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Victory! 80 Monkeys Saved From Laboratory

Written by PETA | August 13, 2011

After thousands of e-mails, hundreds of phone calls, and a PETA “monkey” paying a visit to China Southern Airlines’ L.A. office, the airline—which is the largest in China—has made the compassionate decision to cancel its plans to ship 80 monkeys from China to the U.S., where they were going to end up in the hands of Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories (SNBL) and Harlan Laboratories and be tormented in cruel experiments.

RedCoat/CC BY-SA 2.5

Now, we’re urging China Southern Airlines officials to join with many other major airlines, including Delta, American, United, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic, and refuse to transport primates to laboratories ever again. You can also write to them here. We’ll keep you posted! 


Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Ursula says:

    Thanks God!

  • adi e says:

    iv always been against animal being used in cruel experiments so this is awsome news for me. I know we can stop all the cruelty but we,ve gotta give it our all and we can never give up.:]

  • Julie says:

    Thank You PETA, I’ve been reading numerous articles on airlines shipping these poor innocent monkeys for experimentation. It’s great to hear of your victory. I love all animals and every time i hear of their suffering it breaks my heart. You are their voice, you speak up for them, we need more people to get on board and be their voice.

  • Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Some good news for a change regarding animal welfare. There’s so much more to do, but every victory is sweet! You’ve got my continued support PETA…

  • savegodsanimalfriends says:

    great job!!!

  • Sizi Love says:

    Great job ! Thank you 🙂

  • Dina says:

    This is great news! Animal cruelty must end…Awareness will help to make a real difference in everyone’s heart!

  • Smokey says:

    That is good news! but I wonder what happened to the monkeys after that? I can’t imagine them being safe in China, a country that is not noted for its humanity to people, let alone animals. The dogs and cats killed by them for ‘fur’ are the first things that come to mind. But at least it is a good start, PETA.

  • Suzanne Linda Morovic says:

    I still don’t understand why animals are being used in experiments. I have taken two courses in Anatomy and Physiology and have used interactive CDs that recreate experiments through computer imagery and graphics. No live animals are needed in any of these labs. I am hoping that in my lifetime animals will no longer be used in cruel laboratory experiments.

  • Quexio says:

    Yeah, cause when i think of a shining bastion of animal rights, i think of china.

  • JMarie says:

    Hannibal the Cannibal only commented on a feed full of animal lovers to get a rise out of people. Little does he know that his opinion here holds little significance to anyone. He has also failed to read anything in the past decade stating that testing on animals is becoming obsolete since it doesn’t yield results that are compatable with humans most of the time. With that being said, I’m so grateful that these monkeys were saved. They did nothing to deserve a life full of suffering and pain. I think this is a start to a very positive trend in airlines. Thanks PETA!

  • RIX says:

    Hannibal the cannibal, do you really think the “human” race as many of them are today are worth saving at the cost of all the innocent souls which are destroyed. You are an illness in itself.

  • Jade Simpson says:

    These are amazing victories in a step towards stamping out Animal Testing. We have just come into the Age of Aquarius and it is about Truth and enlightenment. So everyone start telling all your friends about Animal Testing and what they can do to stop it. By buying only Cruelty Free products and direct them to Peta’s website to see which companies are on the safe list.

  • Didi says:

    I do hope this is the first step to allot more victories. Well done PETA!

  • Candice says:

    PETA you guys are angels to the world! You are my roll-model, because of you I strive to be a better person to myself and the world. THANK YOU

  • Paul says:

    Thanks for the update. Sometimes I get so low as to how powerless I feel when I think of the suffering that goes on. It is good to see what you guys do with the support of the everyday Joe like me behind you. On behalf of everyone who cares enough to hurt inside. Thank you and keep up the fantastic work you do!

  • P42 says:

    Thank You PETA for all you do when it comes to protecting animals(wild and domestic)

  • PhiloHedgehog says:

    Congratulations, China, you do something nice to animals for once. And @Hannibal the Cannibal: You sir, are an under-educated internet shadow.

  • Ivanka Australiana says:

    This Earth was made perfect, however you believe it was made. We need to work in synergy to the Earth and in harmony with its energy to be able to evolve as a race. Anyone who has been around animals whether it is a cat, dog, elephant or aardvark has learnt a little more about how we should live our lives as humans. We are not special because we have opposable thumbs, we are special because we have to ability to learn and adapt and find answers. We are strong if we stick together. =)

  • Marilii says:

    Regarding the comment made by hannibalthecannibal: Humans are not superior. They simply have bodies that are better adapted at conquering other species. That ability doesn’t make humans superior; it just enables them to be cruel. Our world is overcrowded because humans can’t control themselves and choose to destroy this planet. To destroy the very thing you desperately need to survive is not a demonstration of intelligence; it’s a demonstration of apathy, carelessness, short-sightedness. It’s a recipe for failure.

  • Catherine Galvin says:

    The decision not to send these monkeys to Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories (SNBL)is a step in the right direction, however,this is only the first step in permanately ending this cruel practice.

  • Ayesha says:

    Thank you PETA for your great help saving those monkeys. Killing is not the answers. Let us all together think outside of the box.

  • Hannibal the cannibal says:

    These 80 monkeys were destined to suffer for the benefit of mankind who is,as we all know,the most superior animal species on Earth.It is a shame that China Airlines decided to not transport these monkeys to the laboratories that work to discover new drugs to combat human illness.

  • Michele Caiazza says:

    This isn’t science

  • Sudarshan says:

    GOD BLESS you all in PETA

  • JVB says:

    Thank you PETA and everyone involved!

  • xyz @IND says:

    If not monkeys whoom we can send for experiments .. if it continous like this they will start experimenting on humans..dont give up

  • Jennifer Abbondanzio says:

    What has happened or what will happen to the monkeys, reported abused and severely mistreated by the whistleblower at Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories in Washington or Seattle? They videotaped this HORRIFIC abuse happening, and explain how these animals are tortured, but are they going to be rescued or are they just going to continue this torture??? PLEASE someone tell me they are going to be rescued!

  • Spirit says:

    We who have discovered the spiritual connection-compassion-with all living creatures gladly fulfill the purpose of helping every living creature we can. We are fortunate.

  • Glenda poon says:

    Stop transporting monkeys!

  • melinda says:

    Thank you 🙂

  • Taylan Newman says:

    I love monkey’s and don’t want them to be experimented on and congratualte you for not sending 80 to the U.S, but please….commit to refusing, from now on, to fly them around the world to end up in labs where they’ll suffer.

  • mandy lucia says:

    One person in charge at an airlne can make a small decision that has a huge impact, which is to stop sending animals to their death. Just because some airline’s gonna do it it doesn’t mean it has to be yours

  • Ewa says:

    Super!!! Dzieki

  • gaby seabra says:


  • NLH says:

    Great job! No more animal testings!!!

  • sara holt says:

    One for the animals and the courageous people who helped for this victory!!!

  • Marlene Ashton says:

    How barbaric can we be!!! I hope one day this world will be a better place than it is and that all animals are treated with compassion,love,and respect they deserve.

  • nicole says:

    Great job for saving these defenseless animals!!! thumbs up!

  • GUPTA CECILE says:

    thank you

  • Lynn Anderson says:

    Thank you China Airways 🙂

  • Bianka Nitzsche says:

    please help to stop this treatment of these innocent animals by not taking part