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Victory for Lobsters! Illinois Bar Ditches Lobster Zone Machines

Written by PETA | February 5, 2010
dailymail / CC

2010 is already shaping up to be a clawsome year for lobsters! First, Kalahari Resorts dropped Lobster Zone machines from all its locations, and now Doc Ryan’s—a bar in Illinois—has also made the humane choice to remove the “game.” After we urged people to take action, it took a mere 24 hours (take that, Jack Bauer!) for Doc Ryan’s owner, Brian Sullivan, to decide to abandon the machines altogether. After speaking with a concerned customer, Sullivan learned about the cruelty behind the Lobster Zone game and, as an animal lover, told us he would never want to promote a machine that torments lobsters. For Sullivan’s swift act of compassion, we’re sending him flowers.

The Lobster Zone is an arcade-like “game” that allows its users to grab at terrified lobsters using a joystick-controlled crane. Once caught, the lobsters are dropped down a chute before they’re boiled or cut up alive. Restaurants owners often aren’t aware of the cruelty inherent in these machines. Lobsters are naturally very solitary animals. In the wild, they take long-distance seasonal journeys and can cover 100 miles or more each year. They become miserable and sick when they’re confined to tiny, filthy tanks. Helping lobsters at bars and restaurants can be as easy as telling a restaurant’s manager or owner these compelling facts and asking everyone you know to do the same. (And when that doesn’t work, PETA will take the case!)

Written by Logan Scherer

P.S. We’ve also learned that Doc Ryan’s serves a delicious veggie burger (and is open to even more vegan suggestions), so the next time you’re near Forest Park, Illinois, be sure to thank Brian Sullivan by stopping in for dinner.

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  • Marnie says:

    I really love the thought that these cranes stop to get used. But isn’t it possible to work on appropriate narcotics before the lobsters get boiled ??? Horrible pain for them… imagine !!! And Brad… sure there’s generally no difference between a lion killing to survive and a human doing the same. But humans have ethics and should know it better and it’s in the modern society not the survival question we have the choice.

  • JOHANNA says:

    OMG I had no idea! That is horrible and I’m so happy it has ended!!!

  • sarkozy says:

    this is a torture it’s horrible!

  • L. J. Truun says:

    ooohhh….! hadn’t heard about this rather nasty marketing ploy. very pleased to see that owners are waking up to the reality of what they are doing and dumping the “game”.

  • Rachel Fischoff says:

    Lobsters poor Lobsters they have suffered they suffer because humans think it is okay to kill something for 14 seconds of mouth pleasure. Rachel Fischoff President Wildlife Rehab Alliance

  • Jay says:

    Once you wrote in an article that lobsters feel the same pain like pigs or cows. Thank you for banning this game!!!

  • victoria says:

    even though most people don’t like lobsters because they are roaches on of the sea they don’t deserve to be treated terribly and inhumanely. so yaya for lobsters!

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    It’s wonderful to see these horrible “games” being put away. Whoever invented these really has problems..

  • Andre Inglis says:

    Courtney Great idea. I believe that when someone changes their way for the better we should congratulate them. It helps to reinforce the good behaviour. Tell them how you feel you feel more comfortable in a place that is not cruel to animals. I love how PETA doesn’t hold a grudge. They solve the problem and use their energy to move on to other things.

  • Brad says:

    This is by no means a hate post just a question. What is the difference between a human killing an animal for food and say a lion doing it. Aren’t we all a part of nature? Course while being a meat eater I deffinitly believe in killing as humanly as possible. I was just wondering what difference vegans see between humans and other animals. Thanks for your time.

  • Courtney says:

    I’m so happy that this was a victory! I helped out and since I DO live in Illinois I might just head over there to say thank you.

  • Andre Inglis says:

    Thank you so much for banning these machines. I’m quite sure many of your customers will feel more comfortable in your bar. It’s also more sanitary too. Overall a fantastic decision for everyone!

  • Marnie says:

    I’ve never noticed one of these crane games but many thanks for the ban who invents something like this. Maybe one day people who love to eat lobsters notice how disgusting it is that they get boiled alive or just stop eating them…