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Victory! Kalahari Resorts Drop Lobster Zone Machines

Written by PETA | January 21, 2010
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Let’s get some crustacean cheers up in here—Kalahari Resorts is removing all Lobster Zone “games” from its locations in Wisconsin and Ohio.

The Lobster Zone, found in some bars and restaurants, allows patrons to grab at lobsters and pluck one out of a machine using a joystick-controlled crane with an attached claw. Caught lobsters are dropped down a chute like a cheap trinket, subsequently boiled or cut up while they are still alive, and then eaten. After receiving calls from Kalahari Resort patrons who were dismayed at the filthy living conditions of the lobsters in the Lobster Zone machine and reported that the animals were attempting to flee the claw whenever it was in motion, we sent a letter to the president of Kalahari Resorts, Todd Nelson, urging him to remove the game. It wasn’t until PETA supporters themselves wrote Nelson that he decided to drop the machine. To everyone who took action, thank you.

Lobsters feel pain just as other animals do, and they are naturally very solitary animals. In the wild, they spend months buried in the sand, coming out briefly to forage and then returning to the safety of their homes. They should never be forced to languish in crowded, filthy tanks. If you ever see a Lobster Zone game or a lobster tank in a store or a restaurant, talk to the manager, write a letter to the owner, and tell everyone you know to take action.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • roger says:

    “If you ever see a Lobster Zone game or a lobster tank in a store or a restaurant talk to the manager write a letter to the owner and tell everyone you know to take action.” Screw that! Throw a crueltyfree soy pie at the machine. That’ll show the damn machine.

  • vegancoin says:

    just when you though you have seen it all yes that is a very fing stupid game. support meat free monday.

  • Nessa says:

    What a fin stupid game! Only pathetic people would play something like this. We should play the same game with them. Would be so much fun for them I guess! Haha!!

  • Debbie says:

    Lobster wouldn’t need to be boiled alive if people would STOP EATING THEM!! Come on this is a stupid game and needed to be reported. The Kalahari made the right decision. Now if they would just get rid of the baby tigers so stupid little kids can have their pictures taken with them all would be good.

  • Hannah Forbes says:

    im such a sucker when it comes to animals.. when i went to nova scotia and saw lobsters sitting quietly in small tanks just waitting to be choosen to be someones meal i wanted so badly to buy them all and free them from there im disapiontted that i didnt do anything

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Its a worse transgression to torture and kill fish than it is to drink like a fish.

  • Richard says:

    All lobsters are boiled alive people only find this revolting because they can see it happen. I say get over it they’re gonna get boiled one way or another restaurants might as well get some more money out of the idea.

  • Marnie says:

    Sorry for my comment I honor PETA’s work very much and it’s a step in the right direction to realize that lobsters are living beings like you and me and that to frighten them is awful. But the thought watching one of these tanks with poor lobsters who have to die cooked in scalding water alive freaks me up totally. Isn’t it possible to narcotize them before boiling them? Imagine the pain that’s brutal !!! To notice that they are intelligent enough to flee or try to fight cought by a crane shows that they are maybe intelligent enough to know what happens to them. And even if they were stupid no excuse for torture. Only because they have no voice to scream with…

  • Sally Masson says:

    I have never heardseen these games thank god!! How awful glad the company has done the right thing it would certainly put me off! I can’t stand seeing lobsters in tanks let alone in a game like that! Sally

  • Andre Inglis says:

    Thank you so much for removing these ‘machines.’ Your customers will have much more respect for the company. Good decision!

  • Marnie says:

    The lobsterproblem… is there really a restaurant that boils them not alive? Without reflecting about their pain it’s common practice. Lobster tank or not they get boiled alive !!!!!