off killing a human?

  • Alevtina says:

    M F Power!!!! I too hope you decay in your own shit. Does any one else see that most Vick supporters are animal abusers themselves??? I hope Vick will pay for all of this abuse but I personally would hang him just like he did with the poor dogs.Maybe he’ll learn his lesson. No I’m not a racist. My husband is AfricanAmerican and we own a pit bull. Animal abusers should be punished!!!

  • rigbit says:

    Terrt I’m sure most of these people have seen the after pictures… to people with blackened hearts it will make no difference.

  • rigbit says:

    It’s a God given right to fight dogs??? No it’s a God given right for dogs to fight each other if they so choose. Naturally dogs will have dominance issues they have their way they work things out. But if you have to starve and torture an animal to get it to perform in your twisted entertainment it goes beyond nature. I bet you’d feel different if one of your “performers” mauled your child… would you think that’s beautiful as well? Maybe you can starve and torture your child as well so they’ll be mad enough to fight back… lets just hope you actually don’t have offspring.

  • Da Truth says:

    If Mike Vick is found not guilty. Is PETA willing to compensate him for all of his lost wages behind their protests.

  • Freedom says:

    innocent until proven guilty. innocent until proven guilty. innocent until proven guilty. innocent until proven guilty. innocent until proven guilty. innocent until proven guilty.

  • ann says:

    m f power power? i think notlol. if ur over 18 yrs old which i doubt why don’t u use ur tiny power to fight in the war? u little wee weeu jerk retard u need help!!!!! by the way do u even understand what does ” lol ” means?

  • key says:

    MF Power and Timothy you two are true idiots. I have always said that some people just should not have the right to procreate and hopefully you two won’t. Dog fighting is not a God Given right. It is a horrible crime that mean people do.It has nothing to do with the money STUPID! Like you said he doesn’t need the money. He enjoys the blood in the sport. Peta and all that are firm believers in not harming our animals make Michale Vick a big deal to let others know that we will not tolerate this from ANYONE….. big time multimillion dollar athletes will be taken down just like the small Joe Blows that engage in dogfighting. No one really cares about innocent until proven guilty anymore. Especially when it comes to the large corporations losing billions of dollars from their consumers who will not buy their products due to sponsoring someone who has been charged with such crimes. I am not a PETA fanatic but they do speak for those who can’t and I do commend them for that.

  • Katy says:

    You PETA protestors better be careful judging mike vick and wishing to prosecute him to death. Because last i heard we are all God’s children and have sinned and falling short of his glory. So please let God and our US judicial system be the judge of this case. mike vick take my advise and let God be control of this one. i would not worry about playing football or those endorsements because you can not take any of it away from here when God calls you home.

  • Anna says:

    M F Power Good thing you didn’t provide your statecity. I would have your’s and your neighbor asses thrown in jail for animal abuse. YOU SICK’IN ME YOU FUCK’IN HILLBILLY!

  • Terrt says:

    I am bewildered about why the internet and the television news programs aren’t being plastered with photos of dogs AFTER the fight is over. This image would seal the fate of anyone involved in this atrocious “sport.” But I am not seeing anything. I can’t imagine that anyone supporting Vick wouldn’t be backing off fast if people could see in living color the terrible wounds and awful deaths these poor creatures face just to amuse a few sadists.

  • Shawn says:

    1. Innocent until proven guilty refers to Trials! He will be given his day in court. It in no way refers to public opinion and everyone has a first amendment right to voice their feelings for or against Vick and the acts he is accused of. 2. Race has nothing to do with this issue. If he was a white NFL player being indicted with the same evidence the fallout would be the exact same minus all the race talk! 3. For anyone who thinks dogfighting is okay you obviously have something missing in your soul. It is both morally and legally wrong. 4. For those who believe that there is no evidence against Vick you should probably know that he is facing Federal charges and they have a 95 success rate. The Feds are usually pretty good about getting all their ducks in a row before they bring charges and in high profile cases their success rate is even higher.

  • Timothy says:

    Why would Vick give a crap about 1000 dollar dog matches? The guy makes millions a year! Mark my words He will be found innocent! No way in hell this dude is worried about a pissant kennel when he plays in the NFL. Sorry. Go VICK!!!!!!!!!!

  • M F Power says:

    Dogfighting is a GodGiven right! It will always be. My nieghbor is a dog breeder and when he fights them we watch because it is truly beautiful to see a dog being mauled to death. Vick is innocent until proven guilty. Micheal Vick Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jethro says:

    peta you guys are fucking idiots.. grow some nuts and go hunting bitches!!

  • rigbit says:

    First of all yes I do support the law and believe that everyone has their right to stand trial. BUT even a police officer is suspended while they are being investigated for an issue that has happened in the line of duty in other words on the job. Is it really gonna hurt ol’ Vick to lose a couple million in the first place? There are plenty of people in the world making less money than him and they find a way to survive. I suppose he could write a book and make it back isn’t that how they do it nowadays? And to all the people who are on here supporting Vick do you really think he gives a crap about you? Oh maybe he does… as much as he did for his animals.

  • Junko says:

    Since Vick murdered precious dogs life I strongly believe Vick need to varnish from world period. Vick does not have any humanvalue to live. We have to make sure Vick goes down. So make it good example.

  • Bubba Jones says:

    Vick almost made Peta mainstream this year. Vick is a lowlife scum. Sure you can suggest Peta do for humans what it wants for animals. But keep in mind if we treated animals right than we would also probably treat people right as well. Wanting the best for animals does not mean your ignoring the best for humans. They go hand in hand. Anyways lock that Vick scum up for a long timei never liked Peta before the Vick story broke but for some reason they were the first people i searched for on the internet to fix the situation. Go figure and go Peta.

  • Wolf Blitz says:

    Great Victory for Animals.. Glad to see Nike has a HEART and did the righth thing..

  • ann says:

    SCLC is going to honor VICK? they are out of their mind!!!!!!!! After conviction they are going to find they hv put their feet in their month once again LOL

  • Barry says:


  • CDog says:

    Can we all please get over comparing crimes? Clearly no one at PETA supports the murder of humans. This organization seeks to fill a void in the justice system because animal cruelty cases were consistently overlooked in the past. I would like to believe that our officers of the law are already arresting and prosecuting these other crimes that so many of you referred to. And as far as race is concerned are you people kidding?? There are so many real race issues in this world that should be addressed why can’t we realize that this is a crime against innocent living beings period. Final thought Those of you claiming that this is about celebrity or attention did you ever stop to think that this is a problem with mass media not PETA? All our news stations and other media outlets care about is celebrity. It is not PETA’s fault that this is what is covered. In addition what does it matter if it IS about attention? Look how many ignorant people are on this website as a result. Maybe they will actually learn something while they are here spouting off…

  • John Eley says:

    Mike Vick is an good citizen. Leave the man alone.

  • michael vick says:

    LOBA obviously you and your people don’t have lives if you guys are devoting all your time to having spiritual rallies and protests to try to get vick nailed…go have a salad eating contest fags

  • Vegetarians rock! says:

    Dainia Read your “comment” on July 30 2007 329 PM. HA! You have made a complete fool of yourself! You may think it’s just a “dog” but do you know what they went through? How would you feel if you were shot stabbed hanged drowned or even electricutied to death just because you lost a fight or didn’t particpate corrrectly? Your “friend” Vick owned the property and he had a dogbreeding licence. What does that tell you? Lastly you are soooo racist. What was the “white homemakers who husbands cheat on us”? I’m not a homemaker i’m a person who is working hard to get a career way better than yours. HaHa! P.S. I would watch out for your husbandboyfriend. He might be cheating on you for a better women! HaHa!