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Victory! Indian ‘Running of the Bulls’ Banned

Written by PETA | July 28, 2011

After aggressive campaigning by PETA India—including a lawsuit filed in the Supreme Court of India—the Ministry of Environment and Forests has added bulls to a directive that lists animals (bears, monkeys, tigers, lions and panthers) who are prohibited from being used in “performances.” This means that bulls will no longer be tormented in a cruel spectacle called Jallikattu.

Jallikattu takes place in India’s Tamil Nadu province, where residents chase and taunt bulls in an attempt to grab money tied to their horns. Bulls have chili peppers rubbed into their eyes and are force-fed alcohol, and their testicles are pinched—all in an effort to get them crazed and frantic. Villagers throw themselves on top of the terrified animals in an effort to “tame” them and claim the prize.


PETA India’s Supreme Court case challenged the Tamil Nadu government’s assertion that state law (which allows these cruel contests) supersedes a central (federal) law. PETA India believes that the new directive also outlaws other cruel events, including bullock cart races and bullfights, and the group will be taking action to make sure that they are stopped. Please thank the minister responsible for protecting bulls, Mr. Jairam Ramesh.

In another chapter in PETA India’s fight for bullocks, a “public interest litigation” has been filed in Bombay High Court asking for a directive to enforce an existing ban against the use of bullocks to haul oversized kerosene carts for oil companies.

Please urge the ministry to continue treating animal issues with the seriousness that they deserve.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • VegetarianGurrl says:

    Well done PETA. This ban is long overdue. But atleast all the bulls in the future wont have to suffer in this terrible and heartless way. Thanks again PETA and Mr. Jairam Ramesh, you deserve alot of credit 🙂

  • Hermine says:

    Thank You very much!That is great news!

  • Shell says:

    My highest congratulations. I beg and ask: could PETA work to abolish the Spain´s bullfighting and bull torturing in local festivity towns to end the so called “tradition”? Spain is also among all those violent countries to animals but the bull brutality is a terrible tradition that needs to be abolished. Thank you.

  • susigaran ,State of Tamil Nadu says:

    Well Done PETA India

  • Nuwinda says:

    Nice work. . . Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Fred says:

    So happy they stopped this insane practice. How cruel.

  • christiae says:

    Great news! thank you PETA

  • Carlos Raul says:

    Felicito y me congratulo de todos sus triunfos, en hora buena PETA.

  • Amit says:

    Please put a stop to the bullock carts in Mumbai, they are really very troublesome to the poor creatures.We pray cows and then we ill treat them to this extent wherein they are forced to drag heavy oil carts in the extreme heat of the city and congested roads in the dust…..please stop!

  • Love says:

    As from India im shocked to see that a country im so proud of would do something so terrible. So im am so happy that PETA India stopped this cruelty. Big thanks to PETA India and minister Mr. Jairam Ramesh

  • abi truelove says:

    Awesome progress, well done PETAK 😀 ..let’s keep up the good work..and one day, hopefully, all animals will be treated with the respect they deserve.

  • Shubham says:

    How it will be applicable in Bullock cart Races in Punjab

  • Alex Foxx says:

    Thank you for putting an end to such senseless torture!

  • Maha says:

    I am from Tamil Nadu and my family would never dream of doing this. You have to understand, India, Hinduism for all it’s deep-thinking culture, used to be, milleniums ago, a sacrifical religion like many pagan religions of it’s times. There are many cultures in India and these cultures don’t connect cruelty to animals to cruelty. In addition to fighting on the legal front (people don’t pay any mind to laws in India unless it is enforced !) we need to help them understand that it is cruel and animals feel pain…perhaps thru lecturing locally as tabling may not work as many are illiterate !!!

  • Juan S. says:

    Thank You PETA and Indian minister..!

  • busschots says:

    magnifique ,,, comme quoi ne jamais lacher,, et bravo a cette personne de coeur !!!

  • mone says:

    Thank you for your great work! Spain is next hopefully….

  • Claudia says:

    What a victory!

  • jaki lucas says:

    well done jairam remesh u r a true caring human with kind people like you we can stop cruelty to animals thanks again

  • dore elisabeth says:


  • Julie van Niekerk says:

    Gandhi – I you can see how cruel you people are – then you will turn in your grave. HUMANITy is on the endangered list!

  • Annapolis says:

    Please stop cruelityto animals. Thanks.

  • Marian Glass says:

    HORRIBLE!!! When will they stop this out dated torture.

  • gmm1111 says:

    very good job .. you should be proud of what you have accomplished .. !! thank you .

  • Lin Pirretti says:

    Thank you for your seriousness about treating animals with kindness.

  • kathy says:

    This is great news. Why is the U.S. so far behind that we still allow bulls and other animals to suffer in cruel rodeos?

  • paula says:

    Wishing soon this slaughter could end in Portugal too!