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Victory! Lipton Ends Cruel Animal Tests

Written by PETA | January 31, 2011

We are thrilled to announce that after more than 40,000 supporters of PETA and its affiliates around the world sent e-mails urging Unilever to stop testing tea on animals and after representatives from PETA and our affiliates in India and Europe flew to London to meet with Unilever—the world’s largest tea maker, which makes the Lipton and PG Tips brands—the company agreed to halt all such tests. In a message just posted on its website, Unilever states, “Unilever is committing to no animal testing for our tea and tea-based beverages, with immediate effect.”

Thanks to everyone who responded to our online action alert, no more piglets will be infected with E. coli toxin and have their intestines cut apart while they are still alive, no more rats will have holes cut into their intestines and be fed tea ingredients through a tube in their throats, mice won’t be suffocated or have their necks broken, rabbits’ heads won’t be cut off, and other cruel tests that involved tormenting and killing animals simply to study the health effects of tea products and ingredients will no longer take place.

Not one of the experiments that the company conducted was legally required for beverage makers, and regulators have stated that animal tests are not required to prove a health claim about a product.

With this victory, the suffering of animals for Lipton and PG tips teas ends. Lipton joins many other tea and beverage companies—including Stash Tea, Luzianne Tea, Twinings, Honest Tea, Ocean Spray, Welch’s, POM Wonderful, and Japan-based tea giant ITO EN—in being cruelty-free.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Betty Athanasiou says:


  • rory says:

    I am so relieved that this company ceased to perform such horrors as the ones stated…it’s shocking that this sinful experimentation would take place to begin with!

  • lazaros says:

    stop this cruelty!!

  • claudia arbelaez says:

    por favor no maltrateis ni abuseis de los animales

  • Mel says:

    Congratulations! At last these innocent creatures are treated with the respect they deserve. No animal deserves to be treated how they were! GO PETA and all the awesome guys who took a stand against animal cruelty. There is still work to be done on other cruel companies, but we have knocked another one off the cruel and onto the cool 🙂 Well done!

  • heather says:

    way to go PETA!! you guys rock!!!

  • viviz says:


  • Utpal Mehta says:

    CONGRATS….. you guys rocks!!!! thanx to your efforts so many animals will be living a better life….

  • Lisa says:

    Hi, I’m doing a school project about animal testing concerning tea. I don’t know much about this, but I would love to learn more in order to be able to inspect a company called Lipton. If anybody knows anything more about this, and is able to share I would be ever so grateful! My email:

  • Maryse Canoine says:

    abominable !!!

  • Tereza says:

    Until Unilever stops ALL of their tests INCLUDING cosmetics, I’ll keep on boycotting all of their products. Same think for Nestle. This is a good start, however, doesn’t change the company’s policy in general.

  • Jules says:

    Please stop this testing and cruelty. I beg of you to stop now. I am boycotting Lipton until you do. Thank you. Jules

  • kristina says:

    I was shocked to learn that your company, which makes Nestea, experiments on animals simply to make health claims about your tea products and ingredients. Experimenters injected mice with toxic chemicals to give them diabetes, then force-fed them tea ingredients before killing them. In another experiment, mice were force-fed tea extracts and then had their leg muscles cut open before they were decapitated. Your company also funded an experiment in which brain-damaged and rapidly aging mice were locked in dark chambers and given painful shocks to their extraordinarily sensitive feet before being killed. U.S. and international regulators have stated that animal tests are not sufficient to prove health claims about food and beverage products. The makers of Arizona, Celestial Seasonings, Honest Tea, Lipton, Luzianne Tea, Snapple, Stash Tea, Tazo, Twinings, and other leading tea brands have confirmed in writing that they do not test their teas or ingredients on animals. Please stop these cruel and archaic tests and institute a policy against conducting and funding tea tests on animals. I won’t buy Nestea products and will support only those tea companies that don’t test on animals until your company stops testing tea and tea ingredients on animals.

  • Margaret Green says:

    This is so unnecessary, how can you make these animals suffer in such a way, just to sell your tea.These poor creatures are unable to complain and so you take advantage of them. If people want your product, test them.

  • Susan says:

    I find it very difficult to understand why companies like Nestle continue with these kind of cruel and needless experiments. It’s 2011 and there is NO NEED TO DO THIS. How do these people sleep at night!

  • Heidi says:

    I find it healthiest and safest for everybody to prepare our food from scratch. I do this as much as possible. Nothing is easier than brewing tea!

  • Klarika Nettleton says:

    Nestle is well known being a totally unethical company. All Supermarkets – All Consumers should boycott their rubbish products. They should be taken to court, prosecuted and closed down. We must constantly tell everybody not to touch their crap products. Appeal to your government to take action against this scum company.

  • pat redner says:

    Will not drink you tea.

  • Ina says:

    Boycott Lipton

  • Still Boycotting Unilever says:

    Unilever now needs to start ending its participation in animal testing for all their products, not just tea!! As a result, I will continue to boycott Unilever until they clean up their act for all their products on the market!!

  • Web Tasarım says:

    persecution must be stopped

  • konteyner says:

    Unilever is committing to no animal testing for our tea and tea-based beverages, with immediate effect.

  • Iva says:

    Let’s become fabulous champions for all of the animals,free them out, and love them immensely. Let’s promote humanity, integrity, and compassion for so many humans’ animal companions from now on. Please do remember that we are living in the 21st century, and not in the 15th century of darkness, torture, and death. Let’s create a wonderful future for many animals, let’s dream about a world where many humans feel deepest compassion for many animals, and let’s dream BIG, FANTASTIC, and BRIGHT about a present and future time for the whole planet, EARTH, from now own to achieve the most adventurous, glorious, and positive changes for humans, animals, and oceans. Let’s unite for the fabulous world right now. Love, Light, and Laughter, 🙂

  • Alison Boncz says:

    Disgusting, you have lost my business and everyone else that finds out, which I will be a part of

  • chris liberty says:

    stop aux souffrances animales!!

  • Aline LE LEUXHE says:

    Boycott LIPTON

  • Aline LE LEUXHE says:

    Stop cruelty

  • Haleigh says:

    I was appalled when I found out that Nestle was doing animal testing, and I stopped buying their products right away. I’m now drinking Arizona Iced Tea, and it tastes much better knowing no animals were hurt to make it!

  • brigitte de Kok says:

    Stop this animal abuse!

  • iva getz dugalic says:

    It’s totally unnecessary with modern technology to test anything on animals.

  • Janine Dubbelhuis says:

    I will not drink this tea

  • Katarzyna says:

    Thanks God!!!!!

  • Rebecca says:

    what do you think about testing on YOU Nestlé people? Do you think it´s good and really necessery? That´s disgusting and from today I stop buying anything from this company! And I´ll tell the people to follow me for your wrongdoing >:(

  • ivana suvak says:


  • sara says:

    It’s totally unnecessary with modern technology to test anything on animals.

  • sue tucker says:

    please help them

  • Jaclyn says:

    To think, I actually liked your product up until this news. I will not purchase your products till animals stop suffering.

  • Virginia Schmidt says:

    PETA continues to expose the autrosety that some people and companies will do to the poor innocent creatures that have done nothing to deserve such treatment. Thank you PETA for exposing another bunch of money grabbers.

  • Gill Didlick says:

    I just cannot believe the depths that human beings will stoop to. This horror to animals is absolutely disgusting and should be outlawed.

  • Leonardo Dñiaz says:


  • SILVIA CARPIO M. says:


  • Tracy says:

    This cruelty needs to stop!! We need to speak up for these poor animals who can’t speak for themselves! Show we care! Show we can make a difference!

  • Camilla POSSIO says:


  • Nancy says:

    Please stop this barbaric treatment of helpless creatures who cannot defend themselves!!

  • Vince says:

    I will not buy this product for as long as they continue to practice this way of testing on animals to find there results!

  • Reinhard Helen says:

    Stop this cruality!

  • Audrey Okubo says:

    I will stop purchasing everything from this company until they stop testing on animals. I will also tell all my friends.

  • Gabriela says:

    Jamás compraré un producto de Nestea, lástima que hagan productos tan deficientes que tengan que ser probados en animales para probar su toxicidad…que atroz. (I will never buy a product from Nestea, lipton, etc it´s a shame that this companies make such poor products that have to be tested on animals to test its toxicity…thats something that we people all ready knows… awful

  • Luis D. says:

    Start speaking up people, its the only way company’s like this will stop animal experiments, dont buy the brands if you dont like their practice……