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Victory! ‘Gothic Kitten’ Piercer, Seller May Face Jail Time

Written by PETA | February 26, 2010

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Gothic Kitten

Thanks to PETA’s investigation and the great job done by Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, officials, Holly Crawford—the woman who disfigured several kittens in hopes of selling them as oddities on eBay—has been convicted of cruelty to animals and may face up to several years in jail!

In December ’08, an eBay shopper tipped us off to Crawford’s auction of a miserable-looking kitten with a docked tail and heavy jewelry through much of his body. Crawford marketed him as a “gothic kitten.” The ad read: “[S]ix weeks old floppy eared pure black gothic kitten.14 gauge ear piercings.14 gauge submission ring on the back of the neck. docked tail with 14 gauge barbell on the end of the nub. comes with 14 gauge surgical steel jewelry and decorative submission lead.” Yes, not only had Crawford repeatedly pierced this kitten (which is bad enough), she had also “docked” his tail with a rubber band—and all without any anesthesia. Oh, and she’d done this to his littermates as well!

Posing as interested buyers, PETA learned that one of the kittens had already ripped out a piercing and that Crawford was waiting for the wound to heal before she pierced him again. During conversations with PETA, Crawford stated that the kittens could be walked by an ornamental leash fastened to the “submission rings” in their necks. The woman said she had done it to these tiny animals because she thought it was “neat.” In addition to inflicting immense pain and disfiguring these beings, Crawford had effectively impeded their hearing, physical balance, and psychological health, according to court testimony from a veterinarian.

We submitted information to local authorities, Crawford was charged with cruelty to animals, and all the kittens were confiscated. A year later, she went to trial and—thanks to a blistering prosecution that included testimony from PETA investigators—Crawford was found guilty!

As we await Crawford’s sentencing, please keep in mind animals who depend on you as their witnesses. Speak up for any animals you know of who are being abused. Remember, they are voiceless. It’s up to you!

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Aline Boschung says:

    I feel “sorry” for those stupid brainless people who do something like that. That’s just truly sad. Poor kittens. I’m so glad you did it Peta! Wonderful!!!!

  • Liz says:

    Sy you think a hoop would be OK in a cat’s ear? You moron you should be locked up with her!

  • caroline mansfield says:

    Well done PETA. Makes me proud to be supporting such a worthwhile organisation. This woman is pure evil. Deserves all she gets.

  • CynthiaWilliams says:

    What are we really to do with our pathetic worthless human lives? Repent repent repent!We are the root of all evil.Beg forgiveness before your heart is coldcallousedalone greedyand envious of other created beings.Weep.

  • Linda Cloud says:

    Good Work Peta. It is hard to form a thought except this women is evil and ignorant.

  • Casey says:

    Thank you PETA for seeing that another INHUMANE CRAZY THOUGHTLESS INSENSITIVE SADISTIC IMBECILE is going to jail. I just wish the jail times were MUCH longer for those such as she who abuse animals. This MORON should NEVER be allowed to have a pet ever again.

  • Mike Magruder says:

    As disturbing as this sort of activity is I’ll add some perspective. I love kittens and detest the idea of any modern person mistreating them. I use the word modern because this level of cruelty is relatively mild compared to what humans have done to each other and to animals in the past. For example powerful rulers in ancient societies tortured people to death as dinner entertainments. This was the tip of the iceberg. Any and all such influences should be crushed and driven out of any modern culture.

  • Kathryn says:

    Her face should be posted so that people can know who she is and watch her from now on just like they do with pediphiles.

  • [email protected] says:

    This is why I support PETA. Someone has to do something about the Greedy Crazy Idiots who do what they do to Innocent Animals!!!

  • MD says:

    “Rescuing” those kittens by buying from this sick person is not the answer. She would only have disfigured more kittens because you would have rewarded her with what she wanted. Money. It’s simple economy 101…supply and demand. If it makes a personbusiness money more will be createdorderedrestocked.

  • MD says:

    I am an oldtime Goth I love tattoos + piercings but it’s one thing to do this willingly to your own body and a completely different thing to this to an animal. This woman surely needs to get her head examined along with mandatory jail time!

  • Nancy says:

    Some people really stoop low to make a buck on the suffering of animals. This woman and any others who get the stupid idea to do something like this don’t deserve to be free. I hope the courts put her away for a long time. Poor kittens this is so horrible to think of what they went through.

  • silvia chauvat says:

    human stupidity cruelty decidedly a bottomless pit how despicable to prey on the weak and the defenceless… thank you PETA

  • Jasmin Pirkl says:

    OMG I have no words….when I read that I was holding my two cat’s… cruel..really jail is to good for her…..sick just sick! thank goodness we have PETA! You are all truly Heros to me.

  • weavermomo says:

    THANK GOD FOR PETA that is all I can say!!!!!

  • Carol Griffin says:

    I don’t have much but I would give every dime I have to stop idiotic unorthodoc people like this from being cruel to animals. I hope she is locked up for a VERY long time.

  • Susan says:

    I wanted to add one more comment. I have a two and a half year old daughter. When she was a few months old people asked me when I was going to pierce her ears and that now is the best time so she won’t pull at her ears. I simply answered when she is old enough to ask for it. Why would you conflict pain onto a baby who completly trust you and doesn’t understand why you let someone do this to them. Wait until they are old enough to want it and then make it a special time with you and her maybe a little shopping ice cream just make it all about her and your time together.

  • Susan says:

    It might look cute or “neat” to see your little furry baby with earings on but certainly not real piercings. Childrens clip on earings only!!!!! and very small ones at that. To the one that mentioned hooped earings. Those can sill be ripped out if they catch it with their claws or on something. Years ago I gave my little one a necklace. I measured it carefully to make sure it would not choke her nor be to long that she would catch it on anything. She only wore it for a couple of hours before she caught it cleaning herself. It was quickly removed. As for the sick woman who did this to the poor kittens I do hope she recieves the education about the damage she causes when she does stuff like this.

  • Soph says:

    that makes me want to cry. how could she do that to those poor babies! i’m shes going away

  • sherry caillet says:

    i hope she gets jail time . how can people be so cruel . i will never understand my heart goes out to these animals.