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Bulls Spared From Angry Mob

Written by PETA | August 19, 2011

Great news from our colleagues at Animal Rahat, who not only stopped a bullock race in the Indian state of Maharashtra but also convinced the organizers to agree in writing to stop the races for good. This was no simple task: The team faced a mob of 5,000 people ready to participate in or watch the race. But with tact and persistence, they were able to spare the bulls from being forced to run.  


Despite a recent ban on bullock racing, these cruel events are still being organized in rural areas. The bullocks are malnourished and thirsty and are routinely whipped and beaten. Cruel methods are used to keep them moving, like having pieces of barbed wire wedged underneath their harnesses. Ropes that are jammed through holes pierced in the bulls’ nostrils are yanked and pulled so hard that their noses are often ripped open.

Don’t let “entertainment” events involving animals in your area go unchallenged. Contact the organizers to get it stopped and contact us so that we can help.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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