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Victory: Nike Suspends Vick Contract

Written by PETA | July 27, 2007

PETA_Nike_demonstration_NYC.jpgFollowing PETA protests outside Niketown stores and countless calls and emails to the company asking that they cut ties with Michael Vick in light of horrific allegations of his involvement with dogfighting rings, Nike has released the following statement:

“Nike has suspended Michael Vick’s contract without pay, and will not sell any more Michael Vick product at Nike-owned retail at this time.”

As a result, we have called off our planned protests outside Nike stores around the country. Thanks to everyone who wrote to the company about this issue or attended the demonstrations, and thanks to Nike for doing the right thing by ending its association with someone accused of torture.

Reebok has also made the decision to stop sales of Michael Vick apparel, stating:

“While we respect the legal process we find the allegations against Mr. Vick too disturbing to ignore, therefore, we have decided to immediately suspend selling Vick NFL product, both at retail and online through the Reebok website.”

This is great news for anyone who is concerned about cruelty to animals, and we hope that it sends a strong message to the NFL that they need to do the same thing and suspend Michael Vick immediately, pending the outcome of this case. To send a message to the NFL asking them to get on with that, please click here.

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  • Steve says:

    I’ve been a fan of Michael Vick for a long time. More often than not he’s done good things with his life. I support Michael Vick. Dog fighting is not something I agree with but I can understand it. I also understand that people are products of their environment and influences. I’d like to learn more about Michael Vick. Why is he involved in this and to what extent? I’m sure he has made bad decisions like we all have. He needs to clean things up and move on. That’s all there is to it. Michael Vick has a lot of good in him. I like Michael Vick.

  • ann says:

    New Breaking News !!!!!!!!! One of Vick’s codefendants doesn’t want to wait for trialTony Taylor is going to hv a plea agreement hearing at 9 a.m.Monday at the Federal Building re the dogs fighting case. once he spill the beans in order to get off the hook he is going to nail VICK Sorry Vick u r past tense. lol

  • millie says:

    wowww this is great news! i 333 peta!!!!! to all you people who say that peta cares more about animals than people get a life this is an animal rights organization not a human rights one. and why should a human be more important than an animal for heaven’s sake both suffer and feel pain and fear. an animal is not a “thing” which we can use for our pleasure. it is a living breathing creature. PLEASE try and remember that the next time you post. once again great work peta!!!

  • BadNewzKennels says:

    I like how everyone here cares more about Dogs than People. When are you going to start helping Homeless People and not Stray Dogs. Gotta love how you convicted Vick before his trial.

  • Andrea says:

    No we will NEVER get used to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And whoever thinks we are going overboard should burn in hell with Michael Vick! Yes you heard me burn in HELL! Sick twisted minds are the only ones that would allow such a perverse activity to go on and think its okay… I pray and hope Michael Vick gets kicked out of the NFL and all bad things happen to him nothing he will ever do will bring those poor dogs back but at least he can suffer like they did.

  • Stosh says:

    Michael Vick is innocent until proven guilty. I am against dog fighting but we do not even know all the facts of the case. Am I to assume PETA will reimburse Vick his lost salary if he is proven innocent?

  • ann says:

    thank u peta for being the voice for all the helpless animals in our country thank u peta for organizing the e mail system so i can write to nike thank u nike for doing the right thing finally thank u all animal lovers for taking michael vick and his bro’s horrible crime very seriously this time thank u whoever hired the helicopter flying over falcon’s trainning camp with the banner ” new team name? dog killer team?” i wish u can hire them everyday until falcon fire vick for good thank u god my two dogs and cat are safe at home with me.

  • melissa says:

    it’s a damn shame how we are so quick to judge people. now when they had our black asses in slavery treating us like damn anmials it was ok. but let someone hear about damn dogs being mistreated you go all out. you don’t even know the full facts and hear your crazy ass ready to stand in the hot ass sun and protest. protest for some real issues like hunger or mistreatment of people everyday. or homeless people you great animal lovers look down up on when they ask for a simple dollar. it aint about the dogs your just pissed because he’s young black and has money. as long as he was running the damn ball and making touch downs you were happy as can be he was the best thing since butter.oh how quickly you turn. you people need to get a life and a real job and stop with the damn protesting. because there are much worse things going on in the world besides dog fighting . try protesting against child molester’s that should keep you busy for awhile. and who where’s reebok anyway?

  • thao says:

    this is great! Thank you Peta Thank you!!!! thank you thank you! dog fighting is sick and anyone involve in this is sick in the head! How can people enjoy watching an innocent living creature suffer! Nike and Reebook are doing the right thing! Yes hes innocent until proven guilty but common sense would tell you that he’s somehow involved in this. Look at all the evidence they found on his property he has a website about this he “had” a dog breeding licence..the guy is sick in the head. regardless of his tough background. There’s no excuse for this!

  • Elizabeth T. says:

    Thank you PETA for being the voice for all those dogs who died at the hands of Michael Vick. Thanks to Nike and Reebok for doing the right thing.

  • Mary says:

    I just have a question. Why would Nike give that kind of money to one man when you have so many people buying your product anyway? Nike needs to focus more on the working people that is actually buying your merchandise instead of wasting it away on the likes of vick. We are the ones buying your products..hard working families. How about Marketing do everyday lives wearing your shoes. At a homecoming I am not as most spouses wearing high heeled open toed shoes. Have you or your marketing dept. experienced that? No we wear tennis shoes. Dah Nike you have a market. Think about soccer mom after work taking her kids to soccer the dog needs a nice Nike bed to sleep in a Nike leash collar. Marketing wake up to the opportunity to expand your creative minds.

  • TRAK says:


  • Heather says:

    Thank you PETA and all the activists did the right thing. Now hopefully the NFL will also do the right thing. The type of behaviour Michael Vick participated in is sickening. Vick and all animal abusers deserve to be abused and tortured the same way those poor animals were.

  • Teresa says:

    I am all for animal rights but I think you all go a little to far in what you do. It would be so nice if some of that energy is put into the RIGHTS of humans. If this country cared about HUMANS as much as you care about these animals it would be a whole lot better.

  • tammye says:

    Thank God for PETA! You’re doing a great job Keep up the good work LONG LIVE PETA FOREVER!!!! Tammye

  • William says:

    Yay! This is great news. Nike doesn’t need to be supporting someone who would inflict so much suffering and torture on dogs.

  • Jeff Kindred says:

    I am completely in agreement that Mr. Vick’s alleged actions are dispicable and if true he deserves to do hard time! However from a Dallas Cowboy’s fan and not one that supports the Atlantal Falcons in any way I do not understand why your organization finds it necessary to demonstrate outside of the training camp headquarters of the team. Mr. Blank took immediate and just action considering the cicumstances by suspending him and you still chose to protest. What incentive is your association offering to anyone involved in a similar scenario in the future to do the right thing? The Falcons have little or no control over what the players do on their own time as they are adults with the ability to make good and bad decisions. You should do the same and focus your efforts towards the guilty parties and support those that are attempting to do what is right!

  • kelly says:

    And NikeGoddess where the hell were YOU when your employer was running ads with dog fighting in them? Bet you just shut up and didn’t have a word to say did you! Hypocrites are the worst

  • kelly says:

    Notice how very nervous all the dog fighters and breeders are? REPORT THEIR BUTTS to the Feds Look for their “breeding” operations with tons of dogs tied outside Look for the traffic to and from their residences including vans picking up dogs to deliver to fights around the country CALL THE FEDS and also demand that local law enforcement stop letting this organized crime go on

  • keith steward says:

    I know it is hard to reach this organization since you only want to hear from like minded people and everyone is nuts and you only post what you want which fair. I really care much about Michael Vick or football. But it is just that football. what he does on the field is his business and i don’t care how many dogs he fights or kills. As a matter of fact all pitbulls should be destroyed.stupid parents let young kids buy these fashionable pets because they are todays new thing. sports stars are not roll models. parents are. It is just like the Mike Tyson rape scandal. I don’t care who he rapes. It has nothing with boxing. I see young kids with pitbulls in the neighborhood alot chasing people while the parents just look on. some have been shot as they should be.

  • Pris says:

    I find in unbelievable that you folks have already tried convicted and punished Michael Vick before he has even had a change to stand trial.I can’t make a judgement on Mike Vick because I don’t know all the facts and I should not make judgement nor should you until he has a chance to defend himself and stand trial. You folks have robbed an American Citizen of his right to receive a fair trial. Where are you folks when the terroists behead innocent people or a child is kidnapped or murdered? Come on I love animals and would never harm one. Leave Vick alone until he is proven innocent of guilty. You folks are sick and should be ashamed of yourselves. You know God says you reap what you sow so I hope none of you are ever accused of a crime or you may be tarred and feathered before you stand trial. I will pray for each of you.

  • A says:

    Due PROCESS?? What happen to Imus with due possess? What were you saying then? When you are a public figureyou put your self out there. The court of public opinion and due process are not the same and never will be. No one ever forced Vick to play in the NFL he offered himself freely to the court of public opinion. Oh and Gary ever heard of spell check or some sort of proper grammar.

  • chenille says:

    PETA I know you mean well but you go about your beliefs the wrong way. I guess it makes you feel good about yourselves to ruin someone’s life before you know of their innocence or guilt. Someone needs to form an organization against PETA then maybe you can know how it feels to be defamed. Too bad animals can’t talk cause I’m sure they would voice how ashamed they are to have such an EVIL group of HYPOCRITES stand up for their rights. “PETA SUCKS”!!!

  • Christopher H. says:

    Congratulations PETA on another victory. Persistance can be a great thing. In regards to the Nike employee’s post below…if people had called up and “been nice” nothing most likely would have been done and Vick’s merchandise would still be sitting on Nike’s shelves. Sometimes you have to scream and not whisper to get your voice heard. Dogfighting is abhorrant and if Nike continued to condone Vick’s alleged involvement that would have been unfortunate.

  • Bronson says:

    Way to go PETA and eveyone else who protested. It proves good can kill evil sometimes and you redneck idiots and trash that supposrt this will answer to a higher power later. Pathetic losers.

  • will 4 justice says:

    It’s really sad PETA has treat this man like he has murdered a human being.For God sakes Lay off Ray Carruth never got this treatment! oh I forgot he only shot a woman that was pregnant with his child!!!!

  • tony says:

    i hope you guys go after every tomdick and joe the same way you went after vick but as we all now you want PETA is a bunch of bs that only gets involved when its a big catch. Why are you selling sack vick shirts mugs hats etc. You’re no better than Vick and you completely shamed yourself at falcons camp with your behavior

  • John Thompson says:

    Mike Vick hasn’t even been convicted yet. People are dying of torture yet we have this FRUITY group of people arguing for fair treatment of ANIMALS! Our world is seriously going down hill. Anyways I hope Vick is cleared of everything and then all of you fruits can eat your dog’s crap.

  • Sonya says:

    Way to go activists! I’m truly impressed with Nike and Reebok and appreciate PETA for taking a stand on issues that are important! Of course we all believe Vick and his ‘friends’ should be considered innocent until proven guilty. However Vick and his friends deserve what they’re getting based SOLELY on the way the animals living on that property were being treated chained penned lacking medical care etc.. If when they’re proven guilty in a court of law nothing less than prison time and stiff financial penalties will do! Let’s not feel sorry for the financial loss he’s taken try to remember the real victims here the animals who have died horrible deaths or lived horrible lives so others can profit from their suffering! PETA didn’t do this to him HE did this to himself! I’m so proud of PETA and all their supporters! I remember a time when people thought slavery was ‘ok’ and it was ‘wrong’ for women to vote. I hope I live to see the day when animal cruely is no longer considered acceptable!

  • Bryan says:

    Who is JD Powers? July 27 2007 0647 PM. Michael Vick forever? This person must be just trying to get a laugh or he truly must be stupid. This guy took the time to post this? It’s sad how stupid some people are.

  • Brad H says:

    Im happy with nike and reebok’s decision to suspend sales on vicks merchandise. six years in jail isnt enough of a punishment to someone who commits such horrific acts on animals. its people like him that give my two pit bulls bad names and as for those of you who are defending Vick. you’re just as guilty as he his.

  • SusanMoore says:

    Thank you to all who protested outside of the court room.I would have liked to have been there but it was too far from me. Jersey gal

  • c miller says:

    I hope that by Nike Reebok and Donruss pulling Vick merchandise will set an example to other companies and organizations to cut complete ties with Michael Vick. This behavior from someone who is suppose to be a role model is dusgusting and pathetic. Hopefully the judicial system will do the right thing and not give him special treatment because of his celebrity.

  • sandra granade says:

    Thanks to Nike and Reebok for doing the right thing!

  • emma says:

    im glad I took part in this victory that guy is a douche bag

  • wanda eaves says:

    how can i help to contribute to the Vick prosicution fund? I cannot watch listen to nor envision what happened at that home without getting sick! Jail is not good enough for him.

  • NikeGoddess says:

    I just want to say a few things…I am a huge dog lover and have had dogs all my life. But fortunately in the USA we have this wonderful thing called due process and “innocent until proven guilty.” Having said that I do think it unimaginable that Vick is not involved in this abhorent behavior. However as an employee of Nike I can not believe the threats and amazingly nasty phone calls we have received at my location. People who treat anyone in this manner should be ashamed and if you promote this type of behavior I really have to question your tactics. How about we promote treating all living and breathing things with respect and dignity rather than having the option of using situations of this manner to be disgustingly disturbing towards others. I love my company and I love my job. In fact there is no other place I would ever want to work because of the way Nike treats their employees with care respect and dignity. After 3 years of employment I feel qualified to say so. And for those of you who did resort to making these threats using foul language and condesending remarks in my book you’re no better than the Vick supporters themselves. SHAME…SHAME!!!

  • Danielle says:

    Don’t forget to add Reebok

  • carolyn spigel says:

    THANK YOU PETA FOR PUSHING CORPORATE AMERICA TO TAKE A ETHICAL STAND ON OUR DUTY TO TREAT ANIMALS HUMANELY. I truly respect your work and hope that the result of the media attention on this sickening “sport” will result in some meaningful change to help these innocent animals.

  • Kita says:

    It is so interesting that an organization would be all for suspending and firing of Famous people who are caught in the midst of a scandal when they have not been proven guilty or innocent. I say this an american citizen. That although the U.S.A says innocent until proven guilty that people have already made a judgement on a person. So while you are out persecuting a celebrity and wanting him fired what exactly are you doing to make sure that the non celebs that may be participating in dog fighting and cruelty to animals are paying for their crimes. I ask this question because the only time I really hear about PETA in the news is when it is involving a famous person but I do not hear about your activities and what you stand for and what you are doing in your local communities.

  • Kevin says:

    I find this person Michael Vick to be the lowest form of human life on the planet. Given the fact that the U.S. Attorney’s office has historically been extremely conservative with regards to taking cases that are winnable I find it extraordinarily unlikely that he is an innocent person. I use the word “person” very loosely. He deserves the same fate as the animals he tortured maimed and killed. Even if one were to assume he knew nothing about the goingson at HIS property he is just as culpable or even moreso to allow such grisly murders for a period of 5 years. I am sick to my stomach every time I view a picture of this piece of trash.

  • Gabriella says:

    Yeeeeaaahhh!!!! We will continue to fight for the victims of psychos like Vick!!!!

  • Vickisthevictimhere says:

    this is BS! look what you have done what does this solve! YOu all can kiss your pets in the mouth and mike vicks ass!

  • Bill says:


  • Jon says:

    What happened to due process? A beautiful orginization has become blood drunk for someone who hasnt yet been convicted. I hope you in the future would treat your fellow man as you treat your gods the pets you hide behind to afflict pain and discrimination. May GOD still bless you all…Because he is the true judge and jury!!!!!

  • KG says:

    Good job everyone!! I’m glad that Nike finally realized this SOB was ruining the bottom line. I’m just sad it took so long. Keep up the good work.

  • Rebecca R. says:

    Can you please post a link or a form to write a thank you note to Nike? I think we as activists should recognize their efforts. Sure they have a whole slew of other issues that need to be dealt with but I think it’s the right thing to do to thank them for this.

  • Gary says:

    Usally someone is inocent untill proven guilty. If it come out that he had no involement is peta willing to reburse him is pay since peta had so much pressure on his employer.

  • Carla says:

    This is GREAT news hopefully Nike and Reebok’s withdrawl to Vick Merchandise will send a message around the world at how sick and cruel dogfighting is to animals. Dogs are mans best friends they assist us in so many ways. All dogs should be treasured.

  • J.D. Power says:

    You guys at PETA should really look at what you’re doing. You guys have gone completely overboard in your protest. Dogfighting is something that has been America for years and it will never go away. In other words GET USED TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MICHAEL VICK FOREVER BABY!!!!!!!!!!!