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Caboodle Banned From Having Animals

Written by PETA | June 25, 2012

In a huge victory for animals, Judge Greg Parker of Florida’s 3rd Judicial Circuit has ordered that Caboodle Ranch not get back any of the animals who were seized following a PETA undercover investigation Just as importantly, Judge Parker ruled that Caboodle cannot possess or have custody of any live animals!

Evidence of Abuse

The ruling comes after three days of evidence presented by both the Madison County attorney and Caboodle’s attorney. Judge Parker noted that Caboodle never adequately explained why it informed county officials that it had 400 animals when more than 600 were seized—fewer than 200 of whom had veterinary records. The judge observed that numerous lethargic animals, laboring to breathe, were found in desperate need of veterinary care in a deteriorated building among blood- and mucus-smeared windows; that there was a “noxious” odor; and that similarly sick animals were found across the property. In other words, the court described a reality at Caboodle starkly similar to that documented by PETA’s investigator.

Judge Parker ruled that the evidence indicated “clearly and convincingly” that the animals were not receiving proper care and concluded that Caboodle “is not able and fit to have custody of the animals.”

Hope for the Future

The animals—who have been cared for in a temporary shelter and finally given the veterinary care that they so desperately needed and the compassion that they always deserved, have been turned over to the custody of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO).

We want to thank the Madison County Animal Control Department, the MCSO, and the 3rd Judicial District of Florida State Attorney’s Office for pursuing this case with the seriousness that it deserves. We’re also grateful to the many humane agencies and responders who have labored tirelessly for months to care for these animals and give them a clean, safe place to stay. Let’s hope that once they recover, they will find happiness with responsible families who will give them all the love and attention that they need and deserve.

Your Help Is Still Needed

Cruelty-to-animals charges based on PETA’s evidence—including a felony count for the neglect of one cat, Lilly—are still pending against Caboodle founder and operator Craig Grant. Grant and Caboodle continue to ask the public for donations, including money to defend Grant against a felony charge of scheming to defraud those who already gave him money!

Please urge the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to end this by canceling Caboodle’s registration to solicit contributions. 


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  • ludmila says:

    Человек не может проходить мимо таких зверств.Очень рада,что есть такие люди,которые защищают братьев наших меньших.Я думаю,что в Америке есть Закон , по которому эти преступники ответят по всей строгости. Но они еще и воры : собирали деньги у граждан на нормальное содержание и лечение несчастных кошек, а тратили неизвестно куда.Это уже уголовное преступление. Спасибо PETA за защиту этих несчастных животных.

  • crystal says:

    those movies and images shocked me. i showed my friends and i speek for all of them when i say this needs to stop. i am getting a cat in the near future and i am sure that anyone with a heart would make a stand.

  • Krysta says:

    There are few things more despicable that taking advantage of those who are most vulnerable! I will not lower myself to Caboodle operator Craig’s level by wishing him any inhumane treatment, but I do wish he would be sentenced to several years intense community service. Not jail because our jails/prisons are over-crowded and he’d probably not spend much time actually incarcerated. Plus, do we really want to pay for him to sit on his but?

  • Sandra Spencer says:

    Perhaps if these cruel and heartless types were given VERY long prison terms with hard labour, it might deter others from this awful behaviour. Just taking the animals away from him is not enough. He (they?) need to be severely punished for all the suffering and trauma they have caused to these poor, helpless animals.

  • Zachary says:

    this is cruel

  • sabine says:

    “Was ist Wahrheit?” sprach Pontius Pilatus. Leider kann ich diese Petition nicht unterschreiben, weil ich nicht weiß, was wirklich die “WAHRHEIT” ist!!!!!!!

  • Tgriffit says:

    Honestly, SMH,I know as a Peta member i have to humble myself and be better than these cruel heartless people but, (sigh) I cant even say what I really want to do to him.

  • Nikki says:

    I am very upsey by the footage i have just witnessed! That is disgusting that he allowed neglect and the cruel treatment that was subjected to these cats!I cannot believe that people like him and there is many others like him think its alright to treat animals with no compassion & care…WELL ITS NOT!! I hope he is never allowed to own an animal forever!! I agree that there should be no more contributions to solicit money to Carboodle, so that so called founder can not obtain any more money!! Glad all those cats that did get to safe haven are ok now…just sad about the ones that suffered – AND DIDN’T NEED TOO!!

  • Minä says:

    So sick!!! It has to be kind of satan, who treats animal like that!!! Never ever in my life

  • Nick says:

    at least the animals are safe now.

  • Coreen Kerr says:

    These fools should face some jail time & a serious fine which should go 2 an animal shelter!

  • chander kumar soni says:

    thanks god for this ban.

  • Susan Rubin says:

    Anyone who hurts aninmals should do prison time and needs help. Animal abusers eventual become murderers, because they have no respect for life.

  • Hanna B. says:

    This is so awful! I’ve never seen cats that looked this sick. I’m so glad something was done about this situation. Nothing should ever justify hurting animals this way. Poor things.

  • brenda says:

    Thank god they took those cats away from that evil place. I have a cat “Isis”. She’s my love and I wouldn’t even want to imagine what would I do without her. I love her to death and it’s a shame to know that these types of human beings are around the world not caring about the animals’ health especially cats. Animals have feelings too. THANK YOU SO MUCH PETA!!! I love y’all for what y’all do.

  • Denise says:

    People who do this to defenseless animals should be made to live in the same conditions they make the animals live in. I cried when i saw this video, my dog is treated like she is one of my children if she has to go to the doctors she goes, she is spoiled rotten and my baby, I have had her for 16 years and hopefully she will have a few more good years in her if she has pain that the vets can not do anything about i wll have her put to sleep so she won’t suffer. PUT THESE PEOPLE IN PRISION AND THROW AWAY THE KEY FOR LIFE !!!!!!!

  • Margarita P. says:

    It’s good that the animals have been saved, but it is sad the way hoarders don’t understand that they are doing something wrong.

  • Mc says:

    I couldn’t even finish watching this video. Anyone who can allow this kind of suffering is very unfit to run an animal sanctuary. Heart breaking!

  • Anna C says:

    Well done PETA – I do not understand how this man is able to solicit contributions. Instead, fight for him to be locked up in prison for the next decade or so. He deserves to pay for what he did to these helpless, innocent creatures. I hope the surviving cats find loving, caring homes.

  • Catherine says:

    I needed to go hold my cat after this. I do not understand how a person could justify this to them self. We once had a cat who got sick. We couldn’t afford to take care of her, so despite our heart ache, we gave her to a family who could. It’s that simple.

  • Terri Barreras says:

    If you go to the Caboodles website, the heartless bastards are still trying to deceive people into giving them money! Unbelievable!

  • Lisa says:

    How can all these supporters of Craig Grant still support him after watching these video’s how can you watch an animal suffer like this?? totally disgusting

  • Lisa says:

    Best news ive heard for a long time ive followed this story since it started and have been on sites on the internet supporters for Craig Grant all saying he had the cats best interest at heart he took on way too many cats he had the choice to say no, i watched videos of him caring for the cats who were ill wiping their eyes administering medicine not from the Vets because he could not afford to take them, these cats suffered and we have all witnessed horrific video’s of cats suffering and deing, to all these supporters of Craig did any of you actually help him and pay for the vets bill?? i doubt it very much. I have 12 rescued cats i know how expensive it is to look after an animal not just one but 12 im fortunate to be in the position to be able to care for my animals properly and have the most fantastic vet, however i do know how easy it is to feel sorry for another and it can get out of hand ive been asked to take in more but have had to said no,there must be a line you draw and if you cant afford you say no, Craig Grant didnt say that and the animals ended up suffering and deing, how can you sit and watch them like this??? This should be a message to all these animal horders.

  • Kristin says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I was involved in trying to help get this place shut down a little bit about a year and a half ago and spoke with PETA reps–they were still gathering evidence at the time to be able to take action. You’ve saved so many lives and done such good work!! I’ll never forget this you’re amazing PETA!!

  • chander kumar soni says:

    please take care for animals.

  • David E. says:

    The owners need to do prison time over this!! There is no excuse for this! None at all!!

  • Sydney says:

    No animal should ever have to suffer under these kind of circumstances. I hope the Angel’s Gate animals get the same chance to find loving homes and live their lives out in complete happiness.

  • Etienne Saint Vregord says:

    I was very happy over this nyhet,victories for the cats.I get so angry at such evil people,they get what they deserve, and I hope the owners Craig Grant,and Lily, get hard penalties.Any human being would know these cats also need vet treatment,because they had a life in… hell

  • Annie N says:

    This looks like a horror movie. I hope these cats find peace whether it is with loving owners or in Heaven far from the suffering that had to endure on this earth. My heart feels so sore after watching this, imagine how they felt!

  • Annie N says:

    This looks like a horror movie. I hope these cats find peace whether it is with loving owners or in Heaven far from the suffering that had to endure on this earth. My heart feels so sore after watching this, imagine how they felt!

  • Deborah Easterling says:

    I love you, PeTA! Loved you for 30 years, gonna love you for at least 30 more! You’re the BEST!!!!!

  • Jennifer Van Bergen says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen such appalling conditions or lack of concern about them. I can’t imagine having even a single cat with mucus coming from it’s nose or mouth like that and not getting IMMEDIATE vet care for it! I’m grateful to PETA investigators for what they do. I could never do that work but it’s so important it be done. So thank you PETA.

  • V. Greene says:

    Justice that Caboodle is shut down and NOT allowed any more animals, However, stronger charges need to be brought against the owner, Craig Grant, and not only for Lily, Also, Craig Grant needs psychiatric evaluation. Anyone who has this many cats and no help! Most importantly, it is severe animal abuse/cruelty to have so many suffering cats. Any human being would KNOW these cats need vet treatment.

  • Suzanne says:

    Every living creature deserves be be taken care of! I thank all the wonderful people who came together to protect these innocent animals and give them the love and respect they deserve!