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Victory! Army to Discharge Monkeys From Lab

Written by PETA | October 13, 2011
derekkeats | cc by 2.0

In a huge victory for vervet monkeys, U.S. military officials have confirmed that the Army is ending cruel and archaic monthly training exercises at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in which monkeys are poisoned with a drug overdose that makes them suffer from violent seizures in a crude demonstration of the effects of nerve-agent exposure. Instead of abusing terrified monkeys, Aberdeen—the only Army base in the country that uses animals for this training—will now use human patient simulators, just as every other military facility already does. The move follows months of vigorous campaigning by PETA.

PETA’s campaign against the barbaric chemical casualty training exercises included a series of protests this week outside the annual meeting of the Association of the United States Army. Supporters of this effort included veterans, physicians, active service members, and actor Woody Harrelson, who sent a letter on PETA’s behalf to Army Chief of Staff Ray Odierno. Many others have also been protesting at Army recruitment centers, flooding the offices of Army officials with e-mails and phone calls, and even gathering outside the homes of Army officials affiliated with the monkey lab. One PETA member even disrupted a speaking event last week by Aberdeen’s commanding general, Nick Justice.

Please send an e-mail to Maj. Gen. Nick Justice to thank him for this compassionate decision and ask that he ensure that the transition to simulators be made immediately.


Written by Heather Faraid Drennan

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  • Heather says:

    GREAT JOB PETA! What a victory!:)

  • Janelle Higgins says:

    Bravo PETA and Bravo Woody Harrelson! You rock!

  • jean klatt says:

    Thanks for releasing the animals that would suffer for no reason what so ever. I want to know that they will be spared from suffering in the future. The Army did the right thing so far thankyou very much.

  • bri says:

    Thank you so much for doing this!!! The people who teat animals likethis should be ashamed. No amoutof money or reasearch or entertainment can make up what the animals must feel like. God bless you all

  • Brandi girves says:

    Good job PETA!

  • Fran Bryerton says:

    Anyone who uses any form of live creatures for any type of training or research should be ashamed for committing such a barbaric crime.

  • darla hill says:

    Thank-You For Caring And Please Follow The Plan Through To get live monkeys out !I Hope These Animals Used For Exspiraments Will All Get A second Chance At A Normal Life!!!For The Animals who need Surported Care I Hope Will Get That Chance As well!!! Thank- You Peta And The People Who Endure The Pains Of Seeing All The Animals Suffering To Get Them Help And Letting Us Outsiders See ,Hear Just What Goes On Behind Closed Doors.ThankS For Being The Eyes /Ears and voices For The Ones Who Can’t Speak Of Their Pains. Keep Up The Good Work And The Clean And Loving Hearts Going No Matter What You Have To See!THANK-YOU!!!!!

  • Riana says:

    I just love reading about stories like this! Good job guys – we’ll continue to support you all the way!

  • Kim says:

    YES!!!! Good job PETA! One more success for innocent animals!

  • Jeeva says:

    “Animals” being only with five sense, begging for love and affection…! we should not be a reason for its suffering..! love and care for the animals..! we can suffer a lot, but they should not..! please stop the cruelty over animals..! god will bless you.., when you save a suffering animal you became the god for it ..! try to understand it and protect the animals…!

  • Tommi says:

    Im happy there not being tested on, But now what? what happens to them now? does anyone know?

  • diana hegel says:

    stop now,please!!!

  • Elfriede benesch says:

    Please help this poor animals

  • Mienki van Niekerk says:

    Another example that signing petitions works! Thanks PETA!